Emanuel Lasker vs. Jackson Whipps Showalter Match
USA, 1892

            1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
Lasker      1 0 1 0  1 1 1 1   7
Showalter   0 1 0 1  0 0 0 0   3

  • What's this match doing here? Surely Lasker, as a German citizen couldn't have played for the US Title. Well, maybe not, though the citizenship question wasn't really decided conclusively until the dispute of 1909, it was probably assumed by most people.

  • This match is listed here for informational purposes, since Lasker himself claimed it as a US Title match. Lasker's Chess Magazine began publication at about the same time as the US Title dispute of 1904, in which Max Judd claimed that Showalter and Pillsbury had never been US Champions. Weighing in on Pillsbury's behalf, the the magazine traced the history of the US Title, from Morphy's victory in 1857, through all the various matches, rematches, retirements, and un-retirements of the 1890's, up to the "present day" (i.e. 1904. Okay, granted 1904 isn't the present day any more, but in 1904 it was). In tracing the history, the magazine argued that this match had been for the US Title, and that Lasker had won the title and then relinquished it, just as Lipschuetz and Hodges did.

  • Even if you don't buy that claim, it's worth seeing, just for the fact that the Kentucky Lion was able to take 2 games off of a man who became World Champion 2 years later.

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