Consultation Games

Paul Morphy vs. Howard Staunton

London - July, 1858

We've all heard for years about how Paul Morphy chased Howard Staunton, unsuccessfully trying to arrange a match, but that Staunton always ducked him. Opinion is divided on Staunton's playing ability in 1858, with some considering him a has-been, and others considering him a never-was. (I.A. Horowitz, once wrote of Staunton, "It is just too incredible that anyone seemingly so weak as he could have achieved such success and exerted such influence for so long.")

In any case, since the merry-go-round that Staunton led Morphy on is widely believed to have helped fuel Morphy's later disenchantment with the game, it's worth remembering that Morphy and Staunton did actually play two games with each other, albeit consultation games. Forget about the match that didn't happen (which would have been completely uninteresting, anyway). Focus on the fact that Morphy retired with a 100% record against Staunton, and leave it at that.