Candidates Tournament

Bobby Fischer vs. Efim Geller

Curacao - 1962

After 22 of the 28 rounds of the 1962 Curacao Candidates Tournament, Petrosian and Geller (both undefeated) were a half point behind Keres, with no one else close enough to have a reasonable chance of winning.

In Round 23, Geller, played Fischer, against whom he already had scored 2 out of 3 in this tournament. As Black he built up a powerful position again. On Move 15, he wrote the winning move down on his scoresheet, but erased it, played something different, and went down to defeat. This defeat, Geller's first in the tournament, combined with Petrosian's victory over Korchnoi in the same round, put him a full point behind Petrosian and Keres, and unable to catch them both in the remaining rounds. The potential challengers to Botvinnik had been reduced from three, to two.