Graphical Differences
between the Diskette and CD-ROM Versions of
Return to Zork

The still-frame graphics in Return to Zork are largely the same in both the floppy disk and CD-ROM versions of the game, though there are a few exceptions. This list makes no claim to be complete, but here are a few examples...

Shanbar Bridge (Diskette Version)
Looking east across the river.

Shanbar Bridge (CD-ROM version)
The same view, but from a few feet further back. Different colored bridge, and more realistic looking mountains and sky.

West Shanbar (Diskette Version)
Standing on the bridge, looking west at the town.

West Shanbar (CD-ROM Version)
Same basic view, but from several feet farther away, Now shows the bridge and more of the Town Hall. Also, the mountains are now farther in the distance.

Schoolhouse (Diskette Version)
Ring the bell to get in to see Mavis Peepers...

Schoolhouse (CD-ROM Version)
A completely different view, and one that now makes it look as though the player is three feet tall.

Boos Myller (Diskette Version)
"Want some rye? Course ya do!"

Boos Myller (CD-ROM Version)
Almost the same, but notice that the window has now been shuttered.

Inn of Isenough Hallway (Diskette Version)
An interactive screen. Go left to return to the lobby, and right to enter your hotel room.

Inn of Isenough Hallway (CD-ROM Version)
Part of a video sequence, and no longer interactive. The left wall now has Room 3 where the elevator used to be. The elevator itself is now behind the camera.