Jose Capablanca vs. Reuben Fine

Holland - 1938

An oddity from the 1938 AVRO tournament. Chess Review wrote of this game in the March 1939 issue:

The struggle between Capablanca and Fine developed along lines to Capablanca's liking. Fine tried to upset the Cuban's plans by sacrificing a piece, but Capablanca returned it and brought the game into a difficult Rook and Pawn ending, in which he had a slight advantage. On the train, homeward bound, Capablanca looked over the position and found the winning chances so tenuous that he agreed then and there to call it a draw. "A Pullman-Draw!" says Tartakover.

Yeah, that's all very well, but can't White win easily with 40. h5? Are you telling me that two GM's and a Chess Review annotator missed something so obvious? Or am I missing something here?