Kilroy's sister was here.

David Interviews the New Girl!
"So, you think you can replace Amy, do you? What experience do you have in Devil Totting?"
"Well, once in Camp Fire Girls cooking class, I replaced one of the other girls' butter with margarine."
"Oh boy, this is going to take a LOT of work."

The Director Resolves to Eliminate all Through-the-Aquarium Shots!

Barnabas Visits David and Hallie!
"Hello, kids. I'm back from Parallel Time."
"Did you bring us anything? Did you bring us anything??"

Today on Dark Shadows...

David Averts his Gaze!
"I can't look directly into that nightie. Wait until I get my sunglasses."

David is Excluded From Another Group Hug!

Special Guest Star: Cousin It!

Episode 1072

Starring Kathy Cody, Jonathan Frid, Nancy Barrett, David Henesy, Thayer David
Original Script By Gordon Russell
Directed By Henry Kaplan
Caption Version by Graeme Cree

Read left to right, top to bottom

"My name is Timothy Eliot Stokes. The Great House at Collinwood in Normal Time in the present day: a time people had almost forgotten existed, what with all the recent time travel; forwards, backwards and parallel. Last time on Dark Shadows, Barnabas Collins and Julia Hoffman learned that their two week trip to the year 1995, was actually over in one day. I know exactly how they feel. My vacations feel like that too."

"(Stokes) Barnabas and Julia have returned to warn that they learned in 1995 of a catastrophe that happened in 1970, which wiped out the family. The details are still a bit sketchy, but it has something to do with a vengeful spirit destroying everything. Barnabas tried to show Quentin a mysterious Children's Playroom that seemed to be where all the ghosts hung out in 1995, but when he got there, all that was behind the door was a linen closet. No ghosts, just sheets."
"(Barnabas) Ah, but did any of the sheets have eyeholes in them??"
"(Stokes) Oh, shut up!"


(Outside the Linen Closet, nothing is happening)
"(Stokes) That's because Mrs. Johnson is supposed to be making the beds today."
"(Mrs. Johnson's Voice) I heard that!!"

(In the Playroom, wherever and whenever it is, the carousel is turning, which proves that it's still a threat, or will be, or something like that... actually it's not too clear, but it may not be time to panic just yet) *
* Except for Hallie, of course.

(In the Foyer, Barnabas comes downstairs)
"(Barnabas) (to himself) I know the Playroom existed! How is it possible to be so wrong? Now it doesn't. How could I have been so totally, utterly, and completely wrong..."
"(Barnabas) Now I know how Willie feels all the time."

"(Barnabas) Perhaps the Linen Closet IS the Playroom, and it just looks smaller with all the linens in there... No. Now I'm starting to THINK like Willie."
"(Barnabas) If only I could contact Daphne's spirit, she might be able to explain this whole mess... We obviously can't try to contact Carolyn's spirit again because back in the past, she isn't dead any more." *
* Mixing up his tenses something awful, but it's hard to come up with a phrasing that doesn't sound idiotic.



"(Barnabas) Wait a minute. I don't dare try to contact Daphne. Suppose that awakening her spirit is the catalyst that sets the entire disaster in motion? If that were the case, it would mean that Julia and I were actually the cause of the disaster we saw in 1995, through some kind of temporal loop de loop thingummy..." *
* Now you see why this show has hitherto avoided science fiction plots. Barnabas' technobabble skills are no great shakes.


(Hearing sobbing in the Drawing Room, Barnabas enters)
"(Barnabas) Carolyn!"
"(Carolyn) Oh, hi Barnabas. Mother said you were back."
"(Barnabas) Aren't you dead?"
"(Carolyn) Not at the moment, no."
"(Barnabas) I thought I heard tears. Why are you crying?"
"(Carolyn) Can't you guess?"
"(Barnabas) Elizabeth cut up your charger plates again."
"(Carolyn) D'oh!"

"(Carolyn) I still have trouble sleeping. I lie awake at night thinking about Jeb."
"(Barnabas) Jeb? With all the time we were gone, I'd have thought he'd be 6 boyfriends ago by now."
"(Carolyn) I can still see his face so clearly, Barnabas. I don't know that I'm ever going to get over his death."
"(Barnabas) You must get over it, Carolyn. Because Jeb is dead. That means that he's gone forever. The dead don't come back."
"(Carolyn) Uh huh. What have you been smoking today?"


"(Barnabas) Very well, the dead do sometimes come back. But I wouldn't count on it if I were you. They never seem to come back in a good way... Besides, I don't see any kind of sequel or followup to the Leviathan Story ever existing."
"(Carolyn) I thought about you a lot while you were away in Parallel Time. I was told that everyone who lived here had a counterpart in that time."
"(Barnabas) Well, not absolutely everyone. Mrs. Johnson didn't. I didn't. Philip and Megan didn't."
"(Carolyn) How about Jeb? Did you meet him there?"
"(Barnabas) Well, I met someone very much like him. Only his name wasn't Jeb, it was Cyrus Longworth. He was a doctor."
"(Carolyn) What kind of man was he?"
"(Barnabas) Well, at heart he was a very good, well meaning man."
"(Carolyn) Sniff. That's nice."
"(Barnabas) But on the surface, he was a mean, macho, wannabe-SOB, who tried to kill Quentin and molest Maggie."
"(Carolyn) Waaaaaah!!!"

"(Carolyn) I can't see Jeb that way. I don't care what you say."
"(Barnabas) Well, actually Cyrus was a rather ambivalent character. He was basically a mild-mannered scientist. But when he drank this potion, he turned into the evil, mean, rotten John Yaeger."
"(Carolyn) So, sort of like it wasn't really his fault, right?"
"(Barnabas) Well, he did brew the potion, and kept drinking it."
"(Carolyn) Okay, but still, it's almost like it wasn't his fault if he was a bad guy, right?"
"(Barnabas) I suppose."
"(Carolyn) I wonder if there's still a way to get back into Parallel Time?"
"(Barnabas) Well, I wouldn't bother. He's dead now, too."
"(Carolyn) Waaaaaah!!!"

"(Carolyn) What about my counterpart? Did you meet me over there?"
"(Barnabas) Yes, you were married to Willie Loomis."
"(Carolyn) You don't say."
"(Barnabas) The two of you really loved each other, but Angelique kept coming between you. Will was quite taken with her."
"(Carolyn) I can imagine."
"(Barnabas) In the end, Will fell out the Tower Window, and you were brutally stabbed to death by your Uncle Roger."
"(Carolyn) It's always the one you least suspect, isn't it?"
"(Barnabas) I should have thought you'd be distressed to hear all of this."
"(Carolyn) Not really. It's nice having the grass be greener on this side of the fence for once."

"(Barnabas) Tell me, have you ever heard of a place called Rose Cottage?"
"(Carolyn) I think it's a euphemism for a morgue. You know, the kind you use when you kids are listening, and you don't want them asking questions."
"(Barnabas) That's in real life! We're not supposed to know that. I mean what is it within the scope of this show?"
"(Carolyn) Probably the same thing."
"(Barnabas) You know, you're probably right..."


"(Barnabas) Well, have you ever heard the phrase "The Night of the Sun and the Moon", or know what it means?"
"(Carolyn) Doesn't ring any bells. It sounds like a riddle."
"(Barnabas) As a matter of fact, that's exactly what it is. I'm trying to find the answer."
"(Carolyn) Well, why don't you just ask the person who told it to you?"
"(Barnabas) I am."
"(Carolyn) You are??"
"(Barnabas) Yes, you told them to me in 1995. Look. Here are some others you wrote down."
(Carolyn looks at the list of 6 clues)
"(Carolyn) I wrote this??"
"(Barnabas) It's your handwriting."
"(Carolyn) I know, but this is the most muddled, incomprehensible mess I've ever seen in my whole life!"
"(Barnabas) I know. I felt like killing you, but by then it was too late."

(In David's Room, David is reading a magazine) *
(knock, knock, knock)
"(David) Who is it?"
"(Voice) I'm scared!!"
"(David) Oh. Come on in, Hallie."
"(Voice) D'oh!"
* In fact, none other than Mechano, the Magazine for Serious Grease Monkeys, left over from Episode 14. The Prop Department gets all its magazines from a doctor's office, and as such, all are at least 4 years old.

(Hallie enters)
"(David) What are you doing up? You know it's a little late for us to be visiting. Any time you're in my room after 9, Aunt Elizabeth gets very cross at me and says it's going to be time for Father to have "The Talk" with me when he gets back home."
"(Hallie) What talk?"
"(David) I'm not sure. Last time they had "The Talk" with me, I almost got sent to Military School for spiking father's brandy with prune juice. I don't think it's that this time."
"(Hallie) Come to think of it, Uncle Eliot sat me down and had a very important talk with me before I came here."
"(David) What was it about?"
"(Hallie) Why Star Trek was better than Star Wars."
"(David) I don't think it's that, either."


"(David) Let's get down to business. So you're the one they sent to replace Amy as the new Devil Tot, are you?"
"(Hallie) I hope so, sir."
"(David) Devil Tots never call people sir."
"(Hallie) I'm sorry, Si... Er, Person."
"(David) Well, your use of Lime Green is most impressive."
"(Hallie) Thank you."
"(David) What experience do you have in playing pranks on people?"
"(Hallie) Well, there was this one time back at Camp Fire Girls Cooking Glass..."
"(David) Yes?"
"(Hallie) I replaced one of the other girls' butter with margarine."
"(David) Hoo boy, this is going to take a LOT of work."


"(David) I'm willing to take you on as a Devil Tot Trainee, Hallie."
"(Hallie) What are the benefits, Mr. Collins?"
"(David) This job is its own reward. And call me David."
"(Hallie) Thanks, David. And you can call me Ms. Stokes."
"(David) I'm calling you Hallie, okay!!"
"(Hallie) Okay, okay! Geeze, what a grouch."

"(David) First Rule of Devil Totting. We're not suppose to get on each other's nerves. We're supposed to be partners in crime."
"(Hallie) I remember that now, from the Training Manual I read. David, can we talk for a minute?"
"(David) If Maggie catches us together, she'll have us both peeling potatoes."
"(Hallie) Something worse than that will happen if we don't. I heard Cousin Barnabas telling Uncle Quentin and Aunt Elizabeth about it."
"(David) Cousin Barnabas? Uncle quentin? You've made yourself at home fast. Just don't make the two of us relatives, okay?"
"(Hallie) Why not?"
"(David) Let's just say there are a few fantasies I'd like to preserve."

"(Hallie) This is serious! Something terrible is going to happen in this house!"
"(David) What do you mean "something terrible"?"
"(Hallie) I don't know, but I heard them talking about it! I was so scared!"
"(David) How could you be scared if you didn't know what it was you were scared about?"
"(Hallie) They just sounded so sincere, I believed them."
"(David) You're the first person I've ever met who could be frightened on Credit."

"(David) What did you hear, exactly?"
"(Hallie) I don't know. Uncle Barnabas and Grandmama Julia were saying some really strange things about a disaster that was going to happen."
"(David) Were you eavesdropping?"
"(Hallie) Of course I was eavesdropping. How else can you find out what you need to know in this house?"
"(David) Good. Continue."
"(Hallie) And ever since then I've had the most peculiar feeling. Like someone is watching me."
"(David) Uh oh, someone's coming! Act innocent!"
"(Hallie) But I AM innocent!"
"(David) Don't worry, we'll fix that later."

(Barnabas enters)
"(Barnabas) Hello, David. Hello, Hallie."
"(David and Hallie, in sing-songy unison) Good evening, Cousin Barnabas!"
"(Barnabas) All right, knock it off, you two!"

"(Barnabas) Hallie??"
"(Hallie) Yaaaah!!"
"(Barnabas) Calm down, I'm not going to hurt you. Did I hear you say you thought someone was watching you?"
"(Hallie) Y-y-yes."
"(Barnabas) Do you know who it is?"
"(Hallie) No. I actually thought it might be you."
"(Barnabas) The only times I've watched you, Hallie, you were watching me at the same time."
"(Hallie) It's happened several times now. I'll be walking down a hallway, or sitting in a chair, and suddenly have the feeling that eyes were on me. It's just the creepiest feeling."
"(Barnabas) Well, you'll soon get used to it. It would feel much worse if we didn't have viewers."


"(Barnabas) Hallie, are you afraid of me?"
"(Hallie) Not exactly, you just seem different."
"(Barnabas) Different than what?"
"(Hallie) I don't know, just different."
"(Barnabas) Hallie, your uncle and I are very close friends. I'm as interested in your welfare as he is. You believe me, don't you?"
"(Hallie) Of course. May I go now?"
"(Barnabas) Of course."
"(Hallie) Thank you. Waaaaah!!!!!!"
(runs out screaming)
"(Barnabas) Well, how on earth did I frighten her that time??"
"(David) You didn't, she's just practicing."

"(Barnabas) Does she always do that?"
"(David) Oh, she's still not used to the house. She hears things and imagines the worst."
"(Barnabas) Things?"
"(David) A shutter bangs, she freaks out. The house creaks, the wind whips up too hard...."
"(Barnabas) I understand."
"(David) A scream at three o'clock in the morning. You name it."

"(David) I'm really glad you're back at Collinwood, Cousin Barnabas."
"(Barnabas) Well, that's very nice of you, David."
"(David) Yeah, there are a bunch of new pranks Amy and I came up with, and you're the only person who still doesn't know about them."
"(Barnabas) Well, thank you, I think."
"(David) I hear you met an alternative version of me in Parallel Time."
"(Barnabas) I certainly did, and I still have the scars to prove it."
"(David) Did the other me pull any good pranks?"
"(Barnabas) Well, he pulled a good one with Amy, in which she hid behind a portrait and pretended to be a ghost talking to Maggie. But you've probably used that one."
"(David) Yeah, but not recently. Maybe I should dust it off again. I've always had a thing for the classics."

"(Barnabas) By the way, have you ever heard of a place called Rose Cottage?"
"(David) No, It sounds kinda girly to me."
"(Barnabas) Well, don't knock it, David. You look like you've grown a bit since I saw you last, and, well, you may soon learn that there are things you can do with girls besides dipping their curls in inkwells."
"(David) You mean like giving them noogies?"
"(Barnabas) Er, something like that. Thank goodness you're not ready for the Bats and the Bees conversation just yet."


(Downstairs, Professor Stokes knocks on the door)
"(Stokes) I believe Barnabas is expecting me."
"(Carolyn) Professor. How nice to see you!"
"(Stokes) Likewise! Doesn't Mrs. Johnson answer the door any more?"
"(Mrs. Johnson's Voice) I heard that!!"
"(Carolyn) Hang on, I haven't insulted you yet!"

(Hallie rushes out)
"(Hallie) Uncle Eliot!"
"(Stokes) Hallie. Aren't you in bed yet?"
"(Carolyn) I was just about to take her up."
"(Hallie) But I want to talk to my uncle!"
"(Stokes) We'll chit chat tomorrow, Hallie. Cousin Barnabas and I need to talk plot points tonight."


(As Carolyn leads Hallie upstairs, Barnabas comes down)
"(Stokes) Barnabas."
"(Barnabas) Eliot! Your Parallel Time counterpart burned down Collinwood, and nearly got us all killed."
"(Stokes) It's nice to see you too."

"(Stokes) I was starting to be afraid we'd never see you again."
"(Barnabas) Well, we made it. I'm still not quite sure how."
"(Stokes) I nearly killed you?"
"(Barnabas) Well, not just you. To be fair, Julia's counterpart came even closer to finishing me off than yours did."
"(Stokes) Julia's counterpart?"
"(Barnabas) Yes, in Parallel Time, she was the family maid."
"(Stokes) Well, what did you do to get on her bad side? Forget to wipe your feet?"


"(Barnabas) No, it was totally different. Hoffman was working for Angelique."
"(Stokes) Angelique who?"
"(Barnabas) Well, she was Rumson's wife in this time. In that time, your daughter. She was a witch who terrorized Collinwood after you brought her back from the dead. Thank goodness you made all the right choices in this time."
"(Stokes) I'm not so sure about that. If I had a daughter over there, that means I must have had sex at least once."

(In David's Room)
"(Carolyn) David, we've dropped by to say good night."
"(David) Carolyn, why are you so anxious to send us to bed? Maggie usually lets us stay up until 10."
"(Carolyn) I'm not Maggie, David. When I'm in charge, I rule with an Iron Mitten."
"(David) It's supposed to be an Iron Fist."
"(Carolyn) Why an Iron Fist?"
"(David) Because with an iron Fist, you can threaten to slam it down on a table really hard, and scuff the woodwork."
"(Carolyn) Oh, I see."
"(David) All you can do with an Iron Mitten is watch it rust."

"(David) What's wrong?"
"(Carolyn) Nothing, I just..."
(carolyn gets a funny look as wind and spooky electronic sounds whip up)
"(David) What's wrong?"
"(Carolyn) Nothing, I just had the strangest feeling..."
"(Hallie) David, I'm scared!!"
"(David) Scared?? Of what??"
"(Hallie) Of what she's scared of!"
"(David) You can't be afraid of what she's afraid of without knowing what it is!!"

(Behind David's back, Hallie expresses her feelings about him for being such a wise guy)


"(Carolyn) I didn't say I was scared, I just said I had a strange feeling."
"(Hallie) It doesn't matter if you are or not, I'm scared now!!"
(Hallie rushes into Carolyn's arms)
"(David) How come she never does that to me when she's scared!?"
"(Carolyn) You're a wise guy."


"(David) What kind of a strange feeling do you have?"
"(Carolyn) Like there's someone in here watching us!"
"(Hallie) I'm scared! Hold me, Carolyn!!!"
"(Carolyn) There, there, Hallie! Take it easy. I'll protect you. I won't let them harm you."
"(David) (calmly) I'm scared, hold me, Hallie."
"(Hallie) Nice try, David. It doesn't work that way."
"(David) What? Am I using the wrong mouthwash or something??"

"(David) If you two are going to be weirdoes, can you at least do it somewhere else? I'm supposed to be in bed."
(the special effect noises fade away)
"(Carolyn) Erm... I'm sorry, Hallie. I guess David is right. There's no one else here."
"(Hallie) You said you felt something!"
"(Carolyn) Well, I don't now. All the wind and special effects and stuff are gone."
"(Hallie) Well, I'm going to keep being scared anyway. I don't want to lose the mood in case I need it in a hurry."
"(David) (under his breath) She's worried about not being in the mood, and it had to be this one..."


(Down in the Drawing Room)
"(Stokes) That's the most astounding thing I've ever heard!"
"(Barnabas) And every word of it's true. You can imagine how upset we were to arrive in the future and find the house destroyed."
"(Stokes) Well, that too. I was really thinking about your claim that 8-track tapes won't still be popular in 1995. I'd better sell off my stock of them before it's too late."

"(Barnabas) What about the part about the family dead or missing, and all that?"
"(Stokes) Oh, I have no difficulty believing your story. Comprehending it, that's another matter."
"(Barnabas) Eliot, there's no adequate way of describing what this house looked like in that time."
"(Stokes) How about saying it looked like a cyclone hit it?"
"(Barnabas) Well, that is a good way of describing it, yes. I tried to tell Julia it looked like there had been a nuclear war, but she wouldn't hear of it."
"(Stokes) Did you see any cockroaches in the house?"
"(Barnabas) Not that I recall, no."
"(Stokes) Well then, it couldn't have been a nuclear war. Cockroaches survive those."


"(Barnabas) Don't cockroaches survive hauntings too?"
"(Stokes) Oddly enough, no. The presence of a ghost will scare a cockroach to death at 100 yards. That's why Terminix so seldom needs to be called here."
"(Barnabas) I wish I knew what a cockroach would have to be afraid of."
"(Stokes) Well, let's return to the ghosts you saw. Did you recognize them?"
"(Barnabas) The man and the woman, no. I recognized David, but it was the oddest thing. Quentin saw David's ghost too, but insisted it was somebody named Tad. I didn't understand why."
"(Stokes) Perhaps at some point before he dies, David becomes possessed by the Ghost of this Tad."
"(Barnabas) Yes, but he wouldn't stay possessed after he was dead, would he? I mean, you have to have a body to be possessed, don't you? I mean, without a body, there's nothing TO possess."
"(Stokes) I must admit that's hard to argue with."

"(Stokes) An Alternate Theory. You did see the Ghost of David, and Quentin was just confused."
"(Barnabas) Well, that's believable. Quentin seemed terminally baffled the entire time we were there. We thought the other ghost was someone named Carrie, but it seems now to have been Hallie. Your future self neglected to tell us that your niece even existed, much less was living here at the time of the disaster."
"(Stokes) Well, that's no problem. Now that you've told me, I'll be sure to tell you when 1995 rolls around."
"(Barnabas) Professor, that's 25 years from now! You won't remember it then."
"(Stokes) I'll tie a string around my finger."
"(Barnabas) D'oh!"

"(Stokes) And you don't know when the disaster occurs?"
"(Barnabas) Only that it's before the New Year. Oh, and we have those six clues Carolyn left, but they don't give times."
"(Stokes) Then it could be days or weeks or months or years... Well, not years. But still, there's a big window of danger."
"(Barnabas) Perhaps as the signs start coming true, we'll know more. In the meantime, I suggest you cancel your trip to Europe."
"(Stokes) What are you talking about? I have no trip to Europe planned."
"(Barnabas) That's strange. Your future self insisted you were in Switzerland during the disaster."
"(Stokes) Oh Barnabas, that's an old excuse."
"(Barnabas) What do you mean?"
"(Stokes) I mean it's an excuse. If you're a German, but don't want to be suspected of supporting the Nazis, you say that you were in Switzerland during World War II. You see what I mean?"
"(Barnabas) You're saying that Collinwood was destroyed by the Nazis!?"
"(Stokes) Yeah, that must be what I mean!"


"(Barnabas) Eliot, from the little I've talked to her, I've gotten the impression, that your niece is slightly... er, slightly..."
"(Stokes) Jan Brady?"
"(Barnabas) Well, that too. But I was going to say High Strung. The girl is afraid of her own dark shadow."
"(Stokes) Yes, but you must remember, that she's recently lived through a tragedy in which both of her parents were killed."
"(Barnabas) Yes, and you thought a haunted house would be the best place to take her to calm her nerves?"
"(Stokes) Not the best, necessarily, but you must remember she's recently lived through a tragedy. Both her parents were killed."
"(Barnabas) And you thought a haunted house would be the most restful place to take her to."
"(Stokes) Not the most restful, necessarily, but the cheapest. I am a college professor, you know. Where should I have put her up? The YWCA?"

"(Barnabas) I was only concerned because highly sensitive people are usually more receptive to supernatural phenomena."
"(Stokes) Where did you hear that?"
"(Barnabas) Er, well, I mean I just assumed..."
"(Stokes) They're more prone to imagining supernatural phenomena. That doesn't make them more receptive to the real thing. But if it's this dangerous, perhaps I should remove Hallie from Collinwood."
"(Barnabas) Oh, I wouldn't do that. Elizabeth is disturbed enough by my story already. She might regard it as a sign of panic if you took Hallie away now."
"(Stokes) Hmm, it doesn't seem to make sense that I'd endanger my niece just to prevent Elizabeth from panicking... But what do I know? I'm a professor, not a script doctor."


"(Barnabas) I suggest that you and I work behind the scenes. Try to find out what Carolyn's Clues mean, and nip this thing in the bud. Surely with the advantage of knowing the future in advance, we'll be able to prevent it."
"(Stokes) Do you have any idea how many time travellers have said that?"
"(Barnabas) Yes, but I feel lucky."
"(Stokes) And do you have any idea how many times I've heard you say that?"
"(Barnabas) We can do this, Eliot, but we must keep in very close touch with one another."
"(Stokes) I will. I'll be working with you on this right up to the day the disaster happens."
"(Barnabas) Ahem!"
"(Stokes) I mean right up to the day it doesn't happen! I mean... Oh, you know what I mean!"

"(Stokes) Feel free to contact me. My office hours are Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, but you may call any time."
"(Barnabas) Thank you, Eliot."
"(Stokes) And now I must go. I'm looking forward to watching the Dallas Cowboys in their first Superbowl."
"(Barnabas) Oh, you needn't bother. The Colts win the game 16-13."
"(Stokes) D'oh! You and that blasted time travel!"


(As Stokes leaves, Carolyn comes downstairs)
"(Barnabas) Ah, Carolyn. Are the children nestled all snug in their beds?"
"(Carolyn) Well, they are in bed, but I can't testify as to snugness. I'm afraid I made things worse."
"(Barnabas) What do you mean?"
"(Carolyn) Oh, I heard some weird electronic music, and started panicking. Hallie saw that and she started panicking. Then David saw it and it was nearly a chain reaction."
"(Barnabas) He nearly panicked too?"
"(Carolyn) No, he nearly hit us with a chain."

"(Barnabas) What were you afraid of?"
"(Carolyn) I don't know. I just had the strangest feeling we were being watched. But then the sounds and the feeling went away, and I felt pretty silly."
"(Barnabas) You didn't see anything?"
"(Carolyn) No... And speaking of not seeing anything, how come I can see myself in the mirror, but not you?"
"(Barnabas) Oh, it's probably broken or something."
(whacks it up the side)


"(Carolyn) Maybe it was all my imagination."
"(Barnabas) Well, did Hallie hear the electronic music too?"
"(Carolyn) You know, I don't know. I assumed she did, from the way she was panicking..."
"(Barnabas) ...But then you realized she would have panicked whether she'd heard the music or not."
"(Carolyn) Exactly. Actually, I didn't start getting spooked until I talked to you earlier. You know, about the riddles, and telling me I told them to you in the future, and all that. Why was I so evasive in 1995? Was I just trying to be a jerk?"
"(Barnabas) No, you'd lost your mind."
"(Carolyn) I lost my what??"
"(Barnabas) Oh, did I leave that part out too?"


(In David's Room, David is tossing and turning in bed)
"(David) No mom, not the clown suit!"


(In his dream, David comes downstairs, and finds the carousel on the Foyer table)
"(David) Hey, a carousel! Right out here in the open... With nobody guarding it. Heh, heh, it'd be a shame if something "happened" to it."

(David tries to nudge the carousel off the table, but his elbow goes right through it)
"(David) Well, you don't see that every day."

(David sees Hallie dance up in an orange dress)
"(David) Hallie! What are you doing? Devil Tots don't dress like that? Cut it out, willya? You look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm."

(Hallie blushes, and begins dancing into the Drawing Room, but doesn't look the least bit terrified or alarmed, which is perhaps the freakiest non-sight of this entire episode)


(David follows Hallie into the Drawing Room)
"(David) Wait a minute. Either I'm dreaming, or Aunt Elizabeth had a disco ball put in here."

(David wakes up, confused)
"(David) What a dream! I've got to find out how it ends... Fortunately, I'm ready for this."
(Opens a drawer and pulls out a slice of pepperoni pizza)

(Out in the corridor)
"(Carolyn) Hallie. You're supposed to be asleep."
"(Hallie) I couldn't fall asleep, so I went to get a glass of water."
"(Carolyn) You're not supposed to drink water to get to sleep, you're supposed to drink warm milk."
"(Hallie) I was afraid of the milk."
"(Carolyn) You're afraid of the milk too???"
"(Hallie) It was past the expiration date."
"(Carolyn) Oh! Of course. I thought... well, never mind."

(Hallie goes into her room, and finds a dress on her bed)
"(Hallie) Gasp! It's the same dress from David's dream.... Which I haven't heard about yet."


(Hallie picks up the dress and gingerly examines it)
"(Hallie) Calm down, girl! So somebody left a dress on my bed, big deal. There's nothing to be afraid of..."
(examines it more closely)
"(Hallie) ...Except of being caught dead in it. I hope whoever left it still has the receipt."
(fade to black)

"(Bob Lloyd) Carolyn's married name is the only grim reminder that the Leviathan Story ever happened, and a harbinger that a sequel to it may be written some day."
"(Dan Curtis) Bite your tongue!"

"(Ken McEwen) We hope everyone here likes David. He's in the next 15 episodes."

"(Bob Lloyd) Cody?"
"(Dan Curtis) We're paying her in Buffalo Bills."


"(Dan Curtis) Coming up next: Robert and Sybil argue over who gets credit for this carousel theme."
"You take it."
"No, YOU take it!"

"(Bob Lloyd) Dan Curtis Productions: We'll leave the carousel on for ya."

          Episode 1072:   Barnabas talks about Parallel Time to Professor Stokes, whose orphaned niece Hallie has moved into Collinwood.