Update 10/25:  Okay, this time we're REALLY back up. I thought we were fixed before, by hotlinking files to webspace on Geocities. Unfortunately, I didn't know that this was really uncool in the eyes of most servers, because I'd done it previously with AOL and Homestead and they never objected to it. Most servers do though, and Geocities deleted the stuff, not only without advance warning (which is fine), but without notifying me AFTERWARDS, so I didn't know it was back down again. So I've just squeezed everything back onto AOL, where at least it works. Things SHOULD be fine now, but if for some reason they're not, fercryinoutloud, somebody say something!
Update 9/20:  Our site was down for a couple of weeks because, although the main page is here on this AOL screen name, the logs had outgrown the AOL space and were being stored on a Sci-Fi Channel's web area. One morning we woke up to find that Sci-Fi had deleted ALL of their member's webpages without warning. What happened was that Sci-Fi's provider, Homestead, began charging for their service, and Sci-Fi thought that just flushing all of the member pages would be preferable to offering people a chance to pay to keep them, or giving them any warning so that they could make sure they had backups. We've begun storing the stuff on Geocities now, and also restored the Cast List pages there as well. There are still some bugs. Geocities runs out of bandwidth before you can view all of the Cast Lists even once, but we'll find someplace better later. For now, things are, more or less, up and running.
          Update 9/21: Now, we're REALLY up and running. Sorry, if anyone couldn't download logs for the last day. The HTML code hadn't been fully changed over to the new location yet. Now, it will work.