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Gerard Catches Laryngitis!
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Episode 1094

Starring Joan Bennett, Nancy Barrett, Grayson Hall, Christopher Pennock, James Storm
Original Script By Sam Hall
Directed By Lela Swift
Caption Version by Graeme Cree

Read left to right, top to bottom

"(Sebastian) "My name is Summer Iris Luna Harmony Lily Joy. The Great estate of Collinwood in present time. A house besieged by secret treachery, dirty doings and all around skullduggery."
"(Century 21 Guy) But on the plus side, it's got a nice view of the ocean, and is near a school."

"(Sebastian) For two children have come under the evil influence of a vengeful ghost, and know they are destined to spend the rest of their lives in a dollhouse. But because Misery Loves Company, they craft a doll of Julia to ensure that she lives there with them."
"(Hallie) That's not Julia, it's Carolyn."
"(Sebastian) Oh. Thanks, Ms. Rembrandt."


(Sure enough, Carolyn is drawn to the Playroom by the doll's uncanny resemblance to her)
"(Carolyn) What's going on? I had the strangest feeling that I was being insulted by someone in here."


(Carolyn looks around in surprise at this large room where their Linen Closet used to be)
"(Carolyn) (to herself) What's this room doing here? It was a closet half an hour ago. How can it be here?"
(Gerard appears and sneers at Carolyn behind her back)
"(Carolyn) Uh oh, what just happened? They don't play that Dun-dun-dahhhh Musical Stinger for nothing!"



"(Bob Lloyd) Carolyn turns around, spots Gerard, and sneezes."
"(Ken McEwen) Don't you mean screams?"
"(Bob Lloyd) Probably that too, but remember this room has 130 years of dust in it."

"(Carolyn) Who... who are you?"
(Gerard advances silently on her)
"(Carolyn) Look! A three-headed monkey!"
(As Gerard turns to look, * Carolyn runs for the door)
* Just because he's a ghost doesn't mean he can't be gullible.

(Finding the door locked, Carolyn is trapped like a rat)
"(Carolyn) Eek!"

"(Carolyn) Who are you? Let me out of this room!"
(Gerard reaches inside Carolyn's head to flip the appropriate circuit breakers to turn her into a drooling, mindless ghost slave)
"(Carolyn) Duh... Gamera is friend of children!"


(Gerard smiles evilly * at Carolyn's new passivity)
* In a sneery sort of way, of course.

(Carolyn's entire personality is change)
"(Carolyn) Oi' know you, luv! But where the bleed are we? Oh, yes! Crikey, the Playroom! Blimey, guvnor! How'd oi get 'ere, then?"
(Gerard reaches back inside Carolyn's head to turn off the "Accent" switch)

(Carolyn's voice is back to normal, but her personality isn't)
"(Carolyn) I remember you now! You don't look repulsive to me any more!"
(Gerard sneers)
"(Carolyn) Gerard! You're looking well."
(Gerard hands her the Green Doll)
"(Carolyn) Leticia! Ha, ha, ha. Now I remember. I'm Leticia. Oh, Gerard, how could I have forgotten? I'm Leticia!"
"(Dan Curtis) And so that mystery, at least, is solved."
"(Bob Lloyd) Who's Leticia?"
"(Dan Curtis) That's another mystery."
"(Bob Lloyd) D'oh!"


(Downstairs, Julia enters the Drawing Room and finds Liz reading)
"(Liz) People born under the sign of Aries include Famous Football Player Peyton Manning, Famous Basketball Player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Infamous Baseball Player Pete Rose."

"(Julia) Elizabeth. Have you seen Carolyn?"
"(Liz) Not in some time."
"(Julia) I left her sitting with Maggie, but she's gone."
"(Liz) Did Maggie say where she went?"
"(Julia) No, she just kept insisting that we needed to let her go and didn't have any right to hold her there."
"(Liz) I don't understand. If Carolyn left Maggie alone, why didn't Maggie leave?"
"(Julia) Oh, I put an ankle tracker on Maggie."
"(Liz) How would an ankle tracker keep her from leaving?"
"(Julia) The other end of it is chained to her bedpost."
"(Liz) I'm certainly glad you're on our side, Dr. Mengele."
"(Julia) Hoffman."

"(Liz) I wouldn't worry. Carolyn probably remembered something she had to do."
"(Julia) But I told her how important it was not to leave Maggie alone. Cup of tea?"
"(Liz) Yes, I know."
"(Julia) D'oh!"

"(Liz) Julia? Why is it so important?"
"(Julia) Hmm?"
"(Liz) To keep Maggie under wraps, I mean. It was just an animal attack, wasn't it?"
"(Julia) Oh yes, of course. I'm just worried that she might have a relapse if she doesn't get her rest. That's why I've left Mrs. Johnson sitting with her."
"(Liz) Are you sure?"
"(Julia) What do you mean?"
"(Liz) I mean that nobody has actually seen Mrs. Johnson since early in the Leviathan Story. * Everybody always says "Oh, she's off in the next room somewhere", but I'm starting to seriously doubt whether she's in the house at all."
"(Julia) Oh, of course she's still around. Barnabas and I saw her in 1995, remember? She died then, you know."
"(Liz) Well, she's going to die a lot quicker if she doesn't get to work cleaning this place up."
* Episode 917, to be precise.

"(Liz) All right, so Mrs. Johnson is here. But she's not exactly up for Employee of the Month... Even though she's our only servant! But why hasn't Maggie gotten better?"
"(Julia) Well, she has. Just slowly."
"(Liz) Why are you so insistent that she be watched over at night specifically?"
"(Julia) Um... Because I can charge time and a half then?"

"(Liz) I wonder what kind of animal it could have been."
"(Julia) Probably the same one which has roamed the woods ever since Barnabas first arrived. What are you reading, anyway?"
"(Liz) A book on Astrology. It's fascinating! A whole new world has opened up to me. I know you don't believe in it, of course."
"(Julia) Well, don't let me stop you. I understand that Astrology is very assuring to the weak-mi... Ahem!"
"(Liz) What were you about to say???"
"(Julia) Erm, I meant the week... end... minded consumer. But as this is a weekday, just forget it."

"(Liz) You can scoff, but I find it easier to believe this than Barnabas' predictions."
"(Julia) They aren't "predictions". We actually saw this house in ruins!"
"(Liz) I think you dreamed it."
"(Julia) We both had the same dream?"
"(Liz) Somehow. But no new ghost has appeared here."
"(Julia) Yes there has. I've felt him for several days now."
"(Liz) Julia, you're not being sensible. If a marauding, vengeful ghost had appeared, we would have heard or seen some evidence of it."
"(Julia) Perhaps."
"(Liz) I know that dreams can seem very real, but there comes a point when one must put aside fantasy, and trust in..."
"(Julia) ...Sensible things, like horoscopes."
"(Liz) Exactly."

"(Julia) Remember, we have six Clues to the disaster, written by Carolyn herself."
"(Liz) None of which have had any meaning."
"(Julia) Only because we've botched them all!... Wait a minute, that didn't come out right."

"(Liz) All right, what's the next Clue?"
"(Julia) The Night Carolyn Sang Her Song."
"(Liz) Well, that one I'd like to see."
"(Julia) What do you mean?"
"(Liz) I mean that Carolyn couldn't sing her way out of a paper bag!"
"(Julia) Are you sure?"
"(Liz) Absolutely. Have you ever heard of Doris Force?"
"(Julia) The famous Opera Singer? Of course."
"(Liz) Well, let's just say "The Force" is not with Carolyn."
"(Julia) She's more like Doris Farce, huh?"


(Meanwhile, in the Playroom, the Carousel plays on)
"(Carolyn) Ha, ha, ha. How do I remember, you, Gerard? Let me count the ways! With my mind! With..."
"(Carolyn) Sorry, I thought there would be more than that."


"(Carolyn) Oh, and how I remember all the lovely times we use to have back then! Back in those days. Before Carolyn Stoddard was even born. You've… given me the sight, haven't you? So that I can see a path I never knew, yet feel I was a part of. Just as Leticia was. I'm so grateful to you! So grateful! Remember how Leticia used to… to thank you? To please you? * I will too, Gerard. I promise. I promise. And soon!"
* Broadcast Standards is still working on coming up with a G-rated interpretation of this actual line of dialogue from the show.


(Down in the Drawing Room)
"(Julia) You can poo-poo it if you like, Elizabeth. But I am not going to give up trying to find out what I can about those clues. And after I save your bacon and that of everyone else at Collinwood, then I'll be willing to listen to everyone admit how right I was."
"(Liz) Right about what? If you prevent it, it won't happen to have been right about."
"(Julia) D'oh!"

"(Liz) And you really think those old diaries will tell you?"
"(Julia) Possibly."
"(Liz) Why would a diary from 1840 talk about a disaster in 1970?"
"(Julia) That's the part I haven't figured out yet. I'm kind of taking a shot in the dark here, to be honest."
"(Liz) I feel like turning off the lights and taking one myself."

"(Liz) Well, who wrote that diary, then?"
"(Julia) The Original Quentin... Oh, my goodness!"
"(Liz) What happened?"
"(Julia) I opened it and it flipped open to the exact same date as today."
"(Liz) Oh, really? what great tragedy happened on this date in 1840?"
"(Julia) Quentin ran out of brandy."
"(Liz) And I thought I was kidding!"

"(Julia) Wait... No, it says he found another hundred gallons in the underground tanks."
"(Liz) What a close call!"
"(Julia) Then it says he had a vision of the future."
"(Liz) I wonder how many gallons he had to drink to see that?"
"(Julia) It says he saw a vision of another time. He saw into the future, where some crazi lady dressed like The Great Pumpkin was reading his diary, and.... HEY!!"

(Carolyn enters)
"(Liz) Carolyn, where have you been? I thought you were going to sit up with Maggie."
(Carolyn starts rummaging through drawers)
"(Carolyn) Something came up. I was invited to a party."
"(Liz) At this hour?"
"(Carolyn) I'm just looking for a... a corsage. What do you think of this dress?"
"(Liz) It makes you look like a tramp."
"(Carolyn) Great, I'll wear it!"

"(Liz) Carolyn, are you feeling all right?"
"(Carolyn) Yes, of course, mother. Will you excuse me?"
(Carolyn leaves)
"(Liz) I'd better follow her. Julia, are you going to keep scouring those diaries?"
"(Julia) Yes."
"(Liz) Well, if you find something interesting, I don't want you to hesitate. I want you to get up... run into the next room... and tell it to Mrs. Johnson."

(After Liz leaves, Julia keeps reading)
"(Julia) To the chagrin of Flora, Desmond and I held a concert for Harmonica and Armpit in the Drawing Room. After the concert, I had several books on witchcraft flown in from Boston... Flown in? In 1840? Ohhhh, "flown" in! "Witchcraft". I get it!"

(Up in the Attic, Carolyn opens a trunk)
"(Carolyn) Gerard, are you in there?"
(finds old clothes inside)
"(Carolyn) D'oh! You can't leave a coffin anywhere without some idiot using it for a linen trunk... I'm starting to see now why they bury these things."

(a giant purple snake leaps from the trunk and wraps itself around Carolyn's neck) *
* Either that or it's a feather boa. Hard to tell in this light.


"(Carolyn) I remember it all now!"
(Carolyn takes a bonnet out of the trunk, puts it on, looks in a mirror, and ties the bow)
"(Carolyn) I feel like a Swiss Miss ad!"

(Liz enters)
"(Liz) Carolyn, what are you doing here?"
"(Carolyn) Yodel-ay-he-ho! I mean Mother! What are you doing here?"

"(Carolyn) Mother! You're supposed to say how pretty I look."
"(Liz) Pretty crazi. What are you doing here?"
"(Carolyn) Just trying on old clothes. You don't need to make a Federal case out of it."
"(Liz) Why are you trying on old clothes?"
"(Carolyn) We haven't done a story in the past since The 1897 Story ended.* I figure we're overdue, and if we have one, I'd like to get in early before all the good parts are taken."
* Episode 884.


"(Liz) Why were you acting so strangely earlier?"
"(Carolyn) What's strange? Going to a party, putting on old clothes. The problem is everyone around here has Strange on the Brain."
"(Liz) Are you looking for anything specific?"
"(Carolyn) No, nothing specific. Just something that will suit me and my mood."
"(Liz) Oh. Well, in that case, I think your Uncle Harry Collins left a straitjacket in that other trunk."
"(Carolyn) D'oh!"

"(Liz) will you take off that silly bonnet and come downstairs with me?"
"(Carolyn) Barnabas and Julia are always prowling around looking for things, and you don't follow them around. I want my space, mother!"
"(Liz) You've already got that, and it's right between your ears. If you're going to stay up here, I'm staying with you."
"(Carolyn) If you insist... Oh, look! Here's five whole carousels of Uncle Roger's vacation slides! Let's watch them!"
"(Liz) On second thought, how about if I just meet you downstairs later?"

(As Liz leaves in haste, Carolyn gleefully pulls a sheaf of papers out of the trunk)
"(Carolyn) The Instruction Manual for this corset. What a stroke of luck! Now, maybe I can figure out how to get it off."


(Downstairs, Julia answers a knock at the door)
"(Julia) We gave at the... Oh, it's you."
"(Sebastian) I just came by to see Maggie."
"(Julia) Oh, well I talked to her. She said she'd only see you if you admitted that Elizabeth's horoscope was a lie, and helped us to find Rose Cottage."
"(Sebastian) Nice try, doctor, I wasn't born yesterday."

"(Julia) In that case, I'm sorry, but she's not seeing anyone today."
"(Sebastian) Has she gotten worse?"
"(Julia) No, but she's not getting much better, either. She couldn't get to sleep in her own bed last night and actually slept on the pool table last night."
"(Sebastian) Did it help?"
"(Julia) No, she tossed and turned and rolled around all night."
"(Sebastian) Really?"
"(Julia) Yeah, she forgot to take the balls off the table."

"(Sebastian) Will you just go please ask her if she'll see me?"
"(Julia) Oh, all right. Would you mind waiting in the Drawing Room?"
"(Sebastian) Certainly."
"(Julia) Oh, and feel free to pour yourself a Brandy Alexander."
"(Sebastian) The name's Sebastian."
"(Julia) Rrrrright..."


(Sebastian wanders into the Drawing Room, spots Liz's Horoscope, and idly picks it up and begins reading)
"(Sebastian) The blooming of the first roses shall bring to an end two-and-a-half years of obeisance to Saturn's stern hand. Before Saturn releases its iron grip, however, there shall be a time of great stupidity and carelessness from March 5 to April 13, when, thanks to hot-headed Mars, the Aries-born might cut off their fingers, suffer all manner of burns, scalds, headaches, heat rashes and murderous burning of the nethers... Who WROTE this crap!?... Oh, wait a minute. It was me.'


(Carolyn enters, takes one look at Jeb, and grimaces in agony)
"(Sebastian) Okay, okay, maybe I shouldn't have tried to cut my own hair."

"(Carolyn) I'm… I'm sorry I reacted that way."
"(Sebastian) So am I, Mrs. Hawkes. I had hoped you'd gotten over the idea that I was your late husband."
"(Carolyn) It's not that."
"(Sebastian) Well then, what could it be? Women don't usually take one look at me and recoil in horror... Well, not very often... Not the ones with any class, that is..."


"(Carolyn) I'm sorry, it's nothing you've done. Can't we just forget it?"
"(Sebastian) It'd be easier to forget it if you told me what it was I was forgetting."
"(Carolyn) I just had the oddest impression when I looked at you. I felt so sad... but not because of Jeb. For you. I had the strangest feeling that you were dependent on something, and wished that you weren't."
"(Sebastian) Uh, yes, that's right. I'm going into rehab on Monday."

"(Carolyn) No, wait. Not something. Someone."
"(Sebastian) That's ridiculous. I'm dependent on no one!"
"(Carolyn) Yes you are. I can feel it now."
"(Sebastian) Did you feel this when you first met me?"
"(Carolyn) No."
"(Sebastian) Well, I haven't changed since then."
"(Carolyn) Well, I have. I have psychic powers. I can see into people now. Honestly!"
"(Sebastian) Really? I only do it dishonestly."


"(Sebastian) What do you mean you see into people? What did I have for lunch?"
"(Carolyn) I don't mean like that. I mean intuitively. Call it a kind of second sight, if you will."
"(Sebastian) What if I won't? I've got Second Sight. If you had Second Sight, I'd know! I'd be able to see yours!... I'd be able to sense yours!... I'd have seen you at some of our meetings!"

"(Sebastian) I don't buy it. If you were psychic, I'd know."
"(Carolyn) But I am, and you don't."
"(Sebastian) So you say, but all you've got is the ridiculous claim that I'm somehow dependent on someone."
"(Carolyn) All right, I'll prove it. Julia has changed out of that seem-fashionable Denver Broncos jersey back into her lime green sofa jacket."
"(Julia) (entering) Hey!"

"(Julia) Mr. Shaw, I'm terribly sorry, but Maggie is asleep."
"(Sebastian) Oh, give me a break, Doctor!"
"(Julia) But she says that if you come back tomorrow, she'll see you then."
"(Sebastian) How did you learn that if she wasn't awake?"
"(Julia) Uh... she talks in her sleep."

"(Julia) But Mrs. Stoddard would like to see you, in the upstairs sitting room. It's just at the head of the stairs, go down the corridor..."
"(Sebastian) I'm psychic! I think I'll be able to find it on my own, Doctor!"
(Sebastian storms out)
"(Julia) Not that way!"
"(Sebastian) D'oh!"

"(Julia) Um... Carolyn? Carolyn, I'm fascinated!"
"(Sebastian's Voice) Dilettante!"
"(Julia) Quiet, Sebastian! Um, Carolyn? All the years we've known each other and you never had second sight."
"(Carolyn) How do you know I didn't Maybe I just never told you. You know, psychic powers are a lot like having your own swimming pool."
"(Julia) Huh?"
"(Carolyn) Yeah, the minute you get 'em, a bunch of friends show up wanting to use 'em."

"(Julia) Were you serious about having them?"
"(Carolyn) Are you calling me a liar?"
"(Julia) Well, no, but I just wondered if you could use your pool... your powers to help us?"
"(Carolyn) You shouldn't have been listening!"
"(Julia) You shouldn't talk so loudly with the door open. Besides, I thought you wanted to help us."
"(Carolyn) Oh, all right. What do you want to know?"
"(Julia) What's going to happen to the family before the year is out?"
(Carolyn concentrates)
"(Julia) Carolyn!?"
"(Carolyn) I gotta blow!"
(Carolyn dashes out)
"(Julia) I don't like the sound of that..."

(Upstairs, Sebastian and Liz are rapping on the landing)
"(Liz) He's rapping, I'm speaking!"

"(Liz) I'm just as concerned about Maggie as you are, but right now her medical condition takes precedence over her social life."
"(Sebastian) I understand that, I'd just like to see her for a moment."
"(Liz) When she's better. I can't believe it could be anything critical."
"(Sebastian) You'd be surprised."
"(Liz) You know, maybe you could do Maggie's horoscope too, and help her avoid things like this in future. I've become quite a believer in Astrology, you know."
"(Sebastian) Well, I'm glad of that."
"(Liz) I simply devoured your Louis MacNeice book. Speaking of that, let me return it to you now that I'm done. It's in the Study."
"(Sebastian) Yeah, thanks. The Library was starting to get on my case."


(As Liz leaves, Carolyn comes out of hiding, and taps Jeb Sebastian on the shoulder)
"(Sebastian) Yaaah!!"
"(Carolyn) I'm sorry. I just wanted to ask, why don't you just tell her that the Horoscope is all a lie?"
"(Sebastian) What makes you think it is?"
"(Carolyn) Oh, I don't care that you lied to her. I just want to know why."
"(Sebastian) If that were true, which it isn't, shouldn't you already know the answer to that, Miss Nouveau Psychic?"
"(Carolyn) I tried using my own powers to get the answer, but all they said was Reply Hazy, Ask Again Later."

"(Sebastian) You… you don't know anything. You're totally wrong about that horoscope!"
"(Carolyn) You deliberately wrote false predictions. The only thing I don't know is why?"
"(Sebastian) Don't tell her that! I am very serious about my work, Mrs. Hawkes! I meant every word in that horoscope! Every word!"
"(Carolyn) Ha, ha, ha! You say that so convincingly. Do you practice in front of a mirror, or something?"
"(Sebastian) You don't know what you're talking about. That Horoscope is as sound as the American Dollar."
"(Carolyn) No argument there!"
"(Sebastian) D'oh!"

(Liz returns with the book)
"(Liz) Here you are, Mr. Shaw."
"(Sebastian) Thank you. Thank you very much.... Wait a minute, it's got teeth marks on it. Like a dog's been chewing it."
"(Liz) Er, Yes. I guess I'm not the only one who devoured it. Ahem, just send me a bill."

(Sebastian leaves)
"(Liz) What were you two talking about?"
"(Carolyn) Just... socializing."
"(Liz) You weren't trying to convince him that he's Jeb Hawkes again, were you?"
"(Carolyn) No. No, I promise it wasn't that."
"(Liz) Well, good. Because if I hear that again, I'm going to tell YOUR future!"


(they go into the Drawing Room)
"(Carolyn) Don't worry, Mother. He's Sebastian Shaw. I know that now."
"(Liz) Whenever you give in, I know you're up to something."
"(Carolyn) I am. It's about to be dusk."
"(Liz) What's that got to do with it?"
"(Carolyn) I have to light candles."
"(Liz) Are you doing something weird, or do I need to check the cannery's stock prices like NOW?"
"(Carolyn) Something weird."
"(Liz) Thank goodness!"

"(Liz) Would you tell me what's going on?"
"(Carolyn) It's a surprise!"
"(Liz) Surprise me and tell me."
"(Carolyn) I'm trying to be calm. Don't make me nervous."
"(Liz) I assure you the reverse is true."
(Carolyn rearranges chairs)
"(Carolyn) Okay, we're ready. You can call everyone in."
(Carolyn stands before the mantle)
"(Liz) Call who in? What's going on here?"
"(Carolyn) I'm going to sing a few songs, of course!"
"(Liz) Oh, now Carolyn, I wish you wouldn't do that! Last time all the milk in the fridge curdled!"


"(Liz) Carolyn, why are you doing this?"
"(Carolyn) When you've got a Muse inside you, you've just got to let it out, Mother."
"(Liz) Well, I doubt anyone will be a-Mused here."
"(Carolyn) We're all alone. It's almost time for my concert! Why is no one else here?"
"(Liz) Well, maybe they found out about it in advance."

(Carolyn looks out into the Foyer where Gerard is standing; Gerard takes two cotton balls out of his pocket, and stuffs them in his ears)


"(Carolyn) I want everyone to be comfortable."
(Liz looks around)
"(Carolyn) I won't be as good as I should be. I haven't practiced in some time. I think everyone will understand."
"(Liz) Julia! Come quickly!"
"(Carolyn) For my first number… I should like to sing my very favorite song."
"(Liz) No, Carolyn, no!"
"(Carolyn) (singing) I wanna dance wif yooooooo! Wanna dance your cares awayyyyyyy..."
(as she sings, pictures fall off the wall, the milk curdles in the fridge, and Liz's hair turns grey)

(In the Foyer, Julia appears on the landing)
"(Carolyn's Voice) ...I'll do the hoochie-cooooooo, and the ta-ra-boom-de-ayyyyyy!,,,"
"(Julia) What on earth is that?? It sounds like a cat is being strangled."

"(Julia) The Clue! Carolyn, stop!!"
(Julia runs downstairs)
"(Julia) Carolyn, stop!!"
"(Carolyn's Voice) I'll sing an 'appy song, as I dance the 'ole night looooooong..."
(the carnation in Julia's lapel wilts, the brandy decanter shatters, and the camera fades to black 10 seconds early)

"(Bob Lloyd) Isn't it horrible??"
"(Ken McEwen) Yeah, after 1897, I hoped we'd never have to hear that song again."


"(Carolyn's Voice) When the music begins, I'll give you some spins, and even invent a step or two..."
"(Dan Curtis) Hey, come on, the show's over!"


"(Robert Cobert) The lyrics to this song sound too 1897-y. I'll write some new lyrics for her to sing in the opener tomorrow."
"(Kathy Cody) But isn't the opening of the show supposed to match the ending of the last one?"
"(Robert Cobert) Heh, heh. You're new here, aren't you?"

"(Bob Lloyd) Dan Curtis Productions: We'll leave the music on for ya."

          Episode 1094:   Carolyn sees Gerard and is possessed by the spirit of Leticia Faye, who lived at Collinwood when Gerard was alive.