(Transcribed and slightly amended from The Dark Shadows Companion by Graeme Cree)

         1. Victoria Winters' mysterious journey begins as her train arrives in Collinsport, Maine, a small fishing village.
         2. At the Collinwood mansion, Vicki becomes acquainted with the reclusive matriarch, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard.
         3. Vicki meets Liz's teenage daughter, Carolyn Stoddard.
         4. Roger Collins, Liz's brother, nervously questions Vicki about her encounter with Burke Devlin at the train station.
         5. Learning Vicki is an orphan, Carolyn convinces her to stay at Collinwood with the hope Vicki may learn her identity.
         6. In the basement, Vicki is startled by caretaker Matthew Morgan, who warns her not to poke around.
         7. Sam agrees with Roger that Burke has probably returned to get revenge against Roger, but Sam will offer Roger no help.
         8. Vicki calls the foundling home where she grew up and learns Liz's story that Vicki was recommended to her is not true.
         9. Collins Fishing Fleet Manager Bill Malloy warns Liz he thinks Burke wants to take everything the Collinses own.
         10. An infatuated Carolyn visits Burke's hotel suite and unsuccessfully tries to learn what happened between him and Roger.
         11. Carolyn brings Burke to Collinwood, where he teases Liz by telling her it's up to her to square things away.
         12. Roger tells Vicki that her friendship with Burke is dangerous to the Collins family.
         13. Burke tells Roger that he wants to forget that Roger was responsible for sending him to prison.
         14. Vicki meets Carolyn's boyfriend, Joe Haskell, who works at the Collins Cannery.
         15. After David tells Vicki he hopes his father dies, Roger loses control of his car and crashes.
         16. As Roger recovers from his accident, Liz learns his car brakes failed and wonders if Burke was responsible.
         17. Malloy informs Roger his car's bleeder valve was removed.
         18. Vicki tells Roger she caught Burke in the garage standing next to Roger's car with a wrench.
         19. Carolyn learns Roger testified against Burke in a manslaughter trial ten years ago and Burke has sworn revenge.
         20. Worried about her father, Maggie tells Sam that she wants whatever happened between him, Roger, and Burke to end.
         21. Vicki tells Liz and Carolyn she believes Burke is innocent.
         22. Roger tells Carolyn he intends to have Burke convicted of trying to kill him.
         23. David becomes nervous when Constable Carter investigates Roger's crash.
         24. The constable interrogates Burke, mentioning he remembers Burke's threat he'd return and kill Roger.
         25. After telling Liz about David's strange behavior, Vicki finds Roger's missing bleeder valve in David's room.
         26. Vicki locks the bleeder valve in her dresser, but when she goes to show it to Liz it is missing.
         27. Burke's private investigator, Stuart Bronson, gives him a report on the Collinses financial status.
         28. Burke tells the constable he was released from prison after five years for good behavior.
         29. When David visits his hotel suite, Burke discovers he has hidden Roger's bleeder valve in Burke's sofa.
         30. Vicki tells Roger that David was responsible for his car crash.
         31. Burke tries to cover-up for David, but Roger is convinced David caused his accident.
         32. To protect David, Liz lies to the constable, telling him they've discovered the bleeder valve fell off by itself.
         33. Vicki laments the fact that she is no closer to finding a clue to her identity than when she first arrived at Collinwood.
         34. After a date with Vicki, Burke realizes he's becoming fonder of her than he had planned.
         35. David warns Vicki she's going to be sorry she came to Collinwood.
         36. Roger warns Sam not to associate with Burke. Liz convinces Vicki to stay on at Collinwood.
         37. In the middle of the night, Vicki hears sobbing noises coming from the locked storage room in the basement.
         38. Matthew catches Vicki trying to open the basement room. He believes Josette Collins' ghost and other spirits inhabit Collinwood.
         39. Roger tries to stop Sam from painting Burke's portrait. Malloy tells Burke he doesn't want Liz hurt by Burke's attempts at revenge.
         40. Malloy gets Sam drunk, and Sam confesses that he is the only thing standing between Roger and a prison sentence.
         41. Liz is concerned that Carolyn might prefer Burke over Joe.
         42. After Carolyn follows him to Bangor, Burke invites her to lunch and gives her an expensive fountain pen.
         43. Malloy warns Maggie he thinks Sam possesses dangerous knowledge.
         44. Malloy tells Liz he believes Roger framed Burke on the manslaughter charge and bribed Sam to back up his story.
         45. Malloy warns Roger that Sam's ready to reveal that Roger was responsible for the manslaughter incident, not Burke.
         46. Malloy sets up a meeting for himself, Roger, Burke, and Sam to settle the manslaughter case once and for all.
         47. Roger, Burke and Sam gather at Roger's office to meet with Malloy, but Malloy doesn't show up.
         48. After Burke gives David a crystal ball, David predicts to Vicki that Malloy is dead and that Roger killed him.
         49. Burke investigates Malloy's disappearance, certain that he has incriminating evidence agvainst Roger and Sam.
         50. Liz tells Vicki some of the legends of Collinwood and Widows' Hill.
         51. At Widows' Hill, Vicki and Carolyn spot a dead man at the bottom of the cliff, but the body soon disappears.
         52. Vicki feels a premonition that the dead man is Malloy.
         53. Liz calls the sheriff after Matthew confesses he found Malloy's dead body on the shore and pushed it out to sea.
         54. Burke makes it clear to Roger that he owes him for the five years he spent in prison due to Roger's perjury.
         55. The Coast Guard locates Malloy's body.
         56. Roger tells Sam they must stick together on their stories or he and Sam might be charged with Malloy's murder.
         57. Burke tells the sheriff that Malloy had information he felt might clear Burke of his manslaughter charge.
         58. Sam tells the sheriff he doesn't know what the meeting with Malloy was to be about.
         59. The sheriff questions Roger, suggesting Malloy was murdered.
         60. Burke tries to convince the sheriff that either Roger or Sam is guilty of Malloy's murder.
         61. Vicki tells Burke that Malloy and Roger argued the night Malloy was killed.
         62. When Sam pleads his innocence, Burke tells him Roger is the only other person who would benefit by Malloys' death.
         63. Matthew becomes upset when Liz tells him that Burke plans to drag the Collins name through the mud.
         64. At the Blue Whale, Sheriff Patterson breaks up a fight between Matthew and Burke after Matthew orders Burke to leave town.
         65. Roger unsuccessfully tries to bribe Sam into leaving town.
         66. Convinced Sam isn't involved, Burke accuses Roger of killing Malloy.
         67. Burke challenges Carolyn to ask Roger what really happened during the manslaughter incident ten years ago.
         68. David tells Vicki that when his mother and Roger were together they fought about Burke.
         69. In an attempt to defeat the Collins Family, Burke decides to plant Malloy's housekeeper, Mrs. Johnson at Collinwood.
         70. Matthew finds David playing in the abandoned Old House on the property. After they leave, a ghost emerges from Josette's portrait.
         71. Roger and Burke anxiously await the coroner's report on Malloy's death.
         72. Vicki tells Carolyn her loyalties lie with the Collinses, not with Burke.
         73. Malloy's death is ruled an accidental drowning.
         74. David visits Burke and insists his father killed Malloy.
         75. Roger admits to Carolyn he's lost the pen which Burke gave her. Vicki finds the pen on the ocean cliff.
         76. Liz refuses Burke's offer to buy Collinwood.
         77. David taunts Carolyn by telling her Burke likes Vicki better than her.
         78. Annoyed with Carolyn for standing him up, Joe suggests he should find a new girl and invites Maggie to dance.
         79. To prevent the discovery that Mrs. Johnson is spying for him, Burke has her pretend to dislike him in front of others.
         80. Roger searches for the fountain pen he had intended to give back to Burke and is shocked to learn Vicki has found it.
         81. Matthew tries to dissuade Mrs. Johnson from working at Collinwood, but she accepts Liz's offer to be housekeeper.
         82. Aware Roger lost the pen the night Malloy was killed, Burke urges Sheriff Patterson to search for it near the cliff.
         83. After David admires the pen, Vicki thinks he's stolen it, unaware Roger has retrieved it and buried it in the woods.
         84. David takes Vicki to the closed-off section of Collinwood and locks her inside a room.
         85. While Vicki is trapped inside the locked room, Malloy's ghost appears and warns her to get away before she's killed.
         86. Vicki desperately tries to escape from the locked room.
         87. Searching the closed-off wing, Roger rescues Vicki.
         88. Vicki tells the family about seeing Malloy's ghost. Liz and Roger, searching the room, find seaweed on the floor as evidence.
         89. Burke warns Liz he's going to put Collins Enterprises out of business by buying the Logansport Cannery.
         90. Carolyn tries to convince Vicki not to leave Collinwood.
         91. Burke gives Vicki a ride to Bangor so she can vacation for a few days, and warns her to stay away from Collinwood.
         92. In Bangor, Vicki meets Collins lawyers Richard and Frank Garner, a father and son team, and tries to learn clues from her past.
         93. Carolyn becomes jealous when she learns Burke is staying in Bangor on business while Vicki is there.
         94. Vicki has dinner with Frank, whose father Richard tries to persuade him to remember Liz is their client, not Vicki.
         95. Realizing she found the pen near the spot of Malloy's death, Vicki fears Burke is the killer when she discovers he lost an identical pen.
         96. After Vicki refuses to ride home with Burke, Roger retrieves her from Bangor and convinces her to never discuss the pen with anyone.
         97. Liz reprimands Vicki for contacting the Garners to assist her in finding out her true identity.
         98. Mrs. Johnson moves into Collinwood and hears sobbing noises coming from the locked room in the basement.
         99. Vicki is shocked to learn from Carolyn that Burke gave her the pen and that Roger lost it the night Malloy was murdered.
         100. Vicki tells Burke about Roger and the pen and agrees to search for more evidence implicating Roger to Malloy's murder.
         101. Roger panics when he learns from Carolyn that Vicki knows he was the one who lost the pen at the cliff.
         102. Roger tells Vicki that Malloy was already dead when he saw him at the cliff. Fearing Roger, Vicki slips out of the house.
         103. Vicki's terrified when Roger learns she doubts his innocence.
         104. Vicki is almost run down by an unidentified automobile.
         105. Burke and the sheriff catch Roger digging up the missing pen and sieze it as possible evidence in Malloy's death.
         106. Carolyn tells Vicki it isn't possible Roger could have tried to kill her.
         107. When Vicki searches for David at the Old House, Matthew secretly tries to kill her by pushing an urn off the roof.
         108. Holding Vicki captive in his cottage, Matthew admits he killed Malloy.
         109. No episode assigned this number due to pre-emption.
         110. No episode assigned this number due to pre-emption.
         111. As Sheriff Patterson and his men search for Vicki, Matthew threatens to kill her, but her tears stop him.
         112. Liz walks in on Matthew and Vicki. Matthew runs away after telling Liz he killed Malloy.
         113. David discovers Matthew in hiding at the Old House, but promises not to reveal Matthew's whereabouts.
         114. Vicki apologizes to Roger for thinking he was Malloy's killer.
         115. Searching the Old House for David, Vicki discovers Matthew.
         116. Matthew takes Vicki hostage at the Old House, hiding her in a secret room behind the drawing room book case.
         117. Joe fights with Burke after catching Carolyn visiting Burke in his hotel room.
         118. Everyone searches the Collinwood grounds to find Vicki.
         119. Liz lectures Carolyn on the subject of Burke's lack of virtues, and Joe tells Carolyn their relationship is over.
         120. David brings food to Matthew and tells him he's concerned about Vicki, unaware Matthew has kidnapped her.
         121. Matthew fears David will reveal he's hiding in the Old House.
         122. In the Old House drawing room, Matthew sees an eerie light coming from Josette's portrait.
         123. An unknown woman visits the diner and asks Maggie many questions.
         124. David discovers Vickie in the secret room and runs off leaving her still tied up, afraid he might get into trouble.
         125. The ghost of Malloy appears to David and tells him to help Vicki.
         126. Josette's ghost protects Vicki from being killed by Matthew, who dies from fright after seeing Malloy's ghost.
         127. After rescuing Vicki, Burke and Roger return her to Collinwood. Vicki and Liz talk about the ghost of Josette.
         128. Sam reveals to Roger that Roger's wife Laura Murdoch Collins, has returned.
         129. Sam awakens to discover he has started to paint a portrait he barely remembers of a woman standing in flames.
         130. Laura visits Collinwood, telling Roger she wants a divorce and to take David away with her.
         132. David tells Vicki of a dream he had about his mother before he was told she has returned for him.
         133. Aware that Laura can clear him of his 10-year old manslaughter charge, Burke tries to get her to cooperate.
         134. After Vicki brings David to see Laura, he runs back to his room, screaming to Vicki that Laura isn't his mother.
         135. Instead of staying at Collinwood, Laura moves into Matthew's old cottage.
         136. Maggie questions Sam about the portrait of the lady in fire, but he can't explain why he's painting it.
         137. The sheriff tells Roger that a body found in a fire in Phoenix was identified as Laura.
         138. Roger takes a gun to Laura's cottage, where he catches Laura and Burke together.
         139. Laura convinces Vicki to help her and David get together.
         140. Laura tells David the story of the legendary phoenix.
         141. David takes Laura to the Old House to see if Josette will appear.
         142. Sam gives Vicki the mysterious painting of the woman in flames, and Vicki gives it to David, against Laura's wishes.
         143. David tells Liz and Vicki he dreamed of seeing his mother's face come out of the painting. Lt. Riley of the Maine State Police brings a locket recovered from the fire that Vicki had recently seen Laura wearing.
         144. The ghost of Josette draws Vicki to the Collins family history book, where Vicki notices a painting of Josette wearing the locket that was recovered from the fire.
         145. Laura tells Sam, who has started creating another mysterious portrait, to stop painting, and threatens to make him stop.
         146. As Laura stares into the Collinwood fireplace, Sam nearly catches fire in his cottage after falling asleep with a cigarette. Sam blames the fire on Laura's influence, especially when a new painting of her that was nowhere near the fire turns up burned.
         147. David refuses to let Roger take the painting away from him.
         148. Carolyn asks Burke why he hasn't invited her out lately, and jealously realizes it's because of Laura.
         149. The portrait in David's room is mysteriously finished by the ghost of Josette, depicting David and his mother in flames.
         150. After Roger throws the mysterious portrait in the fireplace, an unidentified scream is heard. Liz orders Laura to stay away from David.
         151. David reveals to Liz that Laura visited him during the night.
         152. Liz orders Vicki to keep David away from Laura, but Laura convinces Vicki not to stand between her and David.
         153. Lieutenant Riley from Phoenix questions Laura after blood tests and dental records confirm she died in the fire.
         154. The spirit of Josette guides Vicki and Frank to the tomb of L. Murdoch Stockbridge, who died by fire in 1767.
         155. After Liz catches Laura and Burke embracing, she orders Laura to leave, but Laura secretly causes Liz to pass out.
         156. The doctor is mystified at Liz's collapse and memory loss. In a dream she starts to remember Laura's actions until a dark spectre appears in her room.
         157. The spirit of Josette leads Vicki back to the cemetary and shows her a book indicating that there was a Laura Murdoch Radcliffe, who like Laura Murdoch Stockbridge died from fire, but in 1867. Lt. Riley announces that medical tests prove that both Laura and the body in Phoenix are positively identified as Laura Murdoch Collins.
         158. Laura secretly visits Liz and puts her in a trance.
         159. Vicki tells Frank she believes Liz's illness could be related to Laura. Laura warns Vicki she'll get control of David.
         160. Dr. Peter Guthrie, a psychic investigator from Dartmouth, is called in to examine the strange occurences at Collinwood.
         161. Roger objects to Guthrie's presence, but Carolyn insists he stay.
         162. The strange portrait of David and Laura appears to David at the Old House in place of Josette's portrait.
         163. After questioning David, Dr. Guthrie interrogates Laura.
         164. Guthrie learns Liz, who is under hospitilization in Boston, was with Laura shortly before she became ill.
         165. David sneaks off to stay overnight with his mother. Laura is frightened after Josette's ghost appears to her.
         166. Carolyn tells Joe she'd like to resume their relationship, but he's now dating Maggie.
         167. Roger tells Laura she cannot take David without Liz's permission.
         168. Sam tells Guthrie of his suspicions about Laura.
         169. Roger tells Frank that he wants his divorce from Laura taken care of immediately. Roger asks Frank to challenge Carolyn's control of Collinwood, but is told that she is Liz's legal next of kin in her absence.
         170. Laura's presence at a seance prevents Josette's ghost from revealing Laura's secret.
         171. Guthrie is certain Josette was trying to warn them during the seance. Vicki recalls feeling as if she was on fire.
         172. When Mrs. Johnson attempts to put out the fire in Laura's cottage, Laura reprimands her severely. Mrs. Johnson tells Burke about the seance, who orders a background check on Guthrie. Guthrie's tape of the seance is destroyed, and replaced by the sound of fire crackling.
         173. Burke tries to convince David to go away with Laura. Vicki convinces Burke to be wary of Laura's motives.
         174. Guthrie tells Frank about the destruction of the seance tape. In Phoenix, Lt. Riley discovers that the body identified as Laura has disappeared.
         175. Guthrie tells Laura about the disappearance of the body. Laura tries to use her power to put Guthrie in a trance, but is interrupted by David.
         176. Guthrie warns Laura he knows she has some kind of powers.
         177. Guthrie tells Carolyn he feels he's close to a solution.
         178. Carolyn convinces Roger to admit he has doubts about Laura.
         179. Guthrie and Joe break into Laura Murdoch Stockbridge's crypt, and find the tomb empty when Josette opens the coffin.
         180. In the cemetary, Guthrie, Joe and Frank discover that Laura Murdoch Radcliffe's coffin is empty.
         181. Joe reads an old newspaper record detailing how Laura Murdoch Radcliffe's son David burned to death with her. David sees his face in the fireplace.
         182. David tells Vicki he wants to leave with his mother. Josette opens a book to show Roger the newspaper account of David Radcliffe's death.
         183. Roger forbids David to see Laura. Laura stops Guthrie from extinguishing her fire. He tells her that he knows she is one of the undead.
         184. Guthrie threatens to expose Laura and then arranges to conduct a seance at the Old House to contact Josette's ghost.
         185. Laura places a spell on Guthrie, killing him by causing his car to crash and go up in flames.
         186. When Joe and Burke bring news of Guthrie's fate, Vicki, Sam, and David hold a seance where the ghost of David Radcliffe prophesizes David's death by fire.
         187. Vicki learns Laura Murdoch Radcliffe's death was 100 years ago tonight, making her fear Laura will act tonight.
         188. Laura announces she's leaving town, without David, but Vicki's not convinced the danger is over.
         189. Joe discovers that the anniversary of Laura's death is actually a day later than previously assumed.
         190. Laura summons David to an old shack, hoping he will burn with her as the structure becomes engulfed with flames.
         191. Alerted by Josette's ghost, Vicki rescues David from Laura as she goes up in flames.
         192. David remembers nothing of what happened in the shack.
         193. When an art dealer wants to do a showing of Sam's early work, Sam demands that Roger return some paintings of his or he'll tell Burke that Roger caused Burke to go to prison.
         194. Liz returns from the hospital, completely recovered.
         195. Liz is startled when Jason McGuire, an old friend of Liz's husband, Paul Stoddard, comes to Collinwood.
         196. Despite Liz's objections, Jason insists he stay over at Collinwood and refers to an incident from eighteen years prior.
         197. When Liz refuses to give him the key, Roger tries to break into the basement storage room to find Sam's paintings.
         198. Liz stops Roger from entering the storage room. Maggie learns from Sam that Roger bribed him to keep quiet in the manslaughter case.
         199. Sam confesses to Burke that he witnessed the hit-and-run accident ten years ago, and that Roger was driving, not Burke.
         200. Roger informs Jason that he is not welcome at Collinwood.
         201. Burke confronts Roger, forcing him to admit he committed the manslaughter and framed Burke.
         202. When Jason's friend Willie Loomis flirts with Maggie at the Blue Whale, a fight between Willie and Joe is averted by Jason.
         203. Jason forces Liz to allow his friend, Willie Loomis, to stay at Collinwood.
         204. After Vicki tells Carolyn she's afraid of Willie, Carolyn pulls a gun on Willie after he makes a pass at her.
         205. Willie starts to admire the foyer portrait of Barnabas Collins.
         206. Mrs. Johnson discusses the portrait of Barnabas with Willie.
         207. Willie's obnoxious behavior gets him into a fight with Burke.
         208. Liz warns Jason that Willie must leave Collinwood immediately. David tells Willie a legend of Naomi Collins being buried with her jewels.
         209. At Eagle Hill Cemetary, Willie investigates the Collins mausoleum and hears a heartbeat coming from inside.
         210. Willie discovers a secret room in the mausoleum and unintentionally releases vampire Barnabas Collins from his chained coffin.
         211. Jason searches for Willie. Barnabas arrives at Collinwood, claiming to be a cousin from England.
         212. Barnabas meets Liz, Vicki and David.
         213. Carolyn decides she must learn the truth about Liz's relationship with Jason. Burke apologizes to Carolyn for using her.
         214. Carolyn and Roger meet Barnabas, and are struck by his resemblance to the portrait.
         215. Jason finds a weakened Willie at the Blue Whale.
         216. After returning Willie to Collinwood, Jason finds a puncture wound on his wrist.
         217. At nightfall, Willie breaks free from Jason and rushes to the mausoleum.
         218. Barnabas asks Liz for permission to live in the Old House.
         219. Dr. Dave Woodard diagnoses Willie's illness is due to a loss of blood.
         220. Barnabas, with Willie as his servant, moves into the Old House.
         221. Barnabas meets Maggie at the hotel coffee shop.
         222. Barnabas commissions Sam to paint his portrait.
         223. Vicki reveals to Liz that Willie is working for Barnabas.
         224. Maggie has a terrifying nightmare of seeing herself dead inside a coffin.
         225/226. As Sam paints at the Old House, Barnabas enters Maggie's bedroom and bites her.
         227. Sam finds Maggie in a weakened condition.
         228. Carolyn learns that her missing father's belongings are locked in the basement storage room.
         229. Dr. Woodard discovers Maggie has lost a great deal of blood.
         230. Barnabas summons Maggie to the cemetary, but Willie's anonymous phone call alerts Burke and Vickie.
         231. Dr. Woodard gives Maggie a blood transfusion.
         232. Maggie, suffering from memory loss, cannot explain the puncture wounds on her neck.
         233. Without revealing Josette's identity, Barnabas recounts the story of her death to Vicki and Carolyn.
         234. Keeping watch over Maggie, Vicki is locked out of Maggie's room when the howling of wild dogs is heard.
         235. Further weakened, Maggie is hospitalized and appears to be dead, but moments later the body is missing.
         236. Holding Maggie captive at the Old House, Barnabas informs her that she will become his long-lost love Josette.
         237. The sheriff questions Jason and Willie about Maggie's disappearance.
         238. Vicki and Carolyn visit the Old House to view the restoration.
         239. When Joe and Sam visit the Old House Maggie tries to scream for help.
         240. David sees Maggie at the Old House dressed as Josette and believes she's Josette's ghost.
         241. David tells Vicki that he's seen Josette.
         242. Maggie's blood samples are stolen from Dr. Woodard's office.
         243. To ease suspicions, Jason proposes to Liz that they marry.
         244. Carolyn refuses to believe Liz's account of Paul Stoddard being an unloving person.
         245. To protect his secret, Barnabas switches the blood sample that Dr. Woodard took from Willie.
         246. Jason agrees to help Carolyn obtain the key to the basement room.
         247. Maggie leaves the Old House in a trance and is spotted by Sam outside the Evans' cottage, but she disappears.
         248. Barnabas punishes Maggie by placing her in a coffin.
         249. Jason forces Liz to announce their marriage after showing everyone the basement room holds no secrets.
         250. Trying to avoid becoming Barnabas' vampire bride, Maggie unsuccessfully attempts to stake Barnabas.
         251. Barnabas nearly kills Maggie, but Willie convinces him to give her another chance to become Josette.
         252. In rebellion against her mother's marriage plans, Carolyn begins dating a motorcyclist hippie, Buzz.
         253. Locked in an Old House basement cell, Maggie tries to engineer an escape scheme, but is caught by Barnabas.
         254. Carolyn tells Jason she'll marry Buzz the same day her mother weds Jason.
         255. A young girl appears outside Maggie's cell singing London Bridge.
         256. In the woods, David meets the little girl, who reveals her name is Sarah.
         257. Jason tries to bribe Buzz into cancelling his marriage to Carolyn.
         258. Sarah appears in Maggie's cell and the two sing together. Sarah disappears when Barnabas prepares to enter.
         259. Liz tells Vicki that she murdered Paul Stoddard, after Carolyn is almost killed in a drunk driving accident.
         260. With Sarah's help, Maggie finds a secret passageway and escapes from her cell as Barnabas follows close behind.
         261. Tipped off by Sarah, Sam finds Maggie on the beach. Suffering a memory loss, she is secretly sent to Windcliff Sanitarium for treatment.
         262. Liz asks Vicki to serve as witness at her wedding.
         263. For Maggie's safety, Sam and Joe keep the knowledge that Maggie is alive a secret while the town believes she is dead.
         264. Willie tells Barnabas of his encounter with a young girl in the woods, unaware she is the ghost of Barnabas' sister Sarah.
         265. Sam and Joe visit Maggie at Windcliff against the wishes of her doctor, Julia Hoffman.
         266. Liz dreams of jumping to her death off Widows' Hill.
         267. Barnabas prevents Liz from nearly jumping off the cliff.
         268. Roger learns that Liz has been reviewing her will.
         269. Liz procedes with her wedding plans after Vicki stops her from jumping off Widows' Hill. Burke's confronts Liz and Jason with the fact that Jason is wanted in several countries.
         270. When Jason threatens to evict Carolyn, Carolyn plans to kill him at the wedding, but is prevented when Liz interrupts the ceremony with the declaration that she killed Paul Stoddard with Jason as an accomplice.
         271. Liz recounts the story of how she accidentally killed her husband.
         272. Searching the basement room, Sheriff Patterson and Burke find a trunk buried beneath the floor.
         273. Upon finding the trunk is empty, Liz learns she did not kill Paul after Jason admits the incident was a hoax.
         274. Ordered by the sheriff to leave town, Jason overhears Barnabas tell Willie of his plans for Vicki.
         275. After breaking into the Old House to find jewelry, Jason is strangled by Barnabas while opening his coffin.
         276. Barnabas and Willie bury Jason in the mausoleum secret room.
         277. Barnabas decides to host a costume party with the intention of Vicki dressing in Josette's gown. Roger discovers that Jason left all of his belongings behind.
         278. Barnabas invites Vicki to help select costumes for the party.
         279. When Vicki asks for Burke to be invited to the party, Barnabas secretly compares him to his 18th-century rival Jeremiah Collins.
         280. At the costume party, Vicki goes into a trance during a seance.
         281. After Josette's spirit speaks through her at the seance, Vicki receives Josette's music box as a gift from Barnabas.
         282. Unable to remember her kidnapping, Maggie tells Julia she recalls being in a graveyard and hearing tinkling music.
         283. When Julia takes Maggie to the cemetary, Vicki sees Maggie in the distance but Burke insists it was Vicki's imagination.
         284. Placing Maggie under hypnosis, Julia learns she is terrified of the names Collins and Barnabas.
         285. Barnabas invites Vicki to stay overnight at the Old House when a raging storm erupts.
         286. As Vicki sleeps in Josette's room, Barnabas prepares to attack, but his conscience prevents him from biting her.
         287. Posing as an historian, Julia comes to Collinwood hoping to discover the truth behind Maggie's disappearance.
         288. While visiting Barnabas at the Old House, Julia notices that he does not cast a reflection in her compact mirror.
         289. Julia sneaks into the Old House basement and finds Barnabas at rest in his coffin.
         290. Vicki informs Barnabas that Josette's music box has a strange effect on her.
         291. Barnabas apprehensively accepts Julia's offer to help him with a possible cure.
         292. Dr. Woodard urges Julia for details about Maggie's case.
         293. Burke interrogates Barnabas about his background.
         294. Maggie escapes Windcliff with Sarah's help and stumbles into the Blue Whale, collapsing at the sight of Barnabas.
         295. Julia hypnotizes Maggie into forgetting about her ordeals with Barnabas.
         296. Fearing his secret may be revealed, and distrusting Julia's techniques, Barnabas decides he must kill Maggie.
         297. When Barnabas attempts to suffocate Maggie, he's stunned to hear his sister Sarah singing London Bridge.
         298. Julia hypnotizes Maggie again after she starts to recall seeing a coffin.
         299. Julia advises Vicki that Barnabas may be interested in Vicki being more than just a friend.
         300. Wanting Vicki for himself, Barnabas decides Burke must be killed.
         301. Burke begins investigating Barnabas' past.
         302. Vicki announces she and Burke will wed. Barnabas urges Julia to speed up the experiments to make him a normal man.
         303. Burke discovers that there are no records of Barnabas or his cousin in London. Burke insists to Vicki that he is not jealous of Barnabas.
         304. Growing further suspicious of Barnabas, Burke asks Vicki to stay away from the Old House and Barnabas.
         305. Sarah shows David the mausoleum secret room.
         306. Hearing her flute in the cemetary, Barnabas begs Sarah to come with him, but she won't appear.
         307. Vicki warns Burke she will call off their marriage if he continues his investigation of Barnabas.
         308. Maggie finds Sarah's doll in her bedroom.
         309. Barnabas fears that Sarah has come back to expose him.
         310. When Barnabas and Willie search the cemetary for Sarah, David hides inside the coffin in the mausoleum secret room.
         311. David becomes trapped inside the mausoleum secret room.
         312. Barnabas learns that Sarah has appeard to David.
         313. Roger and Joe search the cemetary for David.
         314. Willie warns Julia that Barnabas may kill David since Sarah may have told David about Barnabas.
         315. Sarah shows David how to escape from the secret room. When he rushes out he runs into Barnabas' waiting arms.
         316. At the cemetary, Burke arrives and takes David home before Barnabas can determine what David knows.
         317. Upon seeing Sarah's tomb, Dr. Woodard realizes the little girl Sarah who appeared to Maggie, David and Sam is a ghost.
         318. Dr. Woodard questions David about Sarah and notifies Julia he is taking Maggie out of her care.
         319. Hoping to find Maggie's kidnapper, Sam and the sheriff decide to set a trap by pretending Maggie's memory is returning.
         320. In a terrifying nightmare, Barnabas appears to David with his fangs bared.
         321. Believing Maggie's memory is returning, Barnabas decides he must kill her.
         322. Guarding the Evans' cottage, the deputies shoot a figure in the woods as it approaches Maggie's room.
         323. Everyone learns that Willie was the intruder outside Maggie's room and that he's clinging to life after being shot.
         324. David tells Liz that Willie is innocent and insists he must find Sarah.
         325. David dreams of Sarah showing him a coffin room where Barnabas rises and menaces him.
         326. Julia unsuccessfully attempts to hypnotize David.
         327. Sarah warns David to stay away from the Old House.
         328. Barnabas attempts to frame Willie for Maggie's kidnapping by placing Maggie's ring in Willie's room.
         329. Dr. Woodard diagnoses Willie as mentally unsound.
         330. Instead of killing David, Barnabas decides to discredit the boy. He sends a giant bat to attack David in his room.
         331. After Roger fails to believe David's story, Sarah gives David a toy soldier she claims will protect him.
         332. Barnabas catches David in the Old House basement after the boy sneaks in and discovers Barnabas' open coffin.
         333. Julia prevents Baranabas from harming David. Burke and Dr. Woodard search the Old House to verify the boy's story.
         334. After Burke and Woodard find no coffin in the Old House, David tries in vain to show them the mausoleum secret room.
         335. Liz has David examined by a psychiatrist. Woodard encounters Sarah at the mausoleum. Liz learns that she cannot legally sell the house that Burke and Vicki want.
         336. After Sarah shows Woodard the mausoleum secret room, Woodard begins researching the Collins family history.
         337. Woodard confronts Barnabas, telling him he's seen his sister Sarah, but Barnabas denies having a sister.
         338. By eavesdropping outside the Old House, Woodard learns Julia has hidden her notebook detailing the experiments.
         339. Julia tries to allay Woodard's suspicions by claiming that she is emotionally involved with Barnabas. Woodard steals Julia's notebook from her bedroom.
         340. Julia warns Woodard that Barnabas will kill him unless he cooperates with the experiments to cure Barnabas.
         341. Barnabas forces Julia to help him kill Woodard with medication which will disguise the death as a heart attack.
         342. Burke and Sam suspect Woodard may have been murdered.
         343. Guilt-stricken over Woodard's death, Julia wants to abandon the experiments, but Barnabas insists they begin.
         344. When Sarah informs him something dreadful is about to happen, David has a premonition that Burke is in danger.
         345. Vicki is devastated to learn that Burke's airplane has crashed in Brazil and no survivors are discovered.
         346. Barnabas offers to help Vicki restore Collinwood's west wing.
         347. To make Barnabas subliminally undesirable to Vicki, Julia hypnotizes Vicki and shows her Barnabas in his coffin.
         348. After forcing Julia to speed up the experiments, Barnabas begins to age rapidly.
         349. Barnabas has aged to his true years, taking on the appearance of a 200-year old man.
         350. Believing David's claims may be true, Carolyn sneaks into the Old House and is bitten by the aged Barnabas.
         351. After attacking Carolyn, Barnabas' youth is restored and Carolyn becomes his slave.
         352. Spying for Barnabas, Carolyn sees Julia take Vicki, under hypnosis to view Barnabas in his coffin.
         353. Feeling the effects of Julia's hypnosis, Vicki becomes uncomfortable when Barnabas is in her presence.
         354. Barnabas vows to kill Julia after Carolyn informs him of Julia's attempts to turn Vicki against him.
         355. Julia realizes Barnabas is planning to kill her.
         356. Julia warns Barnabas that her notebook containing his secrets will be discovered should anything happen to her.
         357. For safekeeping, Julia gives her diary to lawyer Tony Peterson.
         358. Barnabas orders Carolyn to retrieve the notebook from Tony.
         359. Barnabas attempts to deceive Julia by insisting he cares for her.
         360. Sarah appears to Julia, but refuses to protect her against Barnabas.
         361. Barnabas attempts to drive Julia insane by making her believe Woodard's ghost is haunting her.
         362. After stealing Tony's keys on a date, Carolyn is caught by Tony in his office as she tries to steal Julia's notebook.
         363. Julia convinces Tony to disbelieve Carolyn's claim that Julia is trying to blackmail Liz with the notebook.
         364. Sarah appears to Barnabas, telling him he must be good or he'll be punished. She vows to never appear to him again. Burke's death is confirmed.
         365. In an effort to discover if David's claims are true, a seance is held to contact Sarah. During the ceremony, Vicki disappears.
         366. Transported to the year 1795, Vicki meets the human Barnabas and the Collins family, startled by their resemblance to the 20th century Collinses.
         367. Jeremiah Collins, Barnabas' uncle, agrees to help get Vicki hired as Sarah's governess.
         368/369. Angelique, the maidservant of Barnabas' fiance Josette du Pres, arrives and tells Barnabas she wants him for herself.
         370. When Josette arrives, the jealous Angelique secretly practices witchcraft, causing Barnabas to nearly choke to death.
         371. Angelique vows to herself to stop Barnabas and Josette's wedding.
         372. Collins family servant Ben Stokes becomes Angelique's slave.
         373. Angelique begins a spell to make Jeremiah and Josette fall in love with each other.
         374. Angelique prevents Ben from telling Barnabas about her witchcraft.
         375. Natalie discovers Jeremiah and Josette falling in love.
         376. Natalie tells Josette's father Andre that she believes a witch is conspiring to prevent Josette and Barnabas' marriage.
         377. Lieutenant Nathan Forbes pursues the visiting Millicent Collins after learning she is a family heiress.
         378. Angelique turns Joshua Collins, Barnabas' father, into a cat in an effort to keep Jeremiah from leaving town.
         379. Suspecting Vicki may be a witch, Natalie urges Barnabas to marry Josette immediately.
         380. Angelique supernaturally influences Josette and Jeremiah to leave together before Josette can marry Barnabas.
         381. Barnabas informs Angelique that he still loves Josette despite what has happened.
         382. When Joshua reappears, his sister Abigail and Natalie are convinced Vicki is a witch after finding her modern charm bracelet.
         383. Jeremiah and Josette return to Collinsport and Barnabas challenges his uncle to a duel.
         384. Barnabas wins the duel, mortally wounding Jeremiah.
         385. The fanatical Reverend Trask is summoned by Abigail. He interrogates Vicki, attempting to reveal her as a witch.
         386. Angelique makes Vicki appear to be the witch. Barnabas and Nathan hide Vicki in Collinwood, currently being built.
         387. Trask forbids Joshua from moving the family into the newly-built Collinwood until he exorcises the evil spirits.
         388. For revenge against Barnabas, Angelique decides to torture his sister Sarah.
         389. Angelique promises Barnabas she can cure Sarah if he agrees to marry her.
         390/391. The comatose Jeremiah dies, and Barnabas announces he and Angelique will wed.
         392. Jeremiah's ghost summons Josette to the graveyard, where she and Naomi witness his hand rising from his grave.
         393. Joshua moves everyone into the new Collinwood mansion.
         394. Angelique summons Jeremiah's ghost to warn Barnabas he will haunt him forever if Barnabas marries Josette.
         395. Although Joshua disinherits Barnabas for his plans to marry Angelique, Naomi gives Barnabas the Old House as a present. Jeremiah's ghost begins haunting Angelique.
         396. Vicki confesses to Barnabas that she is from the future. Jeremiah's ghost shows Angelique an image of Angelique in a bloddy wedding gown and places her in his grave.
         397. Angelique calls to Ben who rescues her from Jeremiah's grave. Angelique marries Barnabas in the Old House.
         398. On a mission for Angelique, Ben is caught in Abigail's room and locked up after confessing the witch sent him.
         399. Certain Vicki is hiding there, Abigail requests Trask exorcise the Old House.
         400. During Trask's exorcism, Angelique causes Vicki's room to catch fire, sending Vicki out of the house and into Trask's arms.
         401. Barnabas forces Ben to reveal the witch's identity by spelling out the first letter of Angelique's name.
         402. Barnabas attempts to kill Angelique, first by poisoning, then with a dagger.
         403. Angelique warns Barnabas to not harm her or she will cause Josette to die.
         404. Jailed as a witch, Vicki meets jailor Peter Bradford, who believes her incredible story.
         405. After Barnabas shoots her, Angelique thinks she is dying and places a curse on Barnabas and a bat attacks him.
         406. Recovering from her gunshot wound, Angelique regrets her curse on Barnabas and attempts to keep him from dying.
         407. Josette visits Barnabas, aghast to find him near death.
         408. Believing Vicki is a witch, Josette begs her to save Barnabas. Vicki tells her about the Collins history book.
         409. Barnabas dies after pledging to Josette he'll be back.
         410. To prevent Barnabas from rising as a vampire, Angelique goes to the secret room in the mausoleum to stake him in his coffin.
         411. Barnabas rises as a vampire and strangles Angelique.
         412. With Peter's help, Vicki leaves her cell to retrieve the Collins history book, which she brought from the present.
         413. Sarah sees Barnabas outside her window and searches for him.
         414. Barnabas attacks Ruby Tate on the docks in town. Sarah runs in fear when she sees him with a bloodied face.
         415. Ben finds Sarah in the cemetary. He takes her home where she dies of pneumonia in the arms of Barnabas.
         416. Barnabas feels responsible for Sarah's death. Ben agrees to drive a stake through his heart.
         417. Angelique's spirit prevents Ben from staking Barnabas.
         418. Angelique summons Josette to the mausoleum where Barnabas almost bites her.
         419. Millicent accepts Nathan's marriage proposal.
         420. Nathan's wife Suki arrives, posing as his sister. Barnabas gives in to his urges and bites Josette.
         421. Noticing Josette's strange behavior, Natalie pleads with Vicki to break the spell.
         422. Joshua visits the mausoleum and finds Barnabas' coffin empty.
         423. Barnabas strangles Suki after she learns his identity. As she dies she's able to utter Barnabas' name to Nathan.
         424. Millicent discovers that Suki was Nathan's wife.
         425. To keep Barnabas from making Josette his vampire bride, Angelique lures her to Widows' Hill where she jumps to her death.
         426. Millicent informs Joshua that she's seen Barnabas in the cemetary.
         427. Vicki's witchcraft trial begins with Peter as her lawyer.
         428. Peter tries to get Ben to reveal the identity of the witch. Returning to the mausoleum secret room, Joshua finds Barnabas is back in his coffin.
         429. Barnabas vows to bring Josette back from the grave.
         430. After resurrecting Josette, Barnabas is terrified at her disfigured face. She begs to be returned to her grave.
         431. When Barnabas moves his coffin to the Old House basement, Abigail catches him rising at nightfall.
         432. Dead from fright, Abigail's body is found by young Daniel Collins, Millicent's brother, in the woods.
         433. Trask accuses Vicki of being responsible for Abigail's death.
         434. Disobeying Joshua, Naomi goes to the courthouse to testify on Vicki's behalf.
         435. Ben's testimony that Angelique is the witch is thrown out when Angelique appears in the courtroom and testifies.
         436. Peter and Ben dig up Angelique's grave and find it empty.
         437. The court finds Vicki guilty of witchcraft and sentences her to hang.
         438. Aware that Trask is responsible for the injustice against Vicki, Barnabas vows revenge, and haunts Trask in his room.
         439. On the docks, Barnabas attacks Maude Browning, but is forced to flee, leaving his cane behind, which Nathan discovers. Maude describes Barnabas and his ring to Nathan.
         440. Barnabas kills Maude and places her body in Trask's bed.
         441. Trask has a dream where Abigail leads him to the Old House.
         442. Barnabas forces Trask to write a declaration of Vicki's innocence and walls Trask up to die in the Old House basement.
         443. With the help of his friend Noah Gifford, Nathan schemes to gain control of Millicent's wealth, by rescuing her from a fake attack by the Collinsport Strangler, using Barnabas' cane. Peter convinces Natalie of Vicki's innocence by showing her Trask's letter, and leaves for Salem to find him.
         444. Nathan wins back Millicent's acceptance.
         445. Aware of Barnabas' supernatural existence, Nathan blackmails Joshua into allowing him to marry Millicent.
         446. After discovering Barnabas' coffin, Joshua decides he must destroy Barnabas.
         447. Joshua is stunned to discover bullets will not kill Barnabas, who informs his father that he's already dead.
         448. After marrying Millicent, Nathan decides he must drive her insane when he learns she's leaving her money to Daniel.
         449. Knowing Barnabas and his coffin have been moved to Collinwood's tower room, Nathan sends Millicent there and she's bitten.
         450. At Natalie's suggestion, Joshua brings in Bathia Mapes, a good witch, in an attempt to cure Barnabas.
         451. Angelique stops Bathia from helping Barnabas by sending her up in flames.
         452. As Vicki escapes jail, with Peter's help, she is wounded by a gunshot.
         453. After Ben hides her and Peter in the mausoleum secret room, Vicki dreams that Nathan is trying to kill Daniel.
         454. Nathan blackmails Noah to kill Daniel, but Vicki hides the boy in the secret room.
         455. Vicki saves Daniel's life by shooting Noah to death. Nathan takes Peter to jail, accusing him of Noah's murder.
         456. To prevent Naomi from implicating him with Daniel's abduction, Nathan tells her Barnabas is still among them.
         457. Naomi is horrified to witness Barnabas attacking Millicent at the gazebo.
         458. Naomi takes poison and goes to the tower room. She tells Barnabas she forgives him as she dies in his arms. Nathan kidnaps Vicki from Collinwood and turns her in for the reward.
         459. Barnabas threatens to kill Nathan at 9 p.m. after learning Nathan was responsible for Naomi learning Barnabas' secret. As Barnabas comes for him, Nathan fires a wooden arrow into his heart.
         460. After Barnabas kills Nathan, Joshua chains Barnabas in his coffin in the mausoleum secret room. As Vicki is hanged at the gallows, Peter vows to find her again someday.
         461. When the hood is pulled off the dead body at the gallows, the body of Phyllis Wick is found, not Vicki. In the present day, Vicki finds herself back at the seance.
         462. Vicki is warned by the ghost of Jeremiah to avoid Barnabas. Vicki is then bitten by Barnabas, who fears that she has learned his secret in the past.
         463. Barnabas is terrified when he sees Vicki has purchased a portrait of Angelique from a local antique shop.
         464. Professor Timothy Eliot Stokes attempts to buy the portrait from Vicki, but Roger has become enamored with it. Although Vicki cannot clearly recall the events of 1795, Barnabas decides he must have control over her.
         465. Joe finds Vicki's charm bracelet in the old courthouse, where it had been left since Vicki's trial. Under Barnabas' power, Vicki agrees to elope with him, but she crashes her car when she sees a Peter look-alike at the roadside.
         466. Barnabas and Vicki are hospitalized. Dr. Eric Lang reveals Barnabas to the sunlight for the first time in 200 years.
         467. Dr. Lang informs Barnabas he has been cured by a blood transfusion.
         468. With Barnabas a human again, his fang marks on Vicki and Carolyn have disappeared.
         469. Lang tells Jeff Clark, his assistant who looks exactly like Peter Bradford, to stay away from Vicki.
         470. Vicki tells Barnabas she cannot marry him because she is in love with Jeff, who she believes is Peter Bradford.
         471. With his experiment to permanently cure Barnabas, Lang offers to give Barnabas the physical appearance of Jeff.
         472. Angelique's portrait possesses Roger into nearly killing Lang.
         473. Roger appears with a new, mysterious wife, Cassandra.
         474. Vicki realizes Cassandra is Angelique in disguise.
         475. Barnabas gives Lang a talisman to protect him from Angelique's witchcraft.
         476. Dr. Lang reveals his experiment will transfer Barnabas' life force into a man-made creature.
         477. In a dream, Angelique tells Barnabas his curse will return as the climax of a dream curse, passed on by those around him.
         478. The dream curse begins with Maggie, who dreams of a room full of doors where she finds a skull.
         479. Barnabas tries to dissuade Lang from using Jeff's head in the experiment.
         480. Julia hypnotizes Jeff into forgetting that Lang tried to kill him, and then discovers that the experiment involves the creation of a living being from human parts.
         481. Cassandra forces Tony to steal the talisman from Lang.
         482. Maggie tells her dream to Jeff, who subsequently has the same dream, with the additional discovery of a skeleton.
         483. Barnabas persuades Julia to release Willie from Windcliff. Joe orders Willie to stay away from Maggie.
         484. Lang has the dream. At its climax he sees a headless creature, his creation, laughing at him.
         485. The experiment begins. Cassandra makes Lang ill.
         486. Before dying, Lang leaves a message on his tape recorder. Julia has the dream.
         487. Julia asks Stokes to help stop the dream curse.
         488. Julia studies Lang's notes on the experiment.
         489. Cassandra renders David mute when he goes to tell Roger of her treachery.
         490. Julia tells the dream to Mrs. Johnson, and then conducts the experiment. Afterwards, Barnabas is still alive and the creation, Adam, also comes to life.
         491. Barnabas and Julia find Adam cannot speak and seems to act like a small child.
         492. Cassandra erases David's memory and lifts his silence so that Mrs. Johnson will fall asleep and have the dream, which she does.
         493. After Adam runs away, Barnabas captures him, places him in chains, and hides him in the Old House basement cell.
         494. Willie secretly gives Josette's earrings to Maggie, and Adam privately hears Lang's message on the tape recorder.
         495. Adam escapes and is shot by Roger, who thinks he is threatening David.
         496. Julia treats Adam's wounds. He learns to speak.
         497. Wearing Josette's earrings compels Maggie to visit the Old House, where Willie tries to be friends with her. Mrs. Johnson tells David the dream, and he has it with Willie as his beckoner.
         498. Barnabas hires Sam to age the portrait of Angelique. As he does, Cassandra ages.
         499. Cassandra causes Sam to become blind after he refuses to return the portrait to her.
         500. Taunted by Willie, Adam escapes and attacks Barnabas.
         501. Barnabas decides to kill Adam. Adam kidnaps Carolyn.
         502. Adam tries to comfort Carolyn. Willie has the dream.
         503. Julia hypnotizes Willie, but he cannot forget the dream. Adam is captured and jailed.
         504. Liz suspects Barnabas knows who Adam is. Adam escapes from jail.
         505. After saving Carolyn from falling off Widows' Hill, Adam leaps off the cliff.
         506. Barnabas and Willie search for Adam. Willie tries to tell the dream to Carolyn.
         507. Stokes and Julia hypnotize Carolyn so that she will have the dream with Stokes as her beckoner rather than Barnabas. Carolyn has the dream.
         508. Stokes has the dream with Sam Evans as his beckoner. Refusing to open the doors, Stokes confronts Angelique, and refuses to tell Sam the dream when he comes to hear it.
         509. Sam befriends Adam, who runs off when Stokes arrives.
         510. In an attempt to defeat Angelique, Stokes, Julia and Tony hold a seance to summon Reverend Trask.
         511. Trask's spirit appears to prepare revenge on Barnabas.
         512. Trask summons Barnabas' 1795 victims, holds a mock trial, and finds him guilty.
         513. Cassandra tries to give Sam tobacco that will induce him to have the dream, but it is intercepted by Stokes. When Liz threatens to tell Roger she saw Cassandra and Tony kissing, Cassandra puts a spell on her.
         514. Cassandra's spell makes Liz terrified of being buried alive.
         515. Julia sees the ghost of Josette weeping and realizes Barnabas is bricked up behind the Old House basement wall.
         516. Julia and Willie rescue Barnabas. Cassandra makes Liz believe she's Naomi.
         517. Cassandra visits Sam in the hospital, compelling him to tell the dream to Vicki.
         518. Sam dies before he can tell Vicki the complete dream. Stokes befriends Adam.
         519. Trask exorcises Cassandra, causing her to disappear.
         520. Believing she's Naomi, Liz takes poison.
         521. Warlock Nicholas Blair arrives at Collinwood, claiming to be Cassandra's brother.
         522. Nicholas takes Angelique's portrait to discover her whereabouts.
         523. Unable to learn anything from the ghost of Trask, Nicholas hypnotizes Tony to learn where Cassandra is.
         524. Jeff dreams of Nathan Forbes in the past. Jeff attacks Joe, thinking he's Nathan.
         525. Nicholas uses Vicki to lead him to the tree where Cassandra was exorcised.
         526. Nicholas brings Cassandra back to Collinwood.
         527. Stokes warns Vicki to leave town to avoid the dream.
         528. While Vicki stays at Evans Cottage, Maggie sees Angelique appear at Vicki's bedside.
         529. Vicki discovers Angelique has attempted to trick her into having the dream.
         530. Cassandra raises Sam's ghost, forcing him to tell Vicki the dream.
         531. Barnabas and Willie take Joe to the hospital after he's attacked by Adam. Vicki has the dream.
         532/533. Maggie meets Nicholas, who is infatuated with her.
         534. Cassandra tricks Barnabas into confronting Vicki.
         535. Barnabas forces Vicki to tell him the dream so she won't suffer. He wakes unharmed, but is attacked by a bat.
         536. Barnabas and Adam die. Willie and Julia bury Barnabas.
         537. Julia realizes Barnabas is not dead when Adam comes back to life.
         538. Stokes and Julia dig up Barnabas, who is still human.
         539. Carolyn hides Adam in the west wing of Collinwood. Nicholas tells Angelique that he will destroy her unless she discovers why her curse failed, and skeletonises her hand as a warning.
         540. David plays Lang's taped message to Cassandra.
         541. Nicholas spares Angelique when she plays the tape for him, and becomes fascinated by the experiment that created Adam. He changes the tape before David plays it for Julia.
         542. Adam reads Carolyn a love poem when she brings food.
         543. Nicholas summons Lang's ghost and learns Julia brought Adam to life. Interested in Adam, he forbids Cassandra to harm him.
         544. By summoning the spirits of people that Adam was created from, Nicholas discovers that Adam is hidden at Collinwood.
         545. Nicholas meets Adam, gaining his friendship and trust.
         546. After Cassandra tries to kill Adam, Nicholas takes away her powers. She leaves Roger and goes to kill Barnabas.
         547. Cassandra confesses to Barnabas she's really Angelique but fails to kill him. She begins to age rapidly.
         548. Barnabas refuses to forgive Angelique of her past evils, and she dies.
         549. Nicholas moves into a house by the ocean and places Angelique's coffin in the basement. Carolyn spurns Adams advances.
         550. Adam tries to kill himself when he learns where he came from.
         551. Adam demands that Barnabas create a mate for him.
         552. Vicki informs Barnabas she and Jeff will be married.
         553. After abducting her, Adam tells Vicki she's a hostage.
         554. Handyman Tom Jennings finds Angelique's coffin and is attacked in the woods.
         555. Adam drugs Vicki and takes her to Nicholas' house.
         556. Nicholas releases Angelique as a vampire under his power.
         557. Stokes tries to get Adam to tell him where Vicki is.
         558. Julia agrees to create a mate for Adam, who threatens to destroy the entire Collins family, provided that Vicki is released first.
         559. Nicholas wipes Vicki's memory and releases her. After seeing Joe with Maggie, Nicholas orders Angelique to attack Joe.
         560. Willie is persuaded to help with the experiment. Joe is summoned to Nicholas' house, where he is bitten by Angelique.
         561. Julia prepares to create Adams' mate.
         562. Nicholas fears Tom will reveal Angelique's secret.
         563. Under Angelique's control, Joe helps her kill Tom.
         564. Tom's coffin is found empty when Barnabas forces Willie to dig up the grave.
         565. As a vampire, Tom attacks Julia at the Old House.
         566. Barnabas discovers the fang marks on Julia's neck. Julia tells Barnabas she cannot finish the experiment.
         567. Jeff discovers the body and agrees to help with the experiment. Barnabas tries unsuccessfully to kill Tom.
         568. Roger learns that Liz has escaped from Windcliff, where she's been under observation for her fear of death.
         569. Tom bites Julia again after summoning her to his tomb.
         570. Barnabas rescues Julia and fights Tom.
         571. After dawn, Barnabas stakes Tom in his coffin, but later the coffin is missing.
         572. Joe uncontrollably leaves Maggie when Angelique calls.
         573. Joe apologizes to Maggie, but leaves again when Angelique summons. Nicholas learns from Willie how the experiment to create Adam used a life force.
         574. Angelique learns how Barnabas' life force was used in the experiment, and how it caused her curse to fail. She believes that her own vampirism will be drained if she is the life force in the next experiment.
         575. Determined to be the life force in the second experiment, Angelique bites Jeff.
         576. Roger offers Jeff a job that will take him out of town for a month, but Jeff turns it down. Liz dreams of being buried alive.
         577. Adam attacks Tony after seeing him kiss Carolyn. Liz changes her will to demand that airholes and a buzzer be installed in her coffin.
         578. Adam escapes from the west wing. Roger is shocked at the changes in Liz's will.
         579. Vicki returns her engagement ring when Jeff can't explain his strange behavior.
         580. Learning more about the experiment, Angelique again bites Jeff and orders him to begin.
         581. Jeff begins the experiment using Angelique as the life force.
         582. Unaware Angelique is present, Barnabas stops the experiment and decides Maggie must be the life force.
         583. Fearing for Maggie's safety, Willie kidnaps her.
         584. Willie hides Maggie in the mausoleum secret room.
         585. Barnabas vows to kill Adam, but Adam beats him up.
         586. Barnabas and Carolyn save Vicki from being strangled by Adam, who wants Carolyn for the life force.
         587. Willie stops Maggie from escaping from the mausoleum.
         588. Maggie remembers what Barnabas was and what he did to her.
         589. Carolyn tells Barnabas she will be the life force for Adam's mate, Eve.
         590. Julia begins the experiment after Adam prevents her from hypnotizing Maggie.
         591. Something goes wrong during the experiment, and Julia warns Carolyn may die.
         592. After the experiment, Carolyn appears to be dead and her body disappears.
         593. Julia tries to hypnotize Maggie into forgetting.
         594. Carolyn reappears in full health. Nicholas summons Danielle Roget's evil spirit to serve as the new life force.
         595. Adam brings Leona Eltridge to the Old House. She dies during the experiment and Eve comes to life.
         596. Stokes reveals that Leona Eltridge is an anagram for Danielle Roget, one of the 18th century's most evil women.
         597. Spirits lead Barnabas and Stokes to the basement where Danielle's body has disappeared, along with Adam and Eve.
         598. David frees Maggie after seeing Willie leave the secret room in the mausoleum.
         599. Maggie runs to Joe and sees him being attacked by Angelique. Since Barnabas' survival is necessary for Adam's continued existence, Nicholas erases Maggie's memory of her kidnapping.
         600. Eve tells Nicholas of her hatred for Adam.
         601. Harry tells Nicholas that Barnabas plans to kill Eve.
         602. Adam brings Eve to the basement of Nicholas' house.
         603. After making plans for a special mausoleum, Liz is found in the cemetary and thought to be dead.
         604. Liz suddenly revives after being declared dead. Vicki decides to give Jeff another chance.
         605. Barnabas goes to Nicholas' house to kill Eve, but finds Angelique waiting there for him.
         606. Angelique bites Barnabas, putting him under her power. Nicholas demands she not see Barnabas without permission.
         607. Angelique rejects Joe, who stabs himself in a rage.
         608. Summoned by Angelique, Barnabas takes Joe's body to Julia, who discovers the wounds on Joe's neck.
         609. Eve sees Jeff outside Collinwood and calls him Peter Bradford.
         610. Nicholas sends Eve back to the past to meet Peter, who rejects her love.
         611. Maggie turns down Nicholas' marriage proposal.
         612. Angelique orders Barnabas to give Joe poison.
         613. Julia catches Barnabas trying to give poisoned medicine to Joe, who later tries to strangle Barnabas.
         614. After Joe is found unconscious in the mausoleum, he confesses he attempted to kill Barnabas.
         615. The sheriff questions Mrs. Johnson, Julia, and Barnabas about Joe.
         616. Julia locks Barnabas in the basement after discovering fang marks on his neck. He escapes through a secret passage.
         617. Roger dreams about Vicki and Jeff's wedding and is determined to stop it after seeing Eve kissing Jeff.
         618. Planning to go away with him, Angelique summons Barnabas to a hut near the sea, but he later escapes.
         619. Vicki finds Barnabas in the woods and brings him to the west wing. Julia sees Angelique in the woods.
         620. At Nicholas' house, Julia finds Adam suffering from the same neck wounds as Barnabas.
         621. Nicholas plans to destroy Angelique, but her coffin is empty.
         622. Angelique has moved to a different coffin. She performs a ceremony to send Eve back in time to find Peter.
         623. In 1796, Eve sees Peter in jail. Refusing her offer of help, he writes her a note before going to the gallows.
         624. Eve returns to the present and prepares to stop Jeff and Vicki's wedding.
         625. Jeff calls off the wedding and goes to Peter Bradford's grave after Eve gives him the note from Peter.
         626. Jeff digs up Peter's grave and finds it empty. Adam kills Eve, and Jeff and Vicki find her body in his closet.
         627. Joe and Julia meet Chris Jennings and mistake him for his late, identical brother, Tom.
         628. Angelique visits the Netherworld, and tells Diabolos that Nicholas is in love with Maggie.
         629. Diabolos orders Nicholas to sacrifice Maggie in a Black Mass.
         630. When Vicki learns of his plans, Nicholas revives Tom and orders him to attack her.
         631. Tom vanishes forever when Barnabas confronts him with a crucifix at sunrise.
         632. Chris' young sister Amy is pleased her brother will stay in town. Strange noises are heard in Chris' hotel room.
         633/634. Barnabas prevents Adam from reviving Eve with a new experiment. Nicholas appears to be destroyed in a fireball.
         635. Adam kidnaps Vicki again, hoping to reattempt the experiment himself, but he fails.
         636. Stokes prepares to send Adam to a clinic to remove his scars. Jeff discovers he really is Peter Bradford.
         637. After they are married, Vicki watches in horror as Jeff fades away, back to his own time in the 1700's.
         638. Liz is attacked by a strange animal in the woods.
         639. When Amy moves in, David shows her the west wing where she talks with Quentin Collins on a disconnected telephone.
         640. David and Amy hold a seance to contact Quentin.
         641. Stokes tells Vicki she can be with Jeff if she dies.
         642. During a seance to contact Jeff, the spirit of a gypsy, Magda, speaks through Carolyn.
         643. Amy tells David that Quentin is angry.
         644. David searches for Quentin after hearing his music in the west wing.
         645. Liz and Barnabas search for David and Amy, who find Quentin's skeleton in his sealed-off room.
         646. The ghosts of Quentin and Beth Chavez possess David and Amy after silently appearing before them.
         647. The possessed David and Amy try to kill Roger. Stokes brings Janet Findlay, a medium to investigate Collinwood.
         648. The children trap Ms. Findlay in the secret passage. Amy sees the mark of the pentagram on Joe.
         649. Ms. Findlay dies of fright after encountering Quentin.
         650. Jeff briefly returns to the present before he and Vicki disappear together into the past.
         651. Following a visit from Joe, Chris transforms into a werewolf.
         652/653. Joe is attacked by the werewolf. Maggie is hired as David's new governess. Chris convinces Joe to shoot him after he turns back into the werewolf, but the bullets have no effect.
         654. Liz has a nightmare where Cassandra tells her she'll be buried alive. Joe kidnaps Amy to try to save her from the werewolf curse.
         655. Liz falls into a death-like coma.
         656. To get them away from Collinwood, Barnabas decides the children should go on a trip with him and Maggie to Boston.
         657. When Vicki's clothes reappear in her closet, Mrs. Johnson believes she wants to return from the past.
         658. Joe is taken to Windcliff in a straightjacket after seeing visions of Tom as a vampire and Chris as a werewolf.
         659. David photographs Barnabas and Carolyn, but a silhouette image of Vicki, hanging, appears on the photo.
         660. Barnabas decides to go back in time to save Vicki.
         661. Barnabas tells Julia how he killed Nathan the night that Vicki was hanged, and summons Peter to help him to back to 1796.
         662. In 1796, Barnabas tells Ben he plans to alter history. Sending Joshua away he relives the confrontation with Nathan.
         663. Rather than killing him, Barnabas forces Nathan to sign a confession that he lied during Vicki's witchcraft trial, and when he said that Peter killed Noah.
         664. Nathan's confession frees Peter, but not Vicki. Angelique tells Barnabas she'll save Vicki by putting her under a spell to make her appear dead, but then decides not to release her.
         665. Vicki comes back to life after Ben torches Angelique. Natalie discovers Barnabas' existence and vows to avenge Josette's death.
         666. Ben kills Nathan and Natalie to keep them from staking Barnabas and then complies with Barnabas's request to chain him in his coffin.
         667. In the present, Julia and Willie release Barnabas from the chained coffin.
         668. Carolyn convinces Chris to move into the vacant caretaker's cottage on the estate.
         669. Maggie rescues Mrs. Johnson after David locks her in the cottage.
         670. Maggie nearly witnesses Chris turn into the werewolf.
         671. Presumed dead, Liz is paralyzed in her coffin, but senses that Carolyn is in danger.
         672. Carolyn is attacked by the werewolf, but Barnabas rescues her. Liz revives and returns to Collinwood.
         673. Barnabas visits Chris, telling him about the attack. Amy instinctfully burns Chris' blood-stained shirt.
         674. Carolyn's friend Donna visits Chris as he turns into the werewolf.
         675. Under suspicion for Donna's death, Chris is taken into custody, then released when Barnabas provides an alibi.
         676. Chris confides in Barnabas the story of the night when he first changed into the werewolf.
         677. Barnabas and Julia find Chris unconscious after Quentin's ghost poisons him.
         678. Beth warns Amy that Quentin is trying to kill Chris.
         679. Quentin scares Amy. Maggie follows David to the west wing.
         680. David vows revenge when Maggie punishes him for lying. Maggie shocked to see Quentin in the west wing.
         681. Maggie and Liz search the west wing, but only find a dummy dressed like Quentin.
         682. At a seance, Mrs. Findley speaks through Mrs. Johnson.
         683. Julia hypnotizes Chris to learn if he knows anything about Beth, who later appears to him in the woods.
         684. After finding a pentagram in a child's coffin, Barnabas calls jeweler Ezra Braithwaite for assistance.
         685. Ezra dies of fright after Quentin appears to him and Ezra realizes he is the same Quentin who lived in 1897.
         686. Roger returns from a business trip, disturbed to find Barnabas accusing David of stealing Ezra's record book.
         687. Barnabas places Chris in the mausoleum secret room so everyone will be safe when Chris turns into the werewolf.
         688. Ned Stuart tells Barnabas about his sister, Sabrina, who was once going to marry Chris.
         689. To punish David for not fully obeying his orders, Quentin causes David's arm to feel as if it is on fire.
         690. Chris accuses Ned of poisoning him. Maggie hears Quentin's laughter as she searches for David and Amy.
         691. Quentin begins to strangle Maggie but Liz and Mrs. Johnson rescue her. Maggie and Liz hear Quentin's music.
         692. Liz and Julia are convinced the children are possessed by two ghosts. Chris and Julia visit Ned and Sabrina.
         693. Stokes performs an exorcism on Collinwood.
         694. Quentin's laughter is heard echoing through the empty mansion after the family abandons Collinwood.
         695. Hoping to end Quentin's control, David and Amy sneak back into Collinwood to destroy the old telephone.
         696. Barnabas finds Maggie in a 19th century gown, unable to remember her name.
         697. When Barnabas meets Sabrina, she sees his wolf's head cane and recalls what happened with Chris two years earlier.
         698. At the mausoleum, Barnabas and Julia discover Chris is still a werewolf even though there is no full moon.
         699. Julia believes there is a connection between Chris and Quentin.
         700. In an effort to save the comatose David, Barnabas goes into an I Ching trance, hoping to make contact with Quentin.
         701. Barnabas inadvertently travels to the year 1897, where he summons Sandor the gypsy to free him from his coffin.
         702. Magda the gypsy meets Barnabas and realizes he is a vampire after he places her husband Sandor under his powers.
         703. Quentin is immediately suspicious when Barnabas introduces himself at Collinwood as a cousin from England.
         704. Quentin demands that his elderly grandmother Edith Collins tell him the family secret.
         705. After seeing Barnabas, Edith unsuccessfully tries to tell Edward Collins that Barnabas is the family secret.
         706. Edith dies and Edward vows to learn the family secret.
         707. Governess Rachel Drummond sees a light coming from the tower after Quentin tells her the legend of the tower room.
         708. Quentin forces young Jamison Collins to steal Edith's will, which is hidden inside her coffin.
         709. Barnabas tells Rachel she resembles Josette Collins.
         710. Angelique rises from the flames after Quentin and Evan Handley hold a ritual to raise a spirit to deal with Barnabas.
         711. When Barnabas believes Rachel is the reincarnation of Josette, Angelique casts a spell, causing Rachel to choke.
         712. Angelique hypnotizes Rachel to lie in Barnabas' coffin.
         713. Barnabas asks Magda for an amulet to protect Rachel.
         714. Brothers Quentin, Edward and Carl Collins are shocked when sister Judith is the sole beneficiary of Edith's will.
         715. The insane Jenny Collins, Quentin's wife, escapes from the locked tower room and sets fire to Edward's room.
         716. Jenny attacks Rachel and locks her in the tower room.
         717. Judith move Jenny to the basement for safekeeping.
         718. While investigating the tower room, Angelique confronts Barnabas who is shocked that she has returned. Quentin tries to kill Barnabas with voodoo.
         719. Jenny hears Quentin's music and escapes from her room.
         720. After Jenny stabs Quentin and leaves him to die, Barnabas finds servant Dirk Wilkins standing over the body.
         721. Hoping to save Quentin, Barnabas summons Angelique.
         722. Resurrected as a zombie, Quentin possesses Jamison.
         723. Barnabas and Carl cover his grave with cement, but Quentin escapes as the zombie and abducts Rachel.
         724. Using instructions in an old letter that Barnabas wrote to Jeremiah, Barnabas, Magda, and Sandor unsuccessfully perform a ceremony to make Quentin's spirit return to his body.
         725. Through prayer, Reverend Gregory Trask attempts to rid Jamison's body of Quentin's spirit.
         726. When Quentin and Jamison return to normal, Trask believes his prayers were responsible for their recovery.
         727. Barnabas bites Charity Trask, the reverend's daughter.
         728. Edward refuses to tell Quentin where Jenny is hidden.
         729. After seeing a vision in the flames, young Nora Collins searches for her long-absent mother, Laura Collins.
         730. When Laura returns to Collinwood, her husband Edward offers her money to go away forever.
         731. Quentin attempts to strangle Laura, insisting that he saw her die on a burning pyre in Egypt.
         732. Laura renders Quentin unconscious with fiery pain. Angelique agrees to revive him if Barnabas will marry her.
         733. Rachel warns Laura of the cruelties Jamison and Nora will endure if they stay at Trask's Worthington Hall school.
         734. Trask vows severe punishment when Jamison escapes from school after being locked in a closet for disobedience.
         735. When Trask refuses to return the children to Laura, Worthington Hall catches on fire.
         736. Quentin tries to destroy Laura by extinguishing the fire in the urn containing her supernatural powers.
         737. Laura prays to Ra, the Egyptian sun god, and enslaves Dirk, deriving from him the warmth she needs to survive.
         738. Laura tells Jamison that Quentin is trying to kill her. Barnabas is shocked at the sight of Laura.
         739. Barnabas and Charity find a portrait of Jeremiah Collins' first wife who looks exactly like Laura.
         740. Barnabas sends Sandor to find Laura's grave. Edward tells Barnabas what he knows of Laura's history.
         741. Barnabas questions Quentin about what happened in Egypt. Laura admits she's come back for her children.
         742. Barnabas uses an incantation from the Egyptian Book of the Dead to conjure up the spirit of Laura.
         743. Quentin and Barnabas decide to try to destroy Laura.
         744. Jenny meets Barnabas at the Old House. Fearing for his life, Quentin takes a pistol and searches for Jenny.
         745. Magda is shocked to find that Jenny, her sister, has gone mad and has been locked away secretly in Collinwood.
         746. Magda threatens to curse Quentin if he doesn't leave Jenny alone.
         747. Jenny prepares to kill Beth and Quentin after overhearing them declare their love for each other.
         748. In a desperate struggle, Quentin accidentally kills Jenny.
         749. Magda warns Quentin his curse will begin at nightfall.
         750. At sunset, Magda recites an incantation. Quentin is struck with sudden pain when the full moon rises.
         751. At Trask's school, teacher Dorcas Trilling is murdered.
         752. Evan believes a pentagram may protect Quentin from the curse, but Quentin turns into a werewolf as Beth watches.
         753. Beth protects herself from the werewolf by stepping inside a pentagram drawn on the floor.
         754. Jamison goes to Laura, who vows to leave Collinwood soon.
         755. In grave of Ben Stokes, Dirk finds his diary, which Laura believes contains the secret of Barnabas.
         756. Laura plans to destroy Barnabas after learning he is a vampire.
         757. Angelique and Quentin perform a ceremony to take Laura's life force away from her.
         758. Laura calls on Ra to help her destroy Angelique with fire.
         759. Barnabas attacks Dirk and destroys Laura's letter to Judith which reveals Barnabas is a vampire.
         760. Laura attempts to lure Jamison and Nora into the fire, but Angelique's spell causes her to age and disappear.
         761. Quentin pleads with Evan to help him end the curse.
         762. Quentin and Evan grow suspicious of Trask's involvement with Judith.
         763. Magda regrets cursing Quentin when she learns of the existence of Quentin and Jenny's two half-gypsy children.
         764. Barnabas bites Beth when she fails to answer his questions.
         765. Beth tells Barnabas about Quentin's werewolf curse.
         766. Magda informs Barnabas of an old woman whose daughter may be able to lift Quentin's curse. .
         767. Jamison tells Barnabas of his dream about Quentin and David Collins and wonders why Quentin was dead in the dream.
         768. Barnabas orders Beth to guard him during the daytime.
         769. Barnabas attacks Dirk after he reveals Barnabas' secret to Jamison.
         770. After Jamison sees Barnabas' coffin, Edward investigates.
         771. Carl brings a new girlfriend to Collinwood, Pansy Faye, a showgirl and mentalist who dies mysteriously.
         772. At Trask's prompting, Evan's blackmagic forces teacher Tim Shaw to fatally poison Trask's wife, Minerva.
         773. Rachel suggests a hiding place to Tim, where he finds a coffin.
         774. Dirk, risen as a vampire, attacks Tim, Rachel, and Judith.
         775. Dirk orders Barnabas to bring Laura back to life.
         776. Edward discovers Dirk's hiding place and stakes him.
         777. When Tim threatens to reveal that Judith killed Rachel while under Dirk's influence, Trask is forced to absolve Tim of guilt for the murder of Minerva. Carl hears Pansy's voice in the graveyard.
         778. Magda returns from a trip with a strange box containing the magical hand of Count Petofi.
         779. After Carl sees Barnabas enter the mausoleum, Quentin traps Carl in the secret room with Barnabas in his coffin.
         780. Carl escapes from the mausoleum. Barnabas kills him, but not before Carl tells his secret to Trask.
         781. Barnabas is forced to vanish when Trask challenges him to watch the dawn. Trask and Edward chain Barnabas' empty coffin and cover it with a cross.
         782. Trask attempts to use Charity to trap Barnabas.
         783. The hand of Count Petofi mysteriously removes Barnabas' fang marks from Charity's throat.
         784. Trask persuades Judith to marry him and tells her Barnabas' secret.
         785. Edward learns Judith has altered her will in favor of Trask. Magda tries to cure Quentin with Petofi's hand.
         786. The werewolf is caught in the jaws of an animal trap.
         787. Evan steals the hand of Count Petofi. Barnabas tries to free the werewolf, but is stopped by Edward.
         788. Judith thinks she's Minerva and accuses Evan of murder.
         789. Evan and Trask raise Minerva's ghost to scare Judith.
         790. Quentin and Judith encounter the ghost of Minerva.
         791. Evan and Trask persuade Judith to sign a paper committing her to a sanitarium.
         792. A strange newcomer, Aristede, forces Quentin to give him Count Petofi's hand. Quentin asks for Angelique's help.
         793. Using the hand of Count Petofi, Angelique fails in her ceremony to cure Quentin.
         794. Julianka, a gypsy, tells Barnabas she'll end Quentin's curse if Count Petofi's hand is returned to the gypsies.
         795. Aristede traps Quentin under a bladed pendulum which will kill Quentin unless Aristede can regain Petofi's hand.
         796. Julianka is found dead with a strange mark on her head.
         797. During a seance, Julianka's spirit refuses to help Quentin. She curses Magda so that everyone she loves will die.
         798. After Sandor dies from Julianka's curse, Magda learns that Quentin's son is also dead, and tries to destroy the hand of Count Petofi.
         799. Aristede enlists Tim's help in regaining Petofi's hand.
         800. When new arrival Victor Fenn-Gibbon loses his glove, Magda and Quentin discover that he is really Count Petofi.
         801/802. Petofi possesses Jamison by placing him under a spell.
         803. Petofi's powers cause Edward to believe he's a servant.
         804. Charles Delaware Tate arrives to paint Quentin's portrait.
         805. Barnabas kidnaps Jamison and locks him in a cell.
         806. As Charity looks at Tate's portrait of Quentin, its features change to look like those of the werewolf.
         807. Aristede reveals Tate's talent was a gift from Petofi.
         808. Petofi learns Barnabas has travelled from the future.
         809. After Charity find Quentin in the woods with a wounded woman, she accuses Quentin him of being responsible.
         810. Magda summons Jennie's spirit to try to cure Quentin's daughter.
         811. At Trask's suggestion, Edward tries to strangle Quentin.
         812. Tim returns to town with Amanda Harris and possession of Count Petofi's hand, which he asks Nora to hide for him.
         813. Under Petofi's possession, Jamision takes Petofi's hand from Nora.
         814. Count Petofi recovers his hand and reattaches it.
         815. Count Petofi tells Barnabas he will cure Jamison if Barnabas will reveal the secret of his travel through time.
         816. After chaining Barnabas in his coffin, Petofi causes Jamison to be possessed by the spirit of David Collins.
         817. Quentin and Beth try to free Barnabas from his coffin.
         818. Finished with the portrait, Tate realizes that Quentin is the werewolf.
         819. Count Petofi causes Charity to be possessed by Pansy.
         820. Gypsy King Johnny Romano arrives looking for the hand.
         821. King Johnny accuses Magda of counterfeiting the hand.
         822. Tate sees Amanda and recognizes her as the fantasy woman he has been painting.
         823/824. Charity drugs Beth to keep her away from Quentin.
         825. Magda rescues Beth from Charity. By threatening to tell the Gypsies about Petofi's presence, Quentin wins Barnabas' release from the chained coffin.
         826. The gypsies place Magda on trial in the mausoleum.
         827. King Johnny prepares to cut off Petofi's hand.
         828. Aristede saves Petofi by killing King Johnny. Angelique tries to put an end to Petofi's spell.
         829. Edward and Jamison regain their true identities.
         830. Magda chains up Quentin and Trask discovers he is the werewolf.
         831. Trask locks Quentin in a basement cell to await his transformation into the werewolf. Angelique tries to make Trask confess to being the werewolf and commit suicide, but she is stopped by Petofi.
         832. When Quentin does not change during the full moon he finds the face in his portrait has changed instead.
         833. Tate discovers objects materialize after he paints them.
         834. Petofi offers to help Edward find and trap Barnabas.
         835. Edward imprisons Barnabas, but cannot bring himself to shoot the vampire. Barnabas disappears from the present.
         836. In the present, Beth's ghost tells Julia how she originally killed Quentin in 1897 when she learned that he was going to marry Angelique. Quentin's ghost kills David.
         837. Julia goes to 1897 using the I Ching wands, and Quentin frees Barnabas.
         838. Petofi prevents Beth from shooting Quentin to death.
         839. Julia agrees to stay in 1897 and try to cure Barnabas, but is kidnapped by Petofi.
         840. Using the I Ching wands, Petofi goes into a trance, but sees a a gypsy tribunal. Trying to rescue Julia, Barnabas causes Julia to be shot.
         841. Barnabas learns where Petofi is holding Julia hostage.
         842. Angelique agrees to help Barnabas defeat Petofi.
         843. Tate tells Tim how he created a man by painting him.
         844. When Lady Kitty Soames arrives to visit Edward, Barnabas recognizes her as the exact image of Josette.
         845. The possessed Charity stakes Barnabas in his coffin.
         846. Edward orders Barnabas' coffin to be sealed in the cave.
         847. Quentin asks Amanda to marry him and go away together.
         848. Tate learns Amanda loves Quentin and steals Quentin's portrait.
         849. Petofi learns he must have a body that's alive in the future to inhabit if he is to travel to the future.
         850. Quentin prepares to leave Collinwood with Amanda but is delayed when he finds his portrait is missing.
         851. Angelique forces Quentin to return to Collinwood and go through with their marriage by threatening to kill Amanda.
         852. Kitty dreams of Angelique bringing gifts from her suitor.
         853. Petofi gives Quentin a ring with special powers.
         854. Petofi demonstrates his powers by blinding Quentin and curing him.
         855. Beth desperately attempts to save Quentin from Petofi.
         856. Petofi's mind has taken over Quentin's body so that Petofi will have a body to inhabit in the 20th century.
         857. Aristede finds Petofi a woman to test the I Ching wands.
         858. Julia hears voices from the present and is drawn back from the past.
         859. Petofi orders Kitty to steal the portrait of Quentin.
         860. Angelique suddenly postpones her marriage to Quentin.
         861. Judith returns from the sanitarium, aware of Trask's scheme to take control of the Collins family wealth.
         862. With Petofi's mind in Quentin's body, Petofi makes Evan believe he really is Quentin.
         863. Quentin, his mind trapped in Petofi's body, forces Evan to dig a grave and threatens to bury him alive.
         864. Charity warns Angelique that Quentin isn't who he seems.
         865. Angelique learns about the mind switch from Petofi.
         866. At the Old House, Kitty is mesmerized by Josette's portrait.
         867. Angelique persuades Aristede to save her from the flames.
         868. Cured of his vampirism by Julia's treatments, Barnabas returns while a Doppelganger lays staked in his coffin.
         869. Believing that the Barnabas double in the coffin is the vampire, Edward and Quentin torch the coffin.
         870. Kitty accepts Edward's marriage proposal, but later comes to Barnabas when she believes she's Josette.
         871. Angelique tells Petofi how she created Barnabas' double.
         872. In the I Ching trance, Petofi moves through the door to Collinwood in the future, but is summoned back to 1897.
         873. Petofi causes Kitty to realize she is Josette's reincarnation.
         874. Beth discovers Petofi's mind is in Quentin's body.
         875. Quentin reverses the mind switch and becomes himself again.
         876. Under orders from Quentin, Aristede stabs Petofi.
         877. Petofi recalls saving Aristede from the ghost of Garth Blackwood, a prison master Aristede killed in England.
         878. While searching for Aristede, Blackwood murders Evan.
         879. At Judith's orders, Tim bricks up Trask in Quentin's room.
         880. Blackwood locates Aristede at the old mill and kills him.
         881. Quentin is determined to leave Collinwood as soon as possible.
         882. Barnabas persuades Angelique to help Quentin stay free of Petofi.
         883. Blackwood sets fire to Tate's studio with Petofi inside.
         884. Kitty, wearing Josette's wedding dress, fades into Josette's portrait.
         885. Barnabas fades into Josette's portrait and finds himself in the year 1796, where Josette has returned.
         886. Thinking Barnabas has betrayed her, Josette takes poison.
         887. Barnabas, captured by the ancient Leviathan beings, is greeted as their master and is returned to the 20th century.
         888. In the present, Julia and Carolyn meet new Collinsport residents, Megan and Philip Todd, owners of the antique shop.
         889. Julia is puzzled by Barnabas' strange behavior since his return.
         890. Oberon, the Leviathan leader, tells Barnabas in a dream how to recognize their Chosen Ones.
         891. Barnabas gives Megan the mysterious Leviathan box. When the lid is opened a loud breathing sound is heard.
         892. A stranger introduces himself to Carolyn as her father, Paul Stoddard.
         893. The Leviathan infant comes to stay with Philip and Megan.
         894/895. Barnabas tells Philip he will be punished for allowing the Leviathan book to be stolen.
         896. After stealing the Leviathan book, David is mesmerized by the sign of the Naga.
         897. The ghost of Jenny tells Chris he should find Quentin.
         898. Paul panics when he sees the Naga sign on his wrist.
         899. Liz refuses to believe Paul's explanation for returning.
         900. Paul realizes the Leviathans want to claim Carolyn due to an agreement he made with them when she was a child.
         901. At the antique shop Carolyn hears strange breathing coming from the baby's room.
         902. Paul warns Liz that Carolyn is in great danger.
         903. Olivia Corey learns a portrait is concealed underneath her Tate painting.
         904. While driving, Barnabas accidentally hits a man who resembles Quentin.
         905. Julia searches for proof that the injured man is Quentin, although he claims to be Grant Douglas.
         906. Megan introduces a young boy, Alexander, to Carolyn, claiming he is Philip's nephew.
         907. Despite Paul's warnings, Liz falls under possession of the Leviathans.
         908. Paul realizes that Alexander is one of the Leviathans.
         909. Julia attempts to help Grant realize he's Quentin.
         910. Olivia arranges for Grant to stay at the town inn.
         911. Hearing his music fails to bring back Quentin's memory.
         912. Possessed, Amy tells Alexander she'll obey his orders.
         913/914. Julia visits Harrison Monroe, discovering he's Charles Delaware Tate. A new Leviathan boy, Michael, appears.
         915. To protect the Leviathans, Michael orders Barnabas to kill Julia.
         916. Barnabas informs Liz that Julia must become a Leviathan.
         917. Realizing Liz is under the Leviathan's control, Paul escapes from Collinwood and warns the police of the danger.
         918. Chris and Grant visit Tate, who insists Grant is Quentin.
         919/920/921. Hoping for a cure to his curse, Chris forces Tate to paint his portrait before the full moon rises.
         922. Olivia confesses to Julia that she's really Amanda Harris and reveals a strange pact she made in 1897.
         923. Mr. Best informs Amanda she only has a few minutes to live unless she can make Quentin remember who she is.
         924. Julia discovers Angelique, who has married Sky Rumson and no longer wants anything to do with the Collins family.
         925. Michael causes Maggie to become trapped in a secret passage at Collinwood.
         926. Barnabas stops Megan from following Michael's orders to kill Philip.
         927. Michael begins to transform into the next Leviathan child.
         928. Michael tells Philip and Megan he wants to be human and has decided not to go through with the transformation.
         929. Barnabas decides to help Paul escape from Collinsport.
         930. Paul is attacked in Michael's room, but Barnabas saves him.
         931. Julia reveals Quentin's 1897 portrait to Amanda and Quentin, who still suffers from amnesia.
         932. The disfigured portrait brings back Quentin's memory.
         933. Quentin and Amanda begin their journey to escape Mr. Best, knowing they cannot touch until they cross the bridge. The Leviathans kill Paul Stoddard.
         934. Amanda becomes trapped on the falling bridge and is buried when she and Quentin accidentally touch.
         935. At the antique shop, Sheriff Davenport discovers Jeb Hawkes, who is the fully-grown Leviathan child, and is killed by him.
         936. Jeb accuses Barnabas of betraying him and the Leviathans.
         937. Julia notices the strange birthmark on Jeb's wrist is the same one that appeared on Alexander and Michael.
         938. Julia confronts Barnabas with her knowledge of the Leviathans.
         939. After Jeb proposes marriage to Carolyn, Barnabas tries to kill him.
         940. Barnabas begs Angelique for help in fighting the Leviathans.
         941. Jeb conceals Maggie in a crypt with Sheriff Davenport, who Jeb has risen from the dead as a zombie.
         942. Bruno arrives in town, anxious to prove his loyalty to Jeb.
         943. Sabrina presents Chris with a flower she hopes will cure him.
         944. Bruno tells Jeb that Sabrina can lead them to the werewolf.
         945. Carolyn has a dream in which Jeb reveals his true self.
         946. In the woods, Jeb is attacked by the werewolf.
         947. Barnabas prevents Jeb from learning Chris is the werewolf.
         948. Barnabas conducts a seance to reach Josette through Maggie, and learns that Josette took poison. Josette tells Barnabas to forget her. Philip turns on the Leviathans.
         949. Jeb catches Philip attempting to steal the Leviathan box.
         950. At the Leviathan altar, Barnabas is attacked by a bat.
         951. Again a vampire, Barnabas attacks a stranger and sets fire to the antique shop as revenge against the Leviathans.
         952. Julia tells Barnabas she'll resume her injections to cure his vampirism.
         953. Nicholas Blair returns to assist the Leviathans with their plans.
         954. Barnabas attacks Megan and places her under his power. Angelique learns that her husband Sky, is a Leviathan.
         955. Quentin stops Barnabas from biting Maggie. Angelique initiates a spell to make Quentin and Maggie fall in love.
         956. Willie and Maggie become trapped in the tower room.
         957. Nicholas punishes Jeb's disobedience by menacing him with a supernatural shadow to follow him wherever he goes.
         958. A mysterious figure of a man hanging appears in David's room.
         959. Learning Chris is the werewolf, Bruno takes him hostage.
         960. Bruno orders Davenport to kill Chris when the full moon rises.
         961. Bruno decides to kill Jeb by trapping him with the werewolf. Megan dies from blood loss after one of Barnabas' feedings.
         962. Bruno informs Jeb that Megan has been attacked by Barnabas.
         963. Jeb summons an army of zombies to kidnap Julia. Megan rises from the dead as a vampire.
         964. Jeb demands Julia cure him. The zombies bury Quentin alive.
         965. Nicholas warns Julia not to interfere with the Leviathans.
         966. Carolyn has a nightmare about Jeb killing her father.
         967. The ghost of Peter Bradford warns Jeb that he'll destroy him.
         968. Philip dies by falling off Widows' Hill. Angelique sends Peter back to his grave and vows to destroy Jeb.
         969. Jeb and Carolyn are married. Barnabas finds a room in the east wing which serves as entry to a parallel world.
         970. Julia tells Barnabas of Stokes' theory of parallel time.
         971. Julia instructs Willie to destroy Megan by staking her through the heart.
         972. Carolyn learns a supernatural shadow is trying to kill Jeb.
         973. In an effort to protect Chris, Sabrina tries to kill Bruno.
         974. Bruno holds Sabrina hostage. Nicholas vows to kill Jeb.
         975. Bruno sets a trap for Carolyn, locking her in a room with Chris as he is about to transform into the werewolf.
         976. The werewolf kills Bruno. Roger sees his own double in the parallel time room.
         977. Barnabas learns he has become immune to Julias vampirism cure. Unable to control his urges, he attacks Sabrina.
         978. Angelique agrees to help Jeb if he will destroy Nicholas.
         979. Sky vows revenge when Jeb kills Nicholas by placing the shadow on him.
         980. Sky pushes Jeb off Widows' Hill, and is then himself killed by Barnabas. Afraid of harming others in his own time, Barnabas enters parallel time.
         981. In the world of parallel time, Barnabas attacks Carolyn Loomis. Newlyweds Quentin and Maggie arrive.
         982. Writer William H. Loomis, Carolyn's husband, discovers Barnabas' secret and traps him in a chained coffin.
         983. Quentin's son, Daniel, is determined to drive Maggie away.
         984. Daniel believes his dead mother Angelique is coming back. Angelique's identical twin sister, Alexis, arrives.
         985. Scientist Cyrus Longworth tells Chris Collins of his experiments to separate a person's good and evil sides.
         986. Jealous of Alexis, Maggie has left Collinwood and sends a telegram to Quentin saying she may not return.
         987. Bruno suspects that Alexis is really Angelique.
         988. Quentin and Alexis stop Bruno from opening Angelique's tomb. Cyrus tests his experiment by drinking a potion.
         989. The police question Cyrus about an attack on Sabrina the previous night. Cyrus finds her ring in his pocket.
         990. Sabrina convinces everyone at Collinwood to participate in a seance to contact Angelique's spirit.
         991. Sabrina believes someone at the seance murdered Angelique. Daniel thinks Alexis is really Angelique.
         992. Hannah Stokes tells Bruno that Angelique's spirit is present at Collinwood.
         993. Alexis and Quentin become convinced Angelique is not at rest.
         994. The ghost of Damion Edwards begins haunting Collinwood.
         995. Cyrus drinks his potion and transforms into John Yaeger.
         996. Yaeger flirts with Blue Whale barmaid Buffie Harrington.
         997. Yaeger warns Buffie that she will never escape him.
         998. Believing she's Angelique, Bruno attempts to strangle Alexis.
         999. Quentin asks Cyrus for help in opening Angelique's tomb.
         1000. Quentin, Cyrus, and Alexis discover Angelique's body has been perfectly preserved in her tomb.
         1001. While Alexis view the body alone, Angelique comes back to life, kills Alexis and takes her place at Collinwood.
         1002. At Collinwood, Cyrus uncontrollably transforms into Yaeger.
         1003. Daniel and Amy Collins find the portrait of Barnabas.
         1004. In a dream, Damion's ghost warns Quentin he'll die by hanging.
         1005. Angelique opens a secret panel where Damion's skeleton is hidden.
         1006. Angelique performs a ceremony to eliminate Damion. Horace Gladstone learns Cyrus and Yaeger are the same man.
         1007. Gladstone blackmails Cyrus to keep quiet about his experiments.
         1008. Daniel becomes mesmerized by Barnabas' portrait. Quentin decides to conduct a seance to contact Barnabas' spirit.
         1009. At the seance, Joshua Collins' spirit warns that an evil presence at Collinwood has disturbed the dead. Yaeger kills Gladstone.
         1010. In a cave, Yaeger discovers a passageway leading to the Old House basement, where he finds Barnabas' chained coffin.
         1011. Yaeger escapes after Will stops him from opening Barnabas' coffin. Taking the antidote he turns back into Cyrus.
         1012. After Barnabas bites him, Will becomes his slave. Barnabas introduces himself at Collinwood as a British cousin.
         1013. After Quentin becomes suspicious of him, Barnabas unsuccessfully attempts to leave parallel time.
         1014. Angelique, still pretending to be Alexis, places a spell on Quentin to make him love Maggie, so that he will bring her back to be destroyed, but rather than admit his feelings he slashes her portrait and attempts suicide.
         1015. Angelique performs voodoo on Quentin after revealing to Hoffman that she's been masquerading as Alexis.
         1016. Angelique succeeds in bringing Maggie back to town, hoping to dissolve Quentin's and Maggie's marriage for good.
         1017. Barnabas warns Carolyn he'll kill Will if she exposes his secret. Barnabas unsuccessfully attempts to bite Maggie.
         1018. Cyrus tells Quentin his attack may have been caused by witchcraft. Quentin finds a voodoo doll in Maggie's luggage.
         1019. Maggie is upset to learn that Angelique was allegedly murdered.
         1020. Angelique kills family lawyer Larry Chase by transferring his body heat into her body so she may survive.
         1021. As Alexis, Angelique plants the suspicion in Maggie's mind that Quentin may have murdered Angelique.
         1022. After being bitten by Barnabas, Buffie is under his control. She tries to find out more about Yaeger for Barnabas.
         1023. Angelique sends a dream to Maggie, telling her she can find a secret Quentin has been hiding in Angelique's room.
         1024. Maggie finds Quentin's love letters to Angelique.
         1025. Angelique summons Maggie to Angelique's room, where the portrait speaks to Maggie, telling her to kill herself.
         1026. Liz stops Maggie from jumping out a window. Barnabas confronts Angelique and tells her he knows she's not Alexis.
         1027. Angelique reveals to her father, Timothy Stokes that she's not Alexis and asks for help in dealing with Barnabas.
         1028. After discovering his secret, Sabrina tries to convince Yaeger to turn back into Cyrus, but he refuses.
         1029. Yaeger kidnaps Maggie and hides her in a farmhouse basement.
         1030. Yaeger forces Maggie to write a note to Quentin saying that she's leaving him for good.
         1031. Angelique tells Hoffman they must destroy Barnabas.
         1032. Barnabas briefly returns to his normal time and tells Julia he must go back to parallel time to save Maggie.
         1033. Liz tells Barnabas she dreamed of finding Maggie dead in a laboratory.
         1034. Yaeger tries to attack Liz after she witnesses him killing Sabrina. Hoffman discovers Barnabas' coffin.
         1035. Barnabas saves Maggie by killing Yaeger, who turns back into Cyrus after he dies.
         1036. Julia arrives from regular time and kills Hoffman, who nearly stakes Barnabas. Julia decides to pose as Hoffman.
         1037. Bruno tells Angelique, thinking she's Alexis, that Cyrus' journal reveals Quentin murdered Angelique.
         1038. Julia learns Angelique is staying alive through her father's experiments, transferring an unknown life force into her.
         1039. Barnabas and Julia discover Stokes' secret lab and the life force body of a beautiful woman Barnabas refuses to kill.
         1040. After Bruno tells the police that Quentin killed Angelique, Angelique kills Bruno and frames Quentin for his death.
         1041. Angelique makes Maggie and Quentin suspect each other of Bruno's death, and influences Quentin to escape from jail.
         1042. Julia and Carolyn decide they must find out who the real murderer is before Quentin gets into further trouble.
         1043. After a dream, Carolyn admits to Barnabas she thinks Liz killed Angelique.
         1044. Angelique panics when she discovers Barnabas and Will have stolen the life force body from Stokes' cottage.
         1045. Will jumps to his death from the tower room when Angelique tries to make him reveal Barnabas' secret.
         1046. After Barnabas revives the life force body of Roxanne Drew, Angelique becomes weak. Roxanne disappears from the Old House.
         1047. Carolyn finds Quentin hiding in the tower room. Barnabas finds Roxanne collapsed on Claude North's grave.
         1048. Barnabas wants to know Roxanne's connection to Claude North. Carolyn tells Roger that Angelique is posing as Alexis.
         1049. In the tower room, Carolyn is stabbed to death by an unseen culprit.
         1050. Julia thinks she has failed in her experiment to bring Roxanne back to life, but Roxanne revives when Julia leaves.
         1051. Barnabas longs to know who Roxanne is. Claude North finds her at the Old House, but he's unable to sneak her out.
         1052. After Quentin seems to nearly strangle Maggie, Barnabas comforts her.
         1053. An insane Roger kills Liz after she learns he killed Carolyn after she discovered he had murdered Angelique.
         1054. Although Angelique has learned Julia's real identity and locked her in a dungeon, Julia won't reveal Barnabas' secret.
         1055. Angelique kills Roger by draining his body warmth into her body. Barnabas discovers Claude reviving Roxanne.
         1056. Roxanne comes fully to life and Angelique dies as a result. Free from Angelique's control, Maggie and Quentin reunite.
         1057. After Barnabas finds Claude stabbed to death, Barnabas accuses Stokes of killing him to get back Roxanne.
         1058. Barnabas can't find Julia and fears she is dead. So that they can be together, he bites Roxanne, with her consent.
         1059. Roxanne warns Barnabas that Stokes found the bite marks on her neck and knows he's a vampire. She has a vision which enables Barnabas to find Julia in the dungeon.
         1060. Stokes sets Collinwood on fire. Separated from Roxanne, Barnabas and Julia unintentionally leave parallel time.
         1061. Barnabas is devastated at losing Roxanne. He and Julia are stunned to discover they've travelled to the year 1995.
         1062. Barnabas and Julia find Carolyn in a beach shack. She refuses to reveal why Collinwood is abandoned and in ruins.
         1063. After the sheriff warns them to leave town, Barnabas and Julia hide in the Old House, and see an unknown evil spirit.
         1064. The elderly Mrs. Johnson visits the mentally unsound Carolyn, who insists the rest of the family will return.
         1065. Barnabas and Julia search the playroom for clues, and later find an insane, but unaged Quentin trying to slash his portrait.
         1066. Barnabas and Julia see David's ghost. Quentin warns them of danger after Gerard Stiles' ghost taunts him.
         1067. Gerard's ghost terrorizes Julia. Quentin wants to kill Professor Stokes, whom he blames for Collinwood's destruction.
         1068. Quentin tells Barnabas and Julia that the benevolent female spirit who appeared to them is named Daphne.
         1069. After Barnabas discovers Carolyn dead, he finds her list of events that led up to the destruction of Collinwood. Possessed by Gerard, Julia reveals Barnabas' secret to the sheriff who tries to kill him with silver bullets.
         1070. Saved by the ghost of Carrie, Barnabas kills the sheriff and returns to the present with Julia by a stairway through time in Collinwood.
         1071. Barnabas and Julia learn Daphne Harridge was an 1840 Collinwood governess. They find hers and Gerard's graves.
         1072. Barnabas talks about parallel time to Professor Stokes, whose orphaned niece Hallie has moved into Collinwood.
         1073. Fearing Barnabas' tales of 1995, Liz visits an astrologer, Sebastian Shaw, who makes a horoscope for her.
         1074. David discovers Hallie wearing 19th century clothing.
         1075. Barnabas and Julia try to learn about Tad Collins and Carrie Stokes, children who lived at Collinwood in 1840.
         1076. David and Hallie discover a hidden west wing playroom.
         1077. With the scent of lilacs, Daphne's ghost appears to Quentin.
         1078. Quentin discovers Daphne's diary in her old west wing room.
         1079. Quentin stops Daphne from stabbing him to death, telling her he wants to help her rest in peace.
         1080. Hallie becomes frightened after the spirit of Tad Collins speaks through David during a seance.
         1081. Barnabas meets Sebasitan's assistant Roxanne Drew, who is identical to the Roxanne he met in parallel time.
         1082. David and Hallie find a dollhouse of Rose Cottage with dolls that look like themselves in 19th century clothes.
         1083. David and Hallie are terrified when the dolls reappear in the dollhouse after they've destroyed them.
         1084. In the playroom, David and Hallie see their identical 1840 counterparts, Tad and Carrie.
         1085. Julia learns the stairway she and Barnabas used to return from 1995 was built by the 1840's Quentin Collins.
         1086. After Tad and Carrie beckon David and Hallie to enter the stairway through time, the stairway disappears.
         1087. The ghost of Gerard menaces David. Julia begs Sebastian to use his psychic powers to help the children.
         1088. Sebastian warns Liz that the stranger in her horoscope may not be among the living.
         1089. After Gerard possesses Liz, he appears to David and Hallie in the cemetary.
         1090. When Maggie collapses, Julia discovers fang marks on her neck.
         1091. Convincing Julia he is not responsible, Barnabas vows to find the vampire who attacked Maggie.
         1092. Julia prepares a blood transfusion for Maggie after Barnabas finds her unconscious in the woods.
         1093. After seeing themselves inside the Rose Cottage dollhouse, David and Hallie speculate about their future.
         1094. Carolyn sees Gerard and is possessed by the spirit of Leticia Faye, who lived at Collinwood when Gerard was alive.
         1095. Realizing the immediate danger, Barnabas and Julia decide they must get David and Hallie out of Collinwood.
         1096. Gerard leads David to the real house of Rose Cottage, known now as the Old McGruder place.
         1097. At Rose Cottage, David and Hallie have been fully possessed by Tad and Carrie.
         1098. The possessed children conduct a ceremony to bring Daphne and Gerard back to life.
         1099. The living Daphne arrives and informs Quentin she is mortal now, but promises no harm will come to the children.
         1100. Gerard sets fire to Rose Cottage with Daphne inside after she says she won't help bring him back to life.
         1101. Possessed by the psychic Leticia Faye, Carolyn senses danger and stops Gerard from burning Rose Cottage.
         1102. Daphne pleads with Gerard to spare the children from harm.
         1103. Julia discovers Daphne is alive when she finds her in David's room at Windcliff.
         1104. Barnabas confronts Gerard, declaring that Gerard's reign over Collinwood will be ended.
         1105. In a crypt, Willie finds Maggie unconscious next to an empty coffin.
         1106. Julia and Willie discover the vampire is Roxanne, but Julia cannot stake her, knowing Barnabas cares for Roxanne.
         1107. After deciding to chain Roxanne in her coffin, Barnabas stops Sebastian from destroying her with silver bullets.
         1108. Sebastian announces that Gerard will take over Collinwood tonight. Maggie is taken away to Windcliff.
         1109. Gerard kills the children, and signals an army of undead pirates which rise from their graves and destroy Collinwood. Julia enters the magical staircase through time, travelling back to the year 1840.
         1110. In 1840, Julia hides from the Collinwood inhabitants. She fears Barnabas is unable to travel back and join her.
         1111. An aged Ben Stokes saves Julia from being strangled by the mentally unsound Daniel Collins.
         1112. Against Ben's wishes, Julia releases Barnabas from his coffin, mistakenly believing that the future Barnabas has travelled through time to inhabit his 1840 body.
         1113. In 1970, Barnabas and Stokes return from the funeral for David, Hallie, Liz and Daphne, all dead because of Gerard.
         1114. In 1840, Julia, posing as the sister of British relative Barnabas Collins, meets undertaker Lamar Trask and his girlfriend, Roxanne Drew.
         1115. After deciding to spend eternity together as vampires, Barnabas attacks Roxanne and leaves her to die.
         1116. Barnabas tries to strangle Julia when she attempts to prevent him from making Roxanne his vampire bride.
         1117. Before Barnabas can kill Julia, Barnabas, arriving from 1970, possesses his own body in 1840, and saves Julia.
         1118. Desmond Collins shows Ben the mysterious, mystical head of Judah Zachery. Daniel gives Barnabas the Old House.
         1119. Ben dies after being attacked by Judah's supernatural powers. Gabriel learns that Gerard Stiles, whom he had blackmailed into killing Quentin's widow Samantha, has double-crossed him and married her instead.
         1120. Desmond is strangely affected by the head of Judah.
         1121. Samantha is shocked that her husband, Quentin, thought to be dead, returns, and reports their son Tad is also alive. Quentin lets Samantha choose whether she will stay married to him or to Gerard.
         1122. Daphne Harridge secretly leaves a note for Quentin at Collinwood.
         1123. After Daphne meets Quentin, she writes in her diary that she has finally met the man she is going to kill.
         1124. Lamar Trask asks Leticia Faye to use her psychic powers to find out the fate of his father, Reverend Trask, in 1795.
         1125. Using Otis Green's cryptic clues, Desmond discovers an underground vault containing the headless body of Judah Zachery.
         1126. Lamar and Gerard hold a seance to contact the spirit of Lamar's father, who warns that evil is being released.
         1127. After Judah's body escapes and kills Tim Braithwate, Desmond discovers that the head of Judah is missing.
         1128. Samantha tells Quentin that Tad is not his son and that she will stay married to Gerard.
         1129. Julia warns Daphne to leave Collinwood and tries to explain that she knows what will happen to her if she stays.
         1130. Angelique and her gypsy servant Laszlo, on their yearly pilgrimage to Barnabas' mausoleum discover that Barnabas has been released from his chained coffin.
         1131. Angelique, with no knowledge of the future, visits Barnabas and announces herself as his wife, blackmailing him into going along with her.
         1132. Julia and Leticia, possessed by Judah Zachery, devise a plan to reunite Judah's head and body. Daphne arrives as Collinsood's new governess.
         1133. Angelique warns Barnabas that unless she and he live together as man and wife, Roxanne will become a vampire.
         1134/1135. Leticia tells Julia they cannot reunite Judah's head and body until they find the jeweled mask he was buried with.
         1136. Having retrieved the mask from Desmond's hiding place, Leticia brings it to Julia and the experiment begins.
         1137. Julia discovers Judah's vital organs are functioning, but the body is comatose. Desmond discovers the mask is gone.
         1138. After a fire burns Judah's body, Gerard attempts to steal the mask from the head, but Judah's head still lives.
         1139. Barnabas sends Julia to convince Roxanne not to marry Lamar.
         1140. Angelique recalls the 1692 court trial where Judah Zachery threatened revenge after being found guilty of witchcraft.
         1141. Concealing Judah's head in his room, Gerard begs it to reveal why he dreamed his own head would take Judah's place.
         1142. Aided by lawyer Charles Dawson, a descendant of Judah's coven, Judah takes possession of Gerard and vows to begin his revenge on the Collins family.
         1143. Barnabas meets Roxanne's brother, Randall, who tells him Lamar claims Roxanne died as a result of sorcery.
         1144. Angelique taunts Barnabas by hiding Julia in an abandoned lighthouse, guarded by Laszlo.
         1145. In his lab, Quentin shows Gerard his incomplete stairway in time and reveals his theories on time travel.
         1146. Hoping to bring Edith Collins and Daphne into Judah's coven, the possessed Gerard makes advances towards both women.
         1147. After Gerard teaches her to use a crystal ball, Carrie Stokes tells Tad she sees a vision of the two of them dead.
         1148. Daphne admits to Quentin that she is the sister of his former love, Joanna Mills, whom he believes is dead.
         1149. As Barnabas resuces Julia from the lighthouse, Roxanne, risen as a vampire, bites Lamar in the woods.
         1150. In Roxanne's crypt, Randall confronts her with a cross. She cries out for Barnabas as she disintegrates.
         1151. Quentin confides his love for Daphne to Gerard.
         1152. After Gerard causes Desmond to become ill, Lamar discovers Quentin's lab and accuses him of being a warlock.
         1153. Daphne finds a letter from Joanna, warning her to stay away from Quentin.
         1154/1155. Randall is killed after finding Judah's mask in Gerard's room.
         1156. Quentin is arrested for Randall's murder after Lamar finds him with the body.
         1157. Gerard and Charles trick Daniel into changing his will with a fake seance which makes him believe Quentin killed Randall.
         1158. Aware that Angelique suspects him, Gerard deceives her into believing Judah has returned and possessed Quentin.
         1159. Daniel suffers a stroke after Gabriel harrasses him for making a revised will that reinstates Quentin as his heir, when Gabriel accidentally reveals he can walk, that his wheelchair is a fake, and that he killed Randall Drew.
         1160. When Daniel dies, Gabriel, alone with his wife Edith, burns Daniel's revised will, hoping they will inherit everything.
         1161. Gabriel accuses Gerard of foul play when it is revealed that Daniel's will names Gerard as the main beneficiary, unless Quentin should be acquitted.
         1162. After the constable's wife dies in Quentin's jail cell, Lamar assures Quentin he'll be tried for witchcraft.
         1163. Desmond tells Barnabas they must work together to save Quentin.
         1164. Flora Collins is determined to find out who Angelique is after Roxanne's spirit names her as the one who made her a vampire.
         1165. Samantha testifies in court that Quentin has brought an alien spirit into Collinwood through occult practices.
         1166. Samantha accuses Daphne of being in love with Quentin.
         1167. After reading Ben's diary, Lamar and Gerard find the 1795 Trask's skeleton bricked up in the Old House basement.
         1168. After Gerard and Lamar discover Barnabas is a vampire, Gerard comes to the Old House in daytime to kill him, but is stunned to see Barnabas up and about.
         1169. Angelique tells Barnabas that she has lifted his curse, but for the first time she expects nothing in return.
         1170. Gabriel warns Quentin that Gerard is his enemy.
         1171. Lamar bricks up Barnabas in the basement of Trask Chapel in revenge for the 1795 bricking up Lamar's father, Reverend Trask.
         1172. Julia accuses Lamar and Gerard of knowing what happened to Barnabas.
         1173. Angelique relizes Barnabas' claims that Gerard is possessed by Judah may be true.
         1174/1175. Desmond is arrested for witchcraft after Dawson forces him to admit he had Judah's head in his possession.
         1176. Leticia tells Desmond that Gerard must be saved, not destroyed.
         1177. Professor Stokes arrives through the stairway in time, telling Julia he read of danger in a Collins history book.
         1178. In the courtroom, Lamar is devastated when Barnabas arrives, to serve as Quentin's legal representative.
         1179/1180. Barnabas' presence forces Lamar to refrain from testifying against Quentin. Barnabas privately warns Lamar that he will take revenge when Lamar least expects it.
         1181. After Joanna Mills mysteriously appears and testifies on Quentin's behalf, Lamar's testimony that Quentin had tried to contact Joanna's spirit is thrown out.
         1182. Samantha tells Gerard she thought she killed Joanna by pushing her off a cliff at the asylum where Joanna was kept.
         1183. In his jail cell, Quentin tells Joanna they cannot resume their love affair, because he is in love with Daphne.
         1184. To frame Quentin, Gerard performs an incantation that kills Mordecai Grimes, who was to testify that Quentin had supernaturally killed his cattle.
         1185. A note from Mordecai Grimes prompts the court to find Quentin guilty of witchcraft and sentence him to a public beheading.
         1186. Daphne urges Quentin to escape. After discovering Edith is involved with Gerard, Gabriel chokes her to death.
         1187. When Daphne describes witnessing strange occurrences in a room in the east wing, Julia warns her to beware of parallel time.
         1188. Gabriel ties up Daphne after she learns he killed Edith. He sees a vision of parallel time in the upstairs parlour.
         1189. Quentin and Desmond escape from jail. Witnessing Quentin's true love for Daphne, Joanna offers to step aside.
         1190. Daphne escapes from Gabriel through a secret passage.
         1191. Daniel's ghost makes Gabriel fall from the roof to his death. Quentin and Daphne are trapped in the parallel time room.
         1192. Quentin and Daphne return from parallel time. Samantha tries to shoot Joanna, but the bullets pass through her.
         1193. After tricking Samantha into coming to Widows' Hill, Joanna's ghost forces her to fall to his death.
         1194. Daphne marries Gerard after he places a spell on her.
         1195. When Quentin is captured and sent back to jail, Barnabas asks Angelique to help save him from execution.
         1196. Gerard takes away Angelique's powers and holds her captive. Quentin and Desmond are led to the guillotine.
         1197. Angelique stops the beheadings by appearing with Judah's head. When Desmond shoots Gerard, the head turns into a skull. When Barnabas sees the love of Bramwell for Catherine in the parallel time room, he realizes that the repentant Angelique is his one true love.
         1198. After Lamar shoots Angelique she dies in Barnabas' arm as he confesses his love. Barnabas, Julia, and Stokes leave 1840 through the stairway in time and find all is well in the present; they have successfully changed the course of history, preventing the death of David, Liz, Daphne and Hallie and preventing the destruction of Collinwood.
         1199. In 1841 Parallel time, Bramwell Collins insists that Catherine Harridge marry him instead of Morgan Collins.
         1200. Before Justin Collins dies, he gives Morgan a letter explaining the family curse begins each century with the spotting of a spectre; the Woman in White.
         1201. As the oldest son, Morgan is in charge of the lottery, where a family member is selected to endure a night in the cursed room.
         1202. After Bramwell abducts her, Catherine admits she cares for him, but insists she also loves Morgan and will marry him.
         1203. Catherine learns Melanie Collins has a history of personality disorders after Melanie almost stabs her with a knife.
         1204. After Melanie discovers Stella Young being held captive in the tower room by Flora and Julia, Stella is found stabbed to death.
         1205. Suffering from a memory lapse, Melanie fears she killed Stella. Morgan and Catherine prepare to be married.
         1206. Bramwell interrupts Morgan's and Catherine's wedding ceremony. Morgan challenges Bramwell to a duel. Catherine warns Bramwell that if Morgan dies in the duel that she will kill herself.
         1207/1208. After Bramwell loses his duel with Morgan and is badly wounded, Catherine learns Bramwell did not fire his gun.
         1209. With Gerard Stiles, Kendrick Young finds the secret grave of his sister Stella and discovers she was murdered.
         1210. During a seance, an unknown voice warns that Collinwood will be stricken with the plague unless the lottery is held.
         1211. When Melanie comes down with the plague, the family agrees to commence with the lottery.
         1212. Gabriel Collins draws the designated lottery slip and escapes from Collinwood. Quentin Collins is diagnosed with the plague.
         1213. After Morgan returns Gabriel to Collinwood, Gabriel is placed in the cursed room.
         1214. Now married to Morgan, Catherine warns Bramwell not to become too fond of her sister, Daphne Harridge.
         1215. In the locked room of the curse, Morgan discovers the dead body of a villager in place of Gabriel.
         1216. Melanie tells Julia Collins and Quentin that Justin's spirit has warned that the family's curse is not over.
         1217. Having gone insane from staying in the cursed room, Gabriel attacks Kendrick with a knife and menaces Daphne.
         1218. Catherine tells Bramwell she will prevent his marriage to Daphne, insisting Bramwell is marrying out of hatred, not love.
         1219. Kendrick is convined Gabriel killed Stella. Bramwell and Daphne announce they are now married.
         1220. Bramwell is devastated to learn from Catherine that she is pregnant with his child.
         1221. After Catherine draws the designated lottery slip, Morgan takes her place by locking himself in the cursed room.
         1222. When Melanie tells Kendrick the sad story of her life, he vows to make things different for her.
         1223. The morning after being locked in the cursed room, Morgan appears insane, claiming he is not Morgan.
         1224. Carrie reveals that Morgan is possessed by James Forsythe, the man believed to have placed the curse on the Collinses in 1680.
         1225. The ghost of Brutus Collins taunts Morgan as he digs up the grave of Sarah Forsythe, who betrayed Brutus in 1680.
         1226. Kendrick discovers that Melanie suffers from a split personality.
         1227. In a crazed state, Gabriel nearly stabs his mother, Flora, to death. Kendrick almost kills Gabriel.
         1228. Melanie fears she has lost Kendrick when she claims to have killed his sister, but he insists he thinks she's innocent.
         1229. Bramwell forces Catherine to admit she still loves him. Fearing the loss of Bramwell, Daphne becomes suicidal.
         1230. Quentin saves Julia from being strangled by Morgan. A seance is held to remove James Forsythe's spirit from Morgan.
         1231. James Forsythe's spirit reveals that it was Brutus Collins, not he, who cursed the Collins in 1680 . Brutus Collins' spirit bans him to his grave.
         1232. No longer possessed, Morgan remembers nothing of his experience in the cursed room. Bramwell's business investments finally pay off, making him as wealthy as his Collinwood cousins.
         1233. Learning Daphne is dying from an undiagnosed illness, Catherine becomes guilt-ridden over her relationship with Bramwell.
         1234. After Carrie reveals that Melanie's mother is alive and nearby, Gabriel escapes from the tower room.
         1235. Daphne tells Bramwell he mustn't feel guilty for loving Catherine.
         1236. Brutus' ghost traps Morgan and Julia in a secret room behind the cursed room, where they find two perfectly preserved bodies, one of them being James Forsythe.
         1237. Kendrick rescues Melanie after she's been stabbed by Gabriel. Morgan accidentally stabs Gabriel to death in a struggle.
         1238. Josette Collins, Bramwell's mother, reveals to Melanie that she is her mother, but that Justin, not Barnabas Collins was her father. Daphne dies.
         1239. Melanie turns insane after she and Kendrick marry. Brutus' ghost warns she won't be sane until another lottery is held.
         1240. Julia explains to the family that the lottery must be held again. Kendrick draws the designated lottery slip.
         1241. While eavesdropping on Bramwell and Catherine, Morgan learns that Catherine is pregnant with Bramwell's child, and goes mad with the knowledge.
         1242. Morgan tricks Bramwell into going to the west wing and locks him inside the cursed room, before Kendrick gets there.
         1243. Morgan locks Catherine in the room with Bramwell after she confesses she is carrying Bramwell's child.
         1244.In the locked room Catherine is temporarily possessed by the spirit of Amanda Forsythe.
         1245. After Bramwell and Catherine banish the ghost of Brutus, they realize they have broken the family curse forever by surviving a night in the lottery room without going insane. Morgan wounds Bramwell with a gunshot and attempts to throw Catherine off the roof, but Kendrick saves her and Morgan falls to his death. With Melanie recovered, she and Kendrick make plans to leave town together. Bramwell and Catherine renew their pledge of love with the anticipation of a happy and peaceful new life together. [End of Series]

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