Last Round

Heinrich Wolf vs. Akiba Rubinstein

Carlsbad - 1907

This is one of those games with a famous story behind it. One of the ones where everyone has heard the story, but hardly anyone has actually seen the game in question.

This game was played in the last round at Carlsbad, 1907. Rubinstein could have assured himself of First Place with a draw in this game. Knowing that, his opponent, Heinrich Wolf, offered a draw on Move 10. Rubinstein refused, sending the spectators into a tizzy. Playing on, Rubinstein acquired a winning position, and then stunned the peanut gallery by offering a draw himself, which was quickly accepted.

Afterwards, of course, Rubinstein was queried about it. Didn't he see the win? If he wanted the draw, why didn't he take it in the first place, back on Move 10? Rubinstein's immortal reply: "With Wolf, I make a draw when I want to, not when he wants to!"