Episode #52: Patterns of Force
Star Trek would occasionally have these weird episodes, like Enterprise meets a Greek God, or Enterprise visits the planet populated by Romans.
Here, they take on a planet chock fulla Nazis'. They make rather convincing Nazis' don't they?
Originally this was going to be a 'Leslie does not appear' episode. He does not show up anywhere on the Enterprise. But I decided to take a closer look at one scene in particular.
I thought it possible that Eddie Paskey could be driving this vehicle. I wasn't sure.
I e-mailed Eddie to ask him and he was kind enough to respond:
"We shot the driving shot late at night about 11:00 pm. Being in the auto business so long, I was the only one around that could drive the old Benz. Also, if you watch closely, I'm also holding a machine gun in another scene in that show."
Great. Not only did Paskey confirm that he's driving the vehicle, he mentioned another scene that I never would have noticed. Does that make it a Lt. Leslie appearance? Of course it does. Kirk knew he needed a driver, remembered the trouble he had in "A Piece of the Action" driving that old car, and called to the ship for them to send down the best All-Around Utility Man in Starfleet: Lt. Leslie!
I checked out out this scene here, and sure enough, that's Eddie Paskey in the background, holding a machine gun and wearing a fake mustache!
I know he looks like a bad guy here, but he's actually working for the Ekotian Underground resistance.
Unfortunately I can't count this as Lt. Leslie. I mean really, with all his duties on the Enterprise, where would he find the time to battle Nazis? I know the guy is uncanny in his ability to show up just about everywhere, but he can't be that good!




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