Episodes 1-126

The Burke Devlin Story Cast List

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On the coast of Hancock County Maine, near Frenchman Bay, an hour from Bangor, (conveniently located between a Stuckey's and a Ho Jo's) lies the Great House of Collinwood, wherein resides an ear to every wall, a secret in every heart, a skeleton in every closet, and a nose to every grindstone (huh?).

Into this bleak arena comes Victoria Winters, a girl without a past, left on the doorstep of a Foundling Home as an infant after first being raised by wolves. Mysteriously offered a job as governess to the Collin's Family's Devil Tot, David, and believing (for the flimsiest of reasons) that it somehow holds a key to her own identity, her search for answers ends up uncovering more of everyone else's hidden past than her own.

Team Foundling Home

You get to hear a LOT about this place

Victoria Winters:
(Alexandra Moltke)
Vicki is the classic Gothic Jane Eyrehead ingénue. Bursting with curiosity about the secrets around her, yet she sees about as much of what goes on behind her back as a WWF Referee. Her mantra is “I Don’t Understand”. Her specialty is telling boring stories about the Foundling Home she grew up in. Back in that Foundling Home a mysterious check postmarked from Bangor arrived for Vicki every month, so naturally when she received a job offer from a totally different town an hour away, she assumed there was a connection. Yes, she probably believes in UFO's too.

Mrs./Miss Hopewell:
(Elizabeth Wilson)
The married-one-episode-but-not-the-next director of the Hammond Foundling Home deepens the mystery by confirming that no one at the home recommended Vicki for the governess job, nor would they have in a million years.

(Gwen Van Dam)
Type, type, type, type, type, type. That's about all that Miss Retary gets to do. Fortunately she isn't on screen long enough to get... typecast.

(Katherine Bruce)
Vicki's best friend at the Foundling Home, Sandy is forced to listen to all of her interminable stories about the place, even though Sandy was there at the time for most of them.

Team Collins

Residents of the Great House of Collinwood

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard:
(Joan Bennett)
Matriarch of the Collins Family. Eighteen years ago her husband Paul mysteriously disappeared. The next day she fired all the hired help, locked a room in the basement, and stayed in the house permanently to make sure no one went near it. Nobody sees any connection between these two events.

Roger Collins:
(Louis Edmonds)
Liz's younger brother. Ten years ago he was involved in a drunk driving accident in which a man was killed. The next day he bought $15,000 worth of paintings from Sam Evans, a local artist who happened to be walking down that road the same night, but didn't see anything. Nobody sees any connection between these two events.

Carolyn Collins Stoddard:
(Nancy Barrett)
Liz's daughter. The Bad Girl character to counter Vicki's Good Girl. Pretty, rich, spoiled, too much time on her hands, and loves to play with fire. So when a mysterious stranger, intent on destroying the family comes to town, guess who she's immediately smitten with?

David Collins:
(David Henesy)
Roger's Devil Tot son. With an institutionalized alky mother, an uncaring father and no kids his own age to play with, he has taken to ghoulish pranks and consorting with the local spooks; so much so that he's been named an Honorary Ghost. There are a lot of people who would like to make it more than honorary.

Matthew Morgan (I):
(George Mitchell)
Jack-of-all-Trades. The only servant the Collins family has had for the last 18 years to take care of the entire estate. Butler, chauffeur, gardener, valet, masseur, cook, chimney sweep, window washer, and author of What to Do in Your Spare time.

Matthew Morgan (II):
(Thayer David)
A grungier, slobbier, dumber, more obsessive Matthew, introduced to add one more sinister presence to an already top heavy cast.

Mrs. Sarah Johnson:
(Clarice Blackburn)
Housekeeper to the late Bill Malloy. After his death, hired by Burke to get a job as the Collins Maid and report any incriminating conversations to him (which at Collinwood is just about all of them). Snooping and getting paid for it, how could she resist? Kind of a precursor to Carolyn's Secret Agent Dawn character later in the show, Mrs. Johnson is the only spy who does windows.

Team Devlin

The Hatfields to the Collinses McCoys

Burke Devlin:
(Mitchell Ryan)
Went directly to jail without collecting $200 for a 1956 DWI accident. Though admittedly he was too blotto that night to remember whether he had been driving the car or not, he's pretty sure he wasn't and that Roger framed him. As it happens he's right, but it was a lucky guess. Did 5 years in stir, spent 5 years more making a fortune (guess the prison connections paid off, huh?), and has now come back to town to destroy the Collins family.

Wilbur Strake:
(Joseph Julian)
Burke's private eye from New York, assigned to dig up information on everyone connected with the Collins Family. Actually he just bought a copy of the Art Wallace series bible for $10 and wrote his report from that.

Stuart Bronson:
(Barnard Hughes)
Then came Bronson. Burke's banker in New York, he is assigned to do a complete appraisal of the Collins Family's entire assets; cash, property, debts owed, Green Stamps, merchandising rights, everything.

James Blair:
(John Baragrey)
Burke's other banker in New York. Burke is about to give him the go ahead to buy up all the Collins family's outstanding Demand Notes with the plan of calling them all in simultaneously and ruining the family finances. Suddenly realizing that such a foolproof plan would bring the story to an immediate and premature end, he comes to his senses and introduces Blair to Carolyn who blabs to Liz and her banker, who refuses to sell the notes.

Team Evans

Collinsport's Favorite Blue Collar family

Maggie Evans:
(Kathryn Leigh Scott)
The Collinsport Inn Coffee Shoppe's answer to Florence Jean Kasselberry; the classically cynical, hard bitten hash slinging waitress. At least she is early on...

Maggie Evans:
(Kathryn Leigh Scott)
Allowed to drop the wig after Dan Curtis figured that, despite her dark hair, nobody would confuse her with Victoria Winters. "And while you're at it, drop the accent too."

Sam Evans (I):
(Mark Allen)
Local artist and father of Maggie. Ten years ago he witnessed a traffic accident in which a drunk-off-his-a$$ Roger hit and killed a pedestrian. The next day Roger bought $15,000 worth of his paintings, and one month later Sam did not come forward to testify that Burke Devlin hadn't been driving the car. ANYBODY would see the connection between these two events if they knew about them.

Sam Evans (II):
(David Ford)
Soon after Burke returned to town with blood in his eye, the Witness Protection Program issued Sam this new face.

Team Cannery

Nine to Fivers at the Collinsport Cannery

Bill Malloy:
(Frank Schofield)
Manager of the Collins Fishing Fleet. Fiercely loyal to (and probably secretly in love with) Liz. Learns the truth about the manslaughter accident, and tries to handle it quietly, rather than hiring an armed guard and locking himself in a bank vault like anyone in a soap opera SHOULD do in such a situation. The mystery of his death takes some of the focus off the manslaughter case for the next 4 months.

Joe Haskell:
(Joel Crothers)
A sailor in the Collins Fishing Fleet, and Liz's hand-picked boyfriend for Carolyn, meant to help curb her wildness with his Boy-Scoutish ways. The Archie Andrews to Carolyn's Veronica.

Amos Fitch:
(George Mathews)
One of four Collins Cannery workers courted by Burke with an offer to work for him at the nearby Logansport Cannery. Rushes to Collinwood to warn Liz of Burke's skullduggery, mentioning several times that Burke had offered them all higher wages. Liz doesn't take the hint.

Ezra Herne (II):
(Dolph Sweet)
Another one of the courted cannery workers, who comes back later to reiterate his refusal of Burke's insulting suggestion that they abandon Mrs. Stoddard to take new jobs with higher wages and profit sharing. Their loyalty to a woman who hasn't so much as come down to the plant to visit them in 18 years is somewhat surprising, actually.

Ezra Bilodeau:
(John Servetnik)
Another one of the Cannery workers who sits quietly and ultimately refuses Burke's offer to work at the Logansport Cannery for a higher salary. If Burke had offered him a few lines of dialogue instead, he might have considered it.

Zeb Cartwright:
(Leo Marrell)
You have to wonder why they even bother assigning names to characters that just sit there in the background doing nothing.

Ezra Herne (I)
[aka John Adair]:

(Herb Holcombe)
If you think that's odd, how about recasting a character who just sits there in the background doing nothing?

Team Blue Whale

The Gang down at Collinsport's Favourite Hangout

(Steve Dawson?)
A masher who hits Carolyn up for a dance while she and Joe are trying to have a quiet date. "Just one dance, Joe," Carolyn promises.

(Robert Viharo)
Another masher who hits Carolyn up for a dance while she and Joe are trying to have a quiet date. Since he fed the jukebox, she could hardly turn him down, could she?

(Alan Feinstein)
Yet another masher who hits Carolyn up for a dance while Carolyn and Joe are trying to have a quiet date. Maybe Joe should consider a chastity belt?

Bartender Bob Rooney:
(Bob O'Connell)
Calls the cops after Joe finally tries to mash the mashers. He goes on to work in the Whale for years and years while hardly ever having a line of dialogue.

Episodes 33-34
The Dancin' Fool:
(Harvey Keitel)
Legend has it that it's possible to make it big in pictures by hanging around the malt shoppe until an agent discovers you. Harvey Keitel is the only known case where this ploy has actually worked.

Team Fuzz

The guys with the badge and the doughnuts

Constable Jonas Carter:
(Michael Currie)
The local Sheriff. Working in Collinsport in the days before it was infested with ghosts, ghouls, vampires, and werewolves proves a little too boring, and his last case, investigating a missing brake fluid valve from Roger's car, proves to be the final straw. Looking for more excitement, he takes a job with Holiday Inn, working to keep guests from stealing their towels.

Sheriff George Patterson:
(Dana Elcar)
The new Sheriff proves much more prepared to deal with the hair-raising experiences that come later (I can't believe I'm stooping to a baldy joke here). His first week on the job a nice juicy maybe-murder comes his way, followed soon after by a kidnapping. A sign of good things to come.

Team Bangor

The Collinses out-of-town muscle

Richard Garner:
(Hugh Franklin)
Liz's lawyer. Vicki sees his name on an old envelope while locked in the West Wing, and just because he lives in Bangor, assumes that there must be a connection with the monthly remittances she received in the Foundling Home (she'll really grasp at ANY straw, won't she?). Later in the story, Richard has to explain to Roger that you can't sue the Police Department for arresting you when you're caught with the goods.

Frank Garner:
(Conard Fowkes)
Lawyer son of Richard Garner, and temporary kinda-sorta love interest for Vicki. Co-publisher with his father of The Party Line (aka The Garner Report), an in-house Collins family newsletter that explains the official version of recent events when the real truth isn't fit for public consumption.

John Harris:
(Patrick McVey)
Liz's banker. At Liz's insistence, he puts a huge crimp in the family finances setting up a Trust Fund for David (payable only if David reveals where he's hidden Grandma). Puts a stop to Burke's sure-fire takeover of the family business when Carolyn lets slip the association between Burke and Blair, so technically he's the hero of the story. (If you like the Collinses, that is.)

Team Extras

The Pawns

If you don't get the joke, Conrad Bain starred in Different Strokes
Mr. Wells:
(Conrad Bain)
The desk clerk at the Collinsport Inn. His suggestion to Dan Curtis that the show be based around him after first adding two black orphans to the cast was met with a shocked "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Conrad?".

Susie (I):
(Carol Crist)
The other waitress at the Collinsport Inn Coffee Shoppe. Her prime function is to represent all the other people in town who hear and react to gossip about the goings on that are going on in the story.

Susie (II):
(Colleen Kelly)
Bets a friend that her customers are so jaded that they wouldn't even notice if she came in with a new face one day. She comes out both a winner and a loser. Nobody noticed, but the money she won in the wager didn't come near covering her plastic surgeon's bill.

Doctor D. Reeves:
(Fred Stewart)
Treats Roger after David arranges a near-fatal traffic accident for him. Prescribes tranquilizers, but whether they're intended to be used on Roger or on David is unclear.

Train Conductor:
(Alfred Hinckley)
Conductor on the train that brings Vicki to town. Since the train hasn't made a regular stop in Collinsport for 5 years, he's forced to toss her overboard with the mailbags.

Mrs. Mitchell:
(Jane Rose)
A gabby old lady on the train who tells boring stories. A look at what Vicki will be like in 40 years?

The Cab Driver From Episode 116:
(Arthur Anderson)
His arrival to take Vicki to the bus station tips the others off about her kidnapping. Their urgency to find her is increased by the fact that he leaves the meter running in the meantime.

Laura Collins:
(Diana Millay)
Wife of Roger, mother of David. She arrives a bit early, and has to hang around the Coffee Shoppe chatting with Maggie until her own story is ready to begin.

Team Cliff Divers

People who went bungee jumping off of Widow's Hill without a cord

The Widows:
(Janet Burtis, Toni Darnay, Elizabeth Swain and Marin Riley)
The ghosts of three (??) widows, Rachel Comstock, Margaret Finley and Abigail Tolliver, each of whom jumped off of Widow's Hill to her death. Legend says that their voices wail in the wind, waiting for a fourth widow to join them, probably so that they can get a bridge game together.

The Ghost of Bill Malloy:
(Frank Schofield)
Malloy's spirit returns from the dead and appears to Vicki where she's been locked in the West Wing by David and left to die, telling her to leave Collinwood before she's killed. Yeah, right. For one thing, since when is Malloy an expert in avoiding being killed, huh? And for another thing, what's the point of telling someone to leave while they're locked IN??? Malloy makes up for this foolishness later by helping save Vicki's bacon when she gets herself kidnapped by his killer.

The Ghost of Josette Lafrenier Collins:
(Kathryn Leigh Scott)
French wife of the builder of Collinwood, who jumped to her death from Widow's Hill in 1834 (later bumped back to 1796). She's devoted her afterlife to charity work, mostly saving Gothic ingenues from the dangers that surround them. "Hey, wait a minute," you might ask. "Josette's a widow who jumped from Widow's Hill. How come she isn't one of The Widows? Is there some kind of discrimination going on that the EEOC should be looking into?" The answer is that Josette ISN'T a widow at this point in the game. It wasn't until much later that the backstory was shuffled around so that Jeremiah Collins died before she did (which was about the same time that her maiden name changed).

Inanimate Objects

Significant props

Burke's Silver Filigreed Fountain Pen:
(A Bic and some glitter)
An ersatz guilt detector. Given by Burke to Carolyn, confiscated by Roger, found by Vicki at the site of Malloy's death, then stolen and buried by Roger. First Vicki thinks Burke did it, then Roger, unless maybe it was Sam. Roger eventually incriminates himself so stupidly that the Sheriff is left thinking he did it, but of course he couldn't have or he wouldn't have been on the show for the whole series, would he?

The Bleeder Valve:
(an old burned out spark plug)
Supposedly a device that regulates the flow of Brake Fluid in Roger's car. David removes it, causing the car to crash, and like the pen, it makes the rounds, pointing fingers of guilt wherever it goes.

The Unseen

Out of sight, but not out of mind

Ned Calder:
The previous manager of the Collins Cannery, who quit when Liz refused to marry him. They try to get him to come back, but he refuses unless he gets an engagement ring as a signing bonus. Liz says "thank you no, that's okay". Obviously a plot angle that never got developed.

Betty Hanscomb:
A girl who lived in Collinsport in the early 40's, who, judging by a Sam Evans portrait of her, is almost a dead ringer for Vicki. Another interesting plot device that never really gets developed, although speculation about its meaning is rife.

The Not Very Easily Seen

Out of sight but not out of earshot

The DS Fly:
In an attempt to add another big name to the cast to work alongside (and on top of) Joan Bennett, Dan Curtis decided to fly in the face of tradition and created quite a buzz in the (rolled up) trade papers by signing The DS Fly, well known star of Stage and (porch) Screen, and charter member of the Screendoor Actor's Guild to a 5 year contract. Joining the Dark Shadows cast, fresh (?) from its work on Lord of the Flies, Superfly, A Bug's Life and various other fly-by-night productions, the DS Fly went on to appear in every Dark Shadows storyline without ever needing a script (always making up its dialogue on the fly). Taking the show's eventual cancellation harder than most, The DS Fly flew off the handle and refused to vacate the ABC studios, until the police sent a Swat Team to forcibly remove it from the premises, resulting in a Sacrifice Fly. (Refusing to comment on this incident, Dan Curtis said only that he had always been fond of "fly casting", both on the job, and during his family vacations at Lake Ticonderoga.)


Michael Ann
Andrew Elliot
Page Jones
Calvin Ander
Douglas Reed
Ted Tinling

Walter Arnold
Diane Ball
Robert Bonds
Audrey A. Campbell
Ray Carlson
Richard Coate
Willis Downsing
Elizabeth Earl
Lenore Ellis
Jeff Gald
Bill Gish
John Felton
Anthony Goodstone
Timothy Gordon
Jeanne Kaplan
Russ Karser
Harvey Keitel <--- (Wonder if he went on to do anything else?)
Judd Lawrence
Allen Lindstrom
Pat Lysinger
George McCoy
Maryann Merrick
Tom Mixan
T. J. Murphy
Katherine Quint
Diann Redford
Frank Rerch
Al Smith
Larry Swanson
Ann Teeman
Barbara Young
Gwen Van Dam
Douglas Reed

Dodie Bauer
Frank Dawning
Lenore Ellis
Charles Goff (Waiter)
Timothy Gordon
Sara Harte
Liz Ingleson
Charles James
Margo Lacey
Pat McNamara
Richard Marr
Jack Pickett
Mel Sigan
Ray Stewart

Betty Beaird as Ghost
Jacqueline Bertrand as Ghost
T. J. Murphy as Ghostly Voice
Clarice Blackburn as Sobbing Voice in the Cellar
Florence Stanley as Sobbing Voice in the Cellar
Florence Stanley as Alternate Ghost of Josette

Broadcast 6/27/66 - 12/19/66

          1. Gothic Governess Victoria Winters' arrives in Collinsport, Maine, and meets the obligatory "Mystery Man With a Grudge".
          2. Vicki meets Liz and gets settled in at Collinwood; the Blue Whale Bar and grill suffers the first of many bench-clearing brawls.
          3. Vicki meets Liz's daughter, Carolyn; Roger hunts desperately for Sam Evans.
          4. Liz's Black Sheep brother, Roger gives Vicki the Third Degree about her meeting with Burke Devlin at the train station.
          5. Learning Vicki is an orphan, Carolyn bamboozles her into thinking that staying at Collinwood may provide some clue to her identity.
          6. In the basement, Sinister Caretaker ™ Matthew Morgan warns Vicki that it don't pay to go askin' too many fool questions.
          7. Roger tries to ensure that Sam will be covering his back in the upcoming battle with Burke.
          8. Vicki calls the Foundling Home to try to confirm whether or not she was recommended to Liz.
          9. Bill Malloy, manager of the Collins Fishing Fleet, warns that Burke plans to wipe out the family. Carolyn tries to find out what the big deal is with this Burke Devlin guy.
          10. Carolyn visits Burke's hotel room to try to find out what happened between Burke and Roger, or, failing that, to get a date.
          11. Carolyn brings Burke to Collinwood, claims he followed her home, and asks if she can keep him.
          12. Roger tries to impress on Vicki that her friendship with Burke is going to be the death of them all.
          13. Burke insists that he wants to forget that Roger was responsible for railroading him into prison.
          14. Vicki meets Carolyn's boyfriend, Joe Haskell, who works at the Collins Cannery, yet somehow is able to afford a suit.
          15. After Burke asks Roger to meet him later at the Blue Whale, Roger loses control of his car and crashes.
          16. Roger's car is totalled, Roger himself isn't. Liz learns that Roger's brakes failed and wonders if Burke was responsible.
          17. Malloy informs Roger that the crash was caused by the removal of the car's bleeder valve, and gives an instructional lecture, complete with visual aids.
          18. Vicki mentions to Roger that just before the accident, she caught Burke in the garage standing next to Roger's car with a wrench, and asks if it's important.
          19. Carolyn learns that Burke wants revenge because Roger's testimony against Burke 10 years ago sent him to jail for manslaughter, and thinks that it all sounds like some bad TV show.
          20. Taking Vicki to the Inn with him, Roger accuses Burke of sabotaging his car.
          21. Vicki tells Liz and Carolyn she believes Burke is innocent of whatever it was that got him sent to prison.
          22. Roger tells Carolyn that he intends to have Burke sent back to the slammer over the bleeder valve incident.
          23. David is oddly agitated when Constable Carter investigates Roger's crash.
          24. Constable Carter interrogates Burke, who tries to downplay all his "Come back to Collinsport and Kill Roger" talk from 10 years ago.
          25. On a routine snooping mission, Vicki finds the missing bleeder valve in David's room.
          26. Before Vicki can show Liz the bleeder valve she stole from David, he steals it back.
          27. Burke's banker, Stuart Bronson, gives him a report on the Collins family finances.
          28. Burke insists that he was released from prison after five years for good behavior. Constable Carter searches his room anyway.
          29. When David visits Burke in his hotel room, Burke discovers that David tried to slip Roger's bleeder valve under the sofa, where it would no doubt have incriminated Burke about 10 years from now.
          30. Vicki tells Roger that David, not Burke was responsible for his car crash. Roger is upset, though hardly surprised.
          31. Burke returns David to Collinwood, and tries to sell the idea that both he and David are innocent, but Roger isn't buying it.
          32. Liz isn't buying it either, but to keep David out of Reform School, she tells the Constable that the bleeder valve fell off by itself.
          33. Vicki ponders the fact that after 32 episodes, everyone else is embroiled in storylines, but she hasn't found a single clue to her identity.
          34. Learning that Burke's P.I. wrote a report on her, Vicki marches up to Burke's hotel room asking to see it. Burke offers to teach her a few things, but none of them have to do with her past.
          35. David swears revenge on Vicki for fingering him in the Bleeder Valve caper.
          36. Roger tries to talk Sam out of painting Burke's portrait. Liz somehow convinces Vicki, for about the umpteenth time, not to leave Collinwood.
          37. In the middle of the night, Vicki hears mysterious sobbing coming from the locked room in the basement. Even more mysteriously, she tries to investigate it.
          38. Matthew catches Vicki trying to open the locked room, and insists that the sobbing sound was perfectly innocent It was probably just Josette Collins, or one of the other ghosts.
          39. Roger again tries to stop Sam from painting Burke's portrait. Malloy asks Burke if there's any way he could screw Roger without screwing Liz.
          40. Malloy gets Sam drunk, hoping to learn something. Sam spills the fact that he is the only thing standing between Roger and a prison sentence. He also spills his drink.
          41. Liz becomes concerned about Carolyn's relationship with Burke. After all, if Liz became Burke's mother-in-law, he'd have even more reason to hate her.
          42. Carolyn follows Burke to a restaurant in Bangor, where Burke gives her a silver filigreed fountain pen, perfect for signing restaurant checks (hint, hint).
          43. Malloy warns Maggie that Sam possesses dangerous knowledge that could motivate either Roger or Burke to harm him under the right circumstances... Sorry, the wrong circumstances.
          44. Malloy tells Liz that Roger framed Burke on the manslaughter charge and bribed Sam to keep quiet, which he knows because of one vague drunken comment Sam made in Episode 40.
          45. Malloy warns Roger that Sam is almost ready to confess that Roger was responsible for the manslaughter incident, and promises to send him a cake with a file in it. Roger confiscates the silver pen that Burke gave to Carolyn.
          46. Malloy sets up one of those mysterious late night meetings (somebody's in a Gothic rut) between himself, Roger, Burke, and Sam, in order to settle the manslaughter case once and for all.
          47. Roger, Burke and Sam gather in Roger's office for the meeting, but but Malloy doesn't show up. Fortunately, the office has a dartboard to pass the time.
          48. Burke gives David a crystal ball, which David uses to divine that Malloy is dead and that Roger killed him. Roger demands a second opinion from a Magic 8-Ball.
          49. Burke investigates Malloy's disappearance, certain that either Roger or Sam are responsible.
         50. Liz tells Vicki some of the legends of Collinwood and Widow's Hill, particularly the ones with a message, like what happens to governesses who ask too many snoopy questions.
          51. Vicki and Carolyn spot a dead man floating in the water beneath Widow's Hill, but in true horror movie fashion, the body is gone when they try to show it to someone.
          52. Vicki and Carolyn sit around telling ghost stories to each other in their nighties.
          53. Matthew confesses that he found Malloy's dead body washed up on shore, and pushed it out to sea. Mysteriously, Liz does the right thing and calls the cops!
          54. Burke tells Roger to forget what he said in Episode 13. He does want revenge after all; for the five years he spent in prison because of Roger's perjury, Malloy's death, and anything else he can think of.
          55. The Coast Guard locates Malloy's body.
          56. Roger tells Sam that they must form a united front, otherwise he and Sam might be charged with Malloy's murder, which would really be a shame if both of them happened to be innocent.
          57. Burke tells Sheriff Patterson that Malloy had planned to clear Burke of the manslaughter charge just before he died. The mystery over what happened to Bill Malloy is replaced with a new one about what happened to Constable Carter??
          58. The Sheriff questions Sam, who says he has no idea what the meeting in Roger's office was about; he only went because he heard there was free beer.
          59. The sheriff questions Roger, who also claims not to know what the meeting was to be about, even though it was being held in his own office.
          60. Burke tries to convince the sheriff that either Roger or Sam killed Malloy. Hopefully Roger.
          61. Vicki mentions to Burke that Malloy and Roger argued the night Malloy was killed, and wonders if that could be important.
          62. Burke gives Sam the Third Degree, insisting that Sam and Roger are the only ones who would benefit from Malloy's death. Sam says that, given that choice, he'll take Roger.
          63. Matthew becomes agitated when Liz tells him that Burke plans to drag the Collins name through the mud, insisting that the mud is his territory.
          64. Sheriff Patterson breaks up the resulting barroom brawl, after Matthew tries to strongarm Burke into leaving town.
          65. Roger tries to bribe Sam into leaving town.
          66. Convinced by Sam's emphatic denials, Burke accuses Roger of killing Malloy. Roger's equally emphatic denials fail to convince Burke.
          67. Carolyn asks Burke what's the big idea with accusing Uncle Roger? Burke challenges her to ask Roger what really happened in the manslaughter incident 10 years ago, on the off chance that Roger might actually tell her the truth.
          68. David tells Vicki that before his mother and Roger separated, they fought constantly. Usually about Burke Devlin, but also about finances, housekeeping, and things that can't be mentioned on television.
          69. Burke convinces Malloy's housekeeper, Mrs. Johnson to get a job with the Collins family and basically snoop around a lot.
          70. David shows Vicki the "Old House", an abandoned haunted house on the estate (not to be confused with Collinwood, which is an occupied haunted house). After they leave, a ghost (probably Josette's) emerges from the portrait of Josette Collins.
          71. Roger, Burke and Sam anxiously await the coroner's report on Malloy's death. Bets are taken as to whether or not the verdict will be murder.
          72. Vicki assures Carolyn that if push comes to shove, her loyalties lie with the Collins family, not with Burke. Whether or not Carolyn feels the same way is anybody's guess.
          73. The coroner rules Malloy's death an accidental drowning, not to mention a crying shame.
          74. Burke and David cry in their beer (in David's case, root beer) over the coroner's verdict.
          75. Roger admits to Carolyn that he lost the silver pen he confiscated from Carolyn in Episode 45. Vicki finds the pen on the beach at the spot where Malloy fell.
          76. Having failed to bankrupt the Collins family, Burke tries to buy Collinwood.
          77. David taunts Carolyn with the idea that Burke likes Vicki better than her. Carolyn taunts David with the idea that Burke likes Vicki better than him. Result: A Draw.
          78. Stood up by Carolyn for the umpteenth time, Joe Haskell (remember him?) discovers that Maggie Evans has more talents than just slinging hash.
          79. To prevent people from finding that Burke and Mrs. Johnson are in cahoots, Burke has her pretend to dislike him in public, then gets annoyed when she does too good a job of it.
          80. Roger searches the beach for the silver fountain pen, and is oddly upset to learn that Vicki found it.
          81. When Liz offers Mrs. Johnson the job of Collinwood housekeeper, Matthew gives Mrs. J the usual spiel about how it don't pay to go round askin' too many fool questions.
          82. Now aware that Roger lost the fountain pen on the night Malloy was killed, Burke urges Sheriff Patterson to search the beach for it.
          83. Roger steals the fountain pen and buries it in the woods. David resents being accused of the theft the one time he's actually innocent.
          84. David tricks Vicki to the closed-off West Wing of Collinwood and locks her inside a room to die. For once, even Vicki feels dumb.
          85. Malloy's ghost appears to Vicki, telling her to leave Collinwood before she's killed. Since she's still locked in the room, this is easier said than done.
          86. Vicki tries various methods of escape from the locked room, but MacGyver she ain't.
          87. Roger rescues Vicki from the locked room in the West Wing. Before leaving, Vicki finds a clue that might, maybe, possibly, sort of, kind of reveal who her real parents are. But probably not.
          88. Vicki tells about seeing Malloy's ghost in the locked room. Liz and Roger search the room and find seaweed on the floor. Neither is sure if this confirms Vicki's story or not.
          89. Burke decides to put Collins Enterprises out of business by buying the nearby Logansport Cannery and trying to hire their workers out from under them. Burke resolves to grow a mustache to twirl.
          90. Once again, Vicki needs to be talked out of leaving Collinwood.
          91. Vicki takes a trip to Bangor to talk to the Collins family lawyers about that ridiculously slender clue she found in Episode 88. Out of habit more than anything else, Burke gives her the "Yankee Go Home" speech again.
          92. In Bangor, Vicki meets the Collins lawyers, Richard and Frank Garner, and tries to learn clues about her past. Richard stonewalls her, while Frank looks like he'd like to examine her briefs.
          93. When Carolyn learns that Burke and vicki are in Bangor together, she hopes that Vicki won't do anything that she herself would do.
          94. Vicki has dinner with Frank Garner, who seems interested in helping her track down her parents. Richard tries to dissuade him with veiled suggestions that Liz, who cuts their checks, might not approve.
          95. In one of those zany "Three's Company" type misunderstandings, Vicki thinks Burke killed Malloy, when she discovers that Burke had owned the pen she found on the beach.
          96. Now afraid to ride home with Burke, Vicki calls Roger (!) to pick her up in Bangor, and drive her back to Collinwood, through all the darkest and most deserted roads he can find.
          97. The Sheriff finds Roger and Vicki before Roger can do whatever he might have been going to do to her. When Carolyn tattles to Liz that Vicki went to Bangor to contact the Garners, Vicki finds herself in the metaphorical doghouse (Mathew is still in the literal one).
          98. Mrs. Johnson moves into Collinwood as housekeeper, and hears the ghostly sobbing in the basement. She stays, but only after receiving the quickest pay raise in history.
          99. Vicki is shocked to learn that Burke gave the pen to Carolyn, and that it was Roger, not Burke, who lost it the night Malloy was murdered.
          100. Now afraid that Roger killed Malloy, Vicki tells Burke all about finding and losing the pen. That way, if Roger bumps her off, he'll only be making things worse for himself. (Not as bad as he'd have made them for Vicki, but still worse).
          101. Returning to Collinwood, Vicki is promptly nabbed by Roger, who knows that she knows that he was the one who lost the pen on the clifftop.
          102. Roger admits to Vicki that he lost the pen and saw Malloy's body that night, but insists that (snicker) Malloy was "already dead" when he got there.
          103. Vicki suspects that Roger doesn't think she believed the preposterous story he told her.
          104. On the roadside, Vicki is almost run down by an unidentified stock footage automobile.
          105. Burke tricks Roger into revealing where he buried the pen in Episode 83. The Sheriff seizes the pen and Roger is arrested... but somehow the story still isn't over.
          106. Carolyn tells Vicki that Roger would never have tried to kill her. At Police Squad, Roger denies killing Malloy, trying to run down Vicki, or framing Burke. Or two out of three, at least.
          107. When Vicki searches outside the Old House for David, someone tries to kill her by pushing a stone urn off the roof.
          108. Rushing to Matthew's cottage to phone the Police, Matthew holds Vicki captive, and admits that he killed Malloy. He's not sure, but he might even have shot J.R., too.
          109. No episode assigned this number due to Thanksgiving Day pre-emption.
          110. No episode assigned this number due to Day After Thanksgiving pre-emption.
          111. As Sheriff Patterson and his men search the woods for Vicki, Vicki pleads for her life in Matthew's cottage. Matthew refuses to let Vicki go because, irony of ironies, she knows too much!
          112. Liz walks in on Matthew before he can kill Vicki. Given the choice of killing both Liz and Vicki, or running into the night babbling inanely, Matthew goes with what he knows best.
          113. David discovers Matthew hiding out at the Old House, and promises to bring him provisions as long as he's on the lam.
          114. Vicki apologizes to Roger for thinking that he killed Malloy, just because all the evidence said so.
          115. Searching the Old House for David (again!) Vicki discovers Matthew, and promptly gets herself kidnapped again.
          116. Matthew holds Vicki hostage in a secret room at the Old House. In another irony of ironies, the room is located behind a bookcase (the last place you'd expect to find Matthew).
          117. Joe and Burke duke it out over Carolyn.
          118. Everyone searches the Collinwood grounds to find Vicki, who's fit to be tied.
          119. After Joe breaks it off with Carolyn, Liz warns Carolyn not to get any ideas about dating Burke.
          120. David brings supplies to Matthew at the Old House, unaware that Vicki is being held hostage in the secret room.
          121. Becoming paranoid, Matthew fears that David will give him away.
          122. Starting to come unglued, Matthew sees an eerie light coming from the portrait of Josette Collins.
          123. An unknown woman who seems to have no connection with the Malloy case, visits the diner and asks Maggie many questions. Apparently they're starting to rack 'em up for the next storyline already.
          124. David discovers Vicki in the secret room, but afraid of getting in trouble, runs off without rescuing her.
          125. Malloy's ghost appears to David and tells him to help Vicki. Also, to go to the Dagobah System.
          126. The ghosts of Malloy and the Widows scare Matthew to death. The ghost of Josette Collins appears to Vicki to tell her not to trouble herself about all that yelling and screaming going on in the outer room.

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