Skittles Game

Edward Lasker vs. Sir George Thomas

London - 1912

After Ed Lasker graduated as an electrical engineer in 1911, he took his first with General Electric in Berlin, which transferred him to London in 1912. On the day he arrived, not knowing anyone in England, he made his way to the City of London Chess Club, and was introduced to a member whose name he didn't catch, and began a game. It just happened to be Sir George Thomas, Club Champion, and later British Champion.

The game itself was short and sweet, with Thomas doing the King Walk after a surprise Queen sacrifice.

For some (probably obvious) reason I can't figure, the My Chess viewer craps out just before the end. The final moves are 17... Kg1 18. Kd2 mate. Interestingly, on the final move, White could have delivered mate by castling.