Episode 2: The Corbomite Maneuver
In this episode, Lt. Leslie is a constant presence on the bridge of the Enterprise. He spends all of his time sitting at or standing near
a console across the way from where Uhura sits. He's got lots of buttons and levers to play with, and he occasionally avails himself of the opportunity to twist a knob. He mostly just looks on, watching Kirk work his magic on Balok.
Above, Leslie chats it up in the background. He's probably hoping this whole "Balok thing" doesn't interfere with his bi-weekly pinochle game. Kirk wouldn't teach him to play Fizzbin until Episode 50.
Leslie in a rare action shot. He's fallen!
Bailey freaks. Leslie is cool as a cucumber.
When interviewed by the Alpha Centauri Times, he was asked what was the most important key to his success. Lt. Leslie simply replied "I know how to conserve energy."
Whether sitting in his comfy chair, or leaning against the bridge console, no one could argue that Lt. Leslie wasn't  a master at energy conservation.




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