Jackson Whipps Showalter vs. Solomon Lipschutz Match

  • A "short match" in which Showalter beat Lipschutz and claimed the National Title. No details on score or number of games.

  • Showalter (1860-1935), one of America's forgotten champions, had the modern day equivalent of a 2470 rating, and had two victories over William Steinitz, and three victories over Mikhail Tchigorin, as well as victories over Joseph Blackburne, Geza Maroczy, and Emanuel Lasker. An amiable player, who was once described by William Steinitz as one of the 6 players in the world from whom he would accept a cigar, Showalter is often credited as being the inventor of baseball's curve ball.

  • I'm unable to locate any results other than this single game, won by Showalter, which is not at all bad.

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