Simultaneous Exhibition

Jose Capablanca (World Champion) vs. Mikhail Botvinnik (age 14)

Moscow - 1925

Played at the Philharmonia Hall at 2 Brodsky Street in Leningrad, between rounds of Moscow 1925, the first international tournament to be sponsored entirely by government funds.

Capa, on one of his rest days, flew to Leningrad in a single-engined plane to take on 30 First Category players, including 14 year old, Mikhail Botvinnik.

Botvinnik won the game, and as a result became a local celebrity overnight. Discussing the game with journalist Yakov Rokhlin, on the way back to the tournament, Capa commented: "What a boy that was there. The one in the spectacles. He played a good game, calm and accurate. He'll be a master one day."