Lamont Cranston is Revealed as The Other Vampire!

Julia Watches Reruns From The Leviathan Story!

The Collinsport Players Do Looney Tunes!
"Gee, this birthday candle that Screwy Rabbit gave us sure does sparkle a lot."

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The Make-a-Wish Foundation Grants David's Wish!

Quentin Tries to Learn the Cha-Cha!
"Yow! Two left feet!!"

Daphne Harridge IS Mother Hubbard!

At Wyndcliffe, David Counts How Many Days He's Been Locked Up!

David Henesy Gets His Own Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Quentin Forgets His Pants!

Episode 1102

Starring Grayson Hall, Jonathan Frid, David Henesy, David Selby, Kate Jackson, Kathryn Leigh Scott
Original Script By Joe Caldwell
Directed By Henry Kaplan
Caption Version by Graeme Cree

Read left to right, top to bottom

"My name is Quentin Collins. Collinwood in the year 1970, where the destruction witnessed by Barnabas Collins and Julia Hoffman in 1995 is almost upon us. Already, the ghosts of Tad and Carrie have possessed the bodies of David and Hallie, who, in turn have raised Daphne Harridge from the dead using simple tools found in an home. Their assigned task is to bring alive again the dreaded Gerard.... But since Gerard was dead in 1995, we can assume that they fail, or that they don't succeed for very long, or something like that."

"(Quentin) For the moment, Barnabas and Julia's main concern is the protection of Maggie Evans, who on this night, is being threatened by a creature with a thirst for blood. "(Maggie) This is just like old times, isn't it, Julia?"
"(Julia) D'oh!"

"(Quentin) So, is this picture ever going to change, or what???"

(In Maggie's Room, Julia is reading a book)
"(Julia) (reading) Taurus: Seventeen reincarnations ago, you were a Celtic chieftain who commanded hordes of warriors in bloody campaigns of conquest through Central Europe. You were supported by dozens of Druids who chanted charms and attended by multitudes of lovely young sylphs who ministered to your every whim. In this life, the most exciting thing that's happened to you is a parking ticket."

(In the dark shadows at the far side of the room, The Other Vampire appears) *
* Actually, that's only conjectural at this point, but really, who else would be wearing a hat like that?


(Julia suddenly feels extremely drowsy)
"(Julia) Mustn't fall asleep! Mustn't fall asleep! Mustn't.... Zzzzzzzzz... Bee-bee-bee-bee-bee..." *
* A Curly Howard snore is hard to type, but that's what we're shooting for here.

(Seeing The Other Vampire, Maggie sits up and tosses away the cross around her neck)
"(Maggie) We've got to stop meeting like this."
(fade to black)



(One commercial later, Julia is still out for the count) *
* Ya get it? "Count"? "Vampire"?.... Oh, never mind.

(The Other Vampire gestures towards Maggie's wrist)
"(Maggie) What's that? Oh, I see. I guess sometimes you get tired of getting it right out of the neck."

(Sensing an unescorted female, Quentin rushes in to the rescue) *
"(Quentin) Maggie!"
* Well, not the "rescue" exactly, but you know what we mean.

"(Maggie) Let me go! Let me go!"
"(Quentin) Maggie, stop it!"
"(Maggie) They're calling me! They're..."
(Maggie collapses into Quentin's arms as he carries her to the bed)
"(Quentin) How come this kind of thing never happens to me except when it's an emergency??"

"(Bob Lloyd) Quentin notices "Rip Van Hoffman" at the far side of the room, and decides to try to awaken her with a kiss."
"(Quentin) Sez you!"

"(Quentin) Julia!"
(shakes her)
"(Quentin) C'mon, Julia. Wake up!"
(Julia responds sluggishly)
"(Quentin) What did he do? What did he do to her anyway??"
"(Maggie) Put her to sleep."
"(Quentin) Oh. Thanks for clearing that up!"
"(Julia) Five more minutes, mom..."

"(Quentin) C'mon, Julia! The vampire was in here!"
"(Julia) What?? What did he do to Maggie?"
"(Quentin) Nothing. I mean, he was going to, but luckily I came in and beat him off with my bare hands."
"(Julia) You did! Quentin, you're wonderful!"
"(Quentin) It's nothing any Hero wouldn't have done."
"(Maggie) If I weren't already sick, I'd be sick about now."


"(Julia) If you saw the vampire, then you can finally tell us who he is!"
"(Quentin) Oh, uh. Well, I didn't see his face. He had a hat on."
"(Julia) Couldn't you have pulled the hat off during your struggle?"
"(Quentin) Well, he... was able to summon up six dark spectres. It was all I could do to hold them off, and protect Maggie at the same time, and in the confusion the vampire escaped."
"(Maggie) Hold together, stomach! Hold together!"

"(Maggie) If you two are busy, I'm just going out for a bit to stretch my legs."
"(Julia) Oh, no you don't! Grab her, Quentin!"
"(Quentin) Business or Pleasure?"
"(Julia) Business! Keep her in here while I give her a sedative!"
"(Maggie) No! No!"
"(Julia) (rummaging through her bag) Let's see... I don't seem to have any of those Flintstones Chewables left. Maggie, I'm afraid it's time for you to pay a visit to Mr. Needle."

"(Quentin) You're giving her a sedative!?"
"(Julia) Yes. To keep her too doped up to go after the vampire. What's wrong with that?"
"(Quentin) Nothing, I guess I just assumed that you already had by now."
"(Julia) Quentin, I resent the implication that I prescribe sedatives for any and every problem!"
"(Quentin) I'm sorry."
"(Julia) (examining Maggie's Arm) Let's see... it's so hard to find a spot I haven't already used."

"(Julia) Hold still. You'll feel much better, Maggie."
(Julia puts Maggie out like a light with her trusty hypo)
"(Julia) Assuming you feel anything at all."
"(Quentin) Now, what happened in here?"
"(Julia) I don't understand what happened. I suddenly felt so sleepy I couldn't keep my eyes open. I got 8 hours last night."
"(Quentin) Obviously the vampire did it to you somehow. Maggie won't be safe here any longer. None of us will be able to guard her."
"(Julia) No, you're right there. We'll have to see about hiding her somewhere."
"(Quentin) You mean get her away from Collinwood?"
"(Julia) Unless you have a better idea."
"(Quentin) I do, but I hardly think Maggie would consent to having a cross tattooed on her forehead."

"(Julia) What made you walk in here in the nick of time?"
"(Quentin) Oh, I almost forgot. Miss Jackson, your head nurse at Wyndcliffe called. She wants you to call right back. Something to do with the kids."
"(Julia) Well, that's no problem. If anything happens, just tell her to begin the Electroshock Therapy."
"(Quentin) But you don't even know what the problem is yet."
"(Julia) Don't need to, either. I've been waiting for an excuse to do that to David for 3 years now."


(After Julia leaves, Quentin ponders to himself)
"(Quentin) (to himself) Maggie. David. Hallie. I wonder if this is all my fault. Maybe if I'd told the truth, none of this would have happened. No. No, this isn't all my fault! Look at my friends. Barnabas had six clues to all this and hasn't managed to prevent any of it!... Or Julia! She's careless enough to leave me alone with an unconscious female!"

"(Barnabas) He what??"
"(Julia) He used some kind of power on me to put me out, while he went after Maggie. If Quentin hadn't come in, it would have been curtains for Maggie. I wish that some time in the last three years, you'd told me that vampires have that power!"
"(Barnabas) But we don't... I mean not that I know of."
"(Julia) Are you sure? Try it on me now."
(Barnabas stares at Julia and concentrates on the idea of putting her under)
"(Julia) Zzzzzzzz...."
"(Barnabas) All right, all right. So I do have that power!... Who knew??"

"(Barnabas) Did you talk to Wyndcliffe? What did they say?"
"(Julia) Well, Miss Jackson said that Hallie and David were doing fine... For a while. But she was taking their temperature just as I called, and found they were both running very high temperatures."
"(Barnabas) How high?"
"(Julia) 112."
"(Barnabas) 112!? That would be lethal!"
"(Julia) Yes, fortunately Miss Jackson had put the thermometer on the radiator when she answered the phone."

"(Julia) But she took it again, and they both had temperatures of 105. If that's not lethal, it's pretty close. Gerard is making them suffer."
"(Barnabas) We say that, but none of us have actually seen Gerard in 1970."
"(Julia) You forget I've felt his presence in the house for some time now."
"(Barnabas) That's right. But to think that he could strike the children as far away as Wyndcliffe."
"(Julia) Well, I'm going to go up there now to give the children a sedative."
"(Barnabas) Another sedative?"
"(Julia) (blush) Or whatever it is they need. I mean, it might not be that."


"(Barnabas) Julia, you're the only doctor I've ever met who would prescribe a sedative for poison ivy."
"(Julia) Well, never mind that. I'd better run up to Wyndcliffe. There's always a chance that I can do something to bring the fevers down."
"(Barnabas) Would you like me to accompany you?"
"(Julia) No, you'd better stay here and guard Maggie. You're the one person that the Vampire won't be able to put to sleep."
"(Barnabas) But... won't my resistance to his powers reveal the fact that I'm a vampire too?"
"(Julia) Everything's a trade-off, Barnabas."

(Upstairs, Maggie is resting in bed)
"(Maggie) That had better be my hand!"

"(Quentin) Maggie? Maggie, who's doing this to you?"
"(Maggie) Name, Rank and Serial Number, Quentin. You know that."
(long pause)
"(Quentin) Say, our Master has ordered you to call him immediately. What was his number again?"
"(Maggie) Nice try, quentin. You couldn't fool Willie with that one."

(Barnabas enters)
"(Barnabas) You are really unbelievable, Quentin. Julia and I leave you alone in here for 5 minutes, and here I find you in bed with Maggie."
"(Quentin) You've got to twist everything, don't you??"

"(Barnabas) Julia told me everything that happened."
"(Quentin) Oh, she did? Well, you have every right to reproach me, Barnabas."
"(Barnabas) Reproach you? According to Julia, Maggie would have been a goner if you hadn't entered the room at that moment."
"(Quentin) Well, what about my missing a chance to take off his hat and see who he was?"
"(Barnabas) What?? She didn't mention that part!"
"(Quentin) D'oh! Me and my big mouth!"

"(Barnabas) Well, the important thing is that Maggie is safe. Why don't you let me spell you here for a while?"
"(Quentin) You must be exhausted."
"(Barnabas) Yes, yes, but I sleep all day whether I want to or not. I'll make it up."
"(Quentin) All right."
"(Barnabas) Julia's on her way to Wyndcliffe. Maybe you could stay near the phone in case she calls."
"(Quentin) You know, Barnabas, I just thought of something. If you'd bite Julia and put her in your power, then the two of you would be able to communicate telepathically, and not have to worry about staying near a phone."
"(Barnabas) I've considered that, Quentin. But then with my luck, cellular phones would be invented the next day, and I'd just feel ridiculous."

"(Barnabas) By the way, I made a surprising discovery earlier tonight: Rose Cottage."
"(Quentin) (nervously) Uh... you've been there?"
"(Barnabas) That's an odd question. You sound as if you know where it is."
"(Quentin) Ridiculous. How could I?"
"(Barnabas) You could have betrayed us, Quentin, like you did with Daphne the other day. Don't act so innocent."
"(Quentin) Oh, that's right."

"(Quentin) Did you see anyone at Rose Cottage?"
"(Barnabas) Should I have?"
"(Quentin) Of course not. So, where is Rose Cottage, anyway?"
"(Barnabas) It's The Old McGruder Place. Carrie called it Rose Cottage for some fool reason, and the name stuck."
"(Quentin) Then how come nobody calls it that any more?"
"(Barnabas) I guess it didn't stick permanently."
"(Quentin) They should have used Elmer's."
"(Barnabas) Well, that takes care of the commercial for today..."


(After Quentin leaves, Barnabas looks sadly at the sleeping Maggie)
"(Barnabas) (to himself) Oh, Maggie. How often I used to think of you. How I wanted to make you mine. All this time, I've felt so badly about all the suffering I've caused you. And now... Now, some OTHER vampire wants to make you his..."
"(Barnabas) I'd have gone ahead and done it myself if I'd known that somebody else would if i didn't!"

(Quentin comes downstairs, whistling Got a Date With an Angel)
"(Quentin) Thank goodness Daphne is alive again. I was getting tired of whistling Ghost In This House."

"(Quentin) Rose Cottage! Of course, Daphne is there!"
(Quentin rushes out of the house)
"(Mrs. Johnson's Voice) Hey, close that door! We're not paying to air condition the whole neighborhood, you know!"


(At Rose Cottage)
"(Quentin) Daphne? Daphne, are you here?"
(no answer)
"(Quentin) Daphne, appear to me!"
(Daphne enters)
"(Daphne) You wanted me, Quentin?"
"(Quentin) You know, somehow you had more showmanship when you were a ghost."

"(Quentin) As long as we're together now, that's what matters. Speaking of that, why are you here?"
"(Daphne) There's nowhere else for me to go. I don't have a job or any money. This place is empty."
"(Quentin) But you've got a room at Collinwood."
"(Daphne) It's not my room any more, Quentin. And nobody at Collinwood knows me. Coming back to life has made me homeless. That's the irony in all this. I only "lived" at Collinwood when I was dead. Ha, ha... Oooh, that's not funny."


"(Quentin) Daphne, I let you go to the children. Now Willie tells me that you were up there with a pentagram and candles in David's room. What were you trying to do?"
"(Daphne) It's... just a game, Quentin. Like Pente or Twister."
"(Quentin) Is it the reason why they're sick?"
"(Daphne) What??"
"(Quentin) That's what Julia says. They're both deathly ill up at Wyndcliffe. Now what were you doing with that pentagram and candles?"
"(Daphne) Would you believe..."
"(Quentin) No I wouldn't!... I've seen enough Get Smart to know that any sentence that starts off with "Would You Believe" is going to be bull!"


"(Quentin) I trusted you! You promised me that you wouldn’t hurt the kids!"
"(Daphne) I didn’t!"
"(Quentin) Then who did?"
"(Daphne) Don’t ask me that, Quentin."
"(Quentin) Tell me the name, Daphne! Say the name!"
"(Daphne) Don't ask questions, you'll only make it worse."
"(Quentin) If it IS Gerard, then DON'T tell me the name. If it isn't Gerard, then do not don't not tell me the name."
"(Daphne) Wait a minute, let me work that one out..."

"(Daphne) Please, Quentin. Just go back to Collinwood. Forget you know me."
"(Quentin) I am not leaving until you tell me what's going on!"
"(Quentin) It's not fair! You know that?? We never get any time together! Why, you didn't come back from the dead just for me at all!"


"(Daphne) Please leave, Quentin."
"(Quentin) No."
"(Daphne) Pretty please with sugar on it?"
"(Quentin) Not until you've told me what's going on. Why you're here and what you're going to do."
"(Daphne) I don't KNOW what I'm going to do! And if the children are sick, I need time to think."
"(Quentin) Well, I'll stay with you! We'll think together."
"(Daphne) NO, Quentin! I need to make some important choices about how to save the children's lives!... And the kinds of choices you'd be presenting me with would be Coffee, Tea or You!"

"(Quentin) I'm not leaving until you tell me the name of who we're talking about!"
"(Daphne) All right, it's Gerard! Big deal! Who did you think the villain of this story was? Angelique?"
"(Quentin) Do you love Gerard? Is that what this is all about?"
"(Daphne) Huh? Oh Quentin, you're officially "Cold" now."
"(Quentin) I don't believe you."
"(Daphne) Honestly, Quentin! Gerard may have feelings for me, but I have absolutely none for him!"
"(Quentin) Oh yeah? What about this "Charlie" person I keep hearing about?"
"(Daphne) D'oh!"

"(Daphne) I've never even met Charlie, Quentin! He's just my boss... he's not even on this show!"
"(Quentin) Then you love me?"
"(Daphne) I didn't say that!"
"(Quentin) Why do you keep denying it?"
"(Daphne) Quentin, I can’t explain anything, I told you that."
"(Quentin) Why?"
"(Daphne) Quentin, I just TOLD you I can't explain anything!"
"(Quentin) I know, I just want you to explain why you... can't explain... Oh, wait. That would be explaining, wouldn't it?"
"(Daphne) Well, Duh!"

"(Quentin) I'm not leaving until you tell me the name of who we're talking about!"
"(Daphne) All right, it's Gerard! Big deal! Who did you think the villain of this story was? Angelique?"
"(Quentin) Do you love Gerard? Is that what this is all about?"
"(Daphne) Huh? Oh Quentin, you're officially "Cold" now."
"(Quentin) I don't believe you."
"(Daphne) Honestly, Quentin! Gerard may have feelings for me, but I have absolutely none for him!"
"(Quentin) Oh yeah? What about this "Charlie" person I keep hearing about?"
"(Daphne) D'oh!"

"(Daphne) Charlie means nothing to me, Quentin! He's just my Boss... And he isn't even in this show! Now get out of here and let me think!"
(pushes him out the door)
"(Daphne) Now..."
"(Quentin) (pushing his head back in) No kiss??"
"(Daphne) Out!"
(pushes him back out)

"(Daphne) Gerard? Gerard, I sent him away because I thought that's what you wanted. Please, Gerard! Don't punish the children for what I've done."
(Daphne listens)
"(Daphne) Actually, don't punish me for what I've done either! Can't we just let bygones be bygones?"
(Daphne listens)
"(Daphne) I see. Bring you back to life or the kids get it. I was afraid that was going to be your answer."

(Meanwhile at Wyndcliffe Sanitarium, formerly known as The Daisy Hill Funny Farm, Julia is helping David get settled into his new room)
"(David) I've got a bad feeling about this."
"(Julia) Nonsense, David. This place is just like a hotel. And a luxury hotel, at that. There's a big screen TV over there. * Here's the channel changer. There's a Gideon Bible in that drawer."
"(David) Well, maybe it's not so bad..."
"(Julia) And if you need room service, just rattle on the bars with this tin cup."
* Of course, for 1970, a Big Screen TV is what? 12 inches?


"(Julia) Now, I'll leave you alone, and maybe you can get some sleep."
"(David) No! I mustn't sleep! I mustn't sleep!"
"(Julia) Why?? What will happen if you do?"
"(David) Go away. You're not my doctor. Dr. Whitaker is my doctor. He and Gabriel ride here on their horses to see me."
"(Julia) Dr. Who is your doctor?"
"(David) No, he's my favorite TV star."
"(Julia) D'oh!"
* Retroactive Continuity Alert. When we meet Gabriel in the next story, it will be clear that this couldn't possibly be true."

"(Julia) All right, who's Gabriel?"
"(David) Gabriel Collins, of course."
"(Julia) That doesn't help much." * Look, you get to bed. I'll go check and see how Hallie is doing.
"(David) Who?"
"(Julia) No, Hallie! Who's on TV."
"(David) D'oh! I guess I had that coming."
"(Julia) I also need to go check on Joe Haskell. ** Miss Jackson said he ate the padding right off the walls last night."
* She did all that reading on the 1840 family and doesn't know who Gabriel is??
** If you don't know, don't ask.


(After Julia leaves, David gets a piece of chalk from the bedside table and starts writing on the floor)
"(David) Kilroy... wuz... here... (Boy, I never get tired of how clever this message is!...)"

(At Collinwood, Daphne returns to her old haunts)*
* Rimshot.

"(Quentin) Daphne! Get in here, quick!"
(they go into the Drawing Room and shut the doors)
"(Quentin) What are you doing here? You said you needed time to think."
"(Daphne) I know, I've already done it."
"(Quentin) You thought this quickly?... Geez, it usually takes me a couple of days!"

"(Daphne) Quentin, I need your help!"
"(Quentin) Right! I'll warm up the jacuzzi!"
"(Daphne) Not for that! I need your help to Save the Children."
"(Quentin) Oh, all right... Put me down for $50."

"(Daphne) This isn't a charity telethon, Quentin! Tad and Carrie will die unless you help me!"
"(Quentin) Can you stop it?"
"(Daphne) Yes."
"(Quentin) By changing them back into David and Hallie?"
"(Daphne) I can't do that. Besides, it wouldn't help. It would just mean that they'd die as Hallie and David, instead of as Carrie and Tad."
"(Quentin) When you put it that way, better they stay as they are. I'd rather we lose two of your friends than lose two of mine.... (Wait a minute...)"

"(Quentin) What do you need from me, anyway?"
"(Daphne) I need to go to Wyndcliffe."
"(Quentin) That’s impossible."
"(Daphne) Quentin, to help the kids, I need to be alone with them for a few minutes."
"(Quentin) Daphne, Wyndcliffe is a mental ward! There are doctors and nurses there!"
"(Daphne) I've got to take the risk."
"(Quentin) What will they think if you're discovered?"
"(Daphne) A girl in a miniskirt who thinks she's a 160 year old governess? I'd fit right in."

"(Quentin) Julia Hoffman is there! And she's sure to recognize you if she sees you."
"(Daphne) Hmmm... Okay, how about this? We'll sneak in in a laundry truck. I'll disguise myself as a nurse. I'll wear a surgical mask so I won't be recognized. We'll sneak you in on a gurney, disguised as a patient, then we'll grab Hallie and David, sneak them out of the building on a rope made out of bedsheets, and..."
"(Quentin) Are you sure they didn't have TV and Movies in 1840?"
"(Daphne) Of course not. Why?"
"(Quentin) This sounds an awful lot like something I saw on The Late, Late Show last week."

"(Quentin) Don't you realize that if Julia catches you, she'll never let you go? She saw you as a ghost! You're the proof she and Barnabas need."
"(Daphne) I'm not thinking of myself, Quentin."
"(Quentin) They'll know I helped you. I'll never be able to help you again."
"(Daphne) Quentin, I'm not going to argue with you. I'm going to Wyndcliffe. If you won't help me, I'll go alone."
"(Quentin) Oh yeah? It's a hundred miles away. How are you going to get there if I don't take you?"
"(Daphne) I've got the legs for it."

(Back at Wyndcliffe, David has freehanded a perfect pentagram on his floor)
"(Bob Lloyd) They took his shoelaces, they didn't think of taking his chalk..."

(Julia enters)
"(Julia) All right, what's the big deal, David? Lights out at 9 p.m., you know that."
"(David) Er... I was trying to tunnel my way out of here with a fork."
"(Julia) You can't tunnel out of a room with a fork, David! That's crazi!"
"(David) Well, that's why I'm here."
"(Julia) Everybody knows you're supposed to use a spoon."


(Julia spots the pentagram and gasps)
"(Julia) Gasp!... And you know there are no Black Magic ceremonies in here after Eight p.m.!"

"(Julia) What is this pentagram for!"
"(David) It's not a pentagram! It's just a star!"
"(Julia) Don't lie to me! What are you trying to do with this? What are you trying to do??"
(Julia grabs David and shakes him)
"(Julia) What is that pentagram for??"
"(Julia) You heard me! Answer me!"
"(Julia) What is that pentagram for???"

(Julia shakes David into unconsciousness)
"(Julia) Whoops!... Well, that was a mistake... Maybe if I put him into bed and say I found him this way."

(Quentin enters)
"(Quentin) What happened?"
"(Julia) David just passed out. I've just put him to bed."
"(Quentin) He passed out!?"
"(Julia) I didn't shake him! Honest!!"

"(Quentin) Why is there a star on the floor?"
"(Julia) It's a pentagram! He drew it!"
"(Quentin) Why?"
"(Julia) I don't know, he wouldn't... Hey, what are you doing here anyway? Has something happened at Collinwood?"
"(Quentin) Oh no, no. I just got bored. I've never seen a real nuthouse before."
"(Julia) You've lived at Collinwood your whole life, and you've never seen a nuthouse??"
"(Quentin) Ooh! I walked into that one."

(Julia leaves)
"(David) (coming to) Quentin! What are you doing here?"
"(Quentin) I couldn't smuggle you a cake with a file in it, so I brought this instead."

"(David) Daphne! I knew you'd come, I knew you'd come... Actually, no I didn't. How did you get here?"
"(Daphne) Practice."
"(David) Practice!?"
"(Daphne) Sorry, no. That's how you get to Carnegie Hall."


"(David) Are you going to make me better?"
"(Daphne) I'm going to try. Quentin, can you leave us, please?"
"(Quentin) What?? No!"
"(Daphne) You must!"
"(Quentin) Why? So you can practice your Black Magic with the pentagram here?"
"(Daphne) (sarcastically) No, so we can gossip about that tattoo you've got in a place where only customs men dare to check!"

"(Daphne) What do you care, as long as Hallie and David are cured?"
"(Quentin) Well... I guess that does make sense."
"(Daphne) Just stand guard out there and do anything you can to keep Julia Hoffman out of here as long as you can."
"(Quentin) Well... all right. But I have a feeling I'm going to regret this."
(Quentin starts to leave)
"(Quentin) Sometimes I wish I were more than just a pretty face."

"(Daphne) Do you feel all right, Tad?"
"(David) As good as I can with a fever of 105."
"(Daphne) Well, we'll perform the ceremony tonight. Once Gerard is alive, he won't be able to harm you. Here, start lighting these candles."
"(David) But Carrie isn't in this episode. How can we do the ceremony without her?"
"(Daphne) We'll have to fake it. Can you talk in a high voice?"
"(David) You want me to impersonate Carrie?"
"(Daphne) Be glad you don't need to wear a dress."

(Out in the corridor, Quentin is standing guard over David's room as Julia walks up)
"(Quentin) Well? How's Carrie?"
"(Julia) About ready to be carried away, but an orderly had to knock her down and sit on her to keep her from coming here to see Tad."
"(Quentin) Was there a pentagram in her room?"
"(Julia) No, but she didn't seem surprised. Excuse me."
"(Quentin) Er, Julia. Have I ever told you how amazingly attractive you are?"
"(Julia) Only when you wanted something. What is it?"

"(Quentin) Well, uh… why don’t you take me to see Hallie?"
"(Julia) Because I need to check on David now. You can go see her yourself if you want. Excuse me."
"(Quentin) Uh, look! David is asleep. And I need to talk to you."
"(Julia) What about?"
"(Quentin) Look, you said that in 1995 you saw David's grave, and he died in 1970. And right now, he's dying in 1970."
"(Julia) Right..."
"(Quentin) So, why don't we go to your office, phone Stokes, and see if he's come up with some Magic Silver Bullet to save the day."
"(Julia) Quentin, did you really come all the way up to Wyndcliffe just to make stupid suggestions?"
"(Quentin) Well, that and also I heard great things about the food here."


"(Julia) Just let me check on David, and then you can waste my time all you want."
"(Quentin) Er, look. I lost a quarter in your soda machine down the hall."
"(Julia) Fill out a form, Quentin, and get out of my way."
"(Quentin) But David is asleep now! I promise!"
"(Julia) I'll tiptoe! Stand aside!"
"(Quentin) Wait a minute, I'd like to run some theories past you about what happened to Count Petofi after 1897..."
"(Julia) (brushing past him) Scram, Quentin! Go panty-raid the Rockettes, or whatever you do in your spare time!"


(Julia bursts into David's Room)
"(Daphne) Let the earth turn in eternal space until the candle is touched by the light of his star..."
"(Julia) Gasp! David is sneaking women into his room!"
(fade to black)
"(Julia's Voice) Oh, wait! It's Daphne! Worse yet!"

"(Bob Lloyd) So, seriously. Is there anybody who hasn't figured out who The Other Vampire is yet? Just by process of elimination?"
"(Quentin) I'm still not quite sure."
"(Bob Lloyd) I meant anybody smart."
"(Quentin) Oh!"

          Episode 1102:   Daphne pleads with Gerard to spare the children from harm.