Episode #6: The Naked Time
This episode is most notable because Lt. Leslie gets to speak. There are only a handful of episodes where he gets to say anything. These rare occurences should be treasured.
For the 2nd episode in a row, Leslie and Lt. Uhura man the helm and navigation stations. I kinda like these two, neither one of them screams like a woman the way Chekov would. And I like the way Uhura can do more than just communications. As the series went on, it seems Uhura became glued to the Communication console.
Leslie's big moment arrives when the Enterprise is in a rapidly decaying orbit. Captain Kirk instructs Leslie, seated at the helm, to carry out several different maneuvers . Sadly, Leslie is unable to comply as Lt. Riley had commandeered engineering and was overriding all the bridge controls. Let's have a listen to this rapid-fire exchange.     Listen!
Later, a crazed Sulu, armed with a rapier, grabs Uhura. While Kirk attempts to disarm Sulu, Leslie looks in on the action. Of course he still has to turn around to slide a lever, hit a button or twist a knob. Can't neglect his helmsman duties, no matter what's going on!
Then they do this weird 'group hang-on' thing. Good thing Leslie was there or that whole helm/navigator station might have taken flight.
When the Enterprise hits the outer atmosphere of Psi 2000, the crew gets jerked around in violent fashion. It's amusing to see how each character has his/her own way of diving.
Unfortunately, as helpful as Leslie was this ep, he eventually got infected with the virus as well. The virus acted like alcohol in the bloodstream, making latent characteristics come to the surface.
How did this manifest itself in Leslie you ask? He basically had a laughing fit while at his station and had to be removed. Draw your own conclusions.




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