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World, US, and USSR Chess Championship Page

This page was built largely from typewritten crosstables of various US and World Championship events going back several years (the fact that they're typewritten should give you an idea of how long) supplemented by digging through old Chess Lifes (Chess Lives?) and various books.

When I decided to put it all together as a webpage, and started doing supplementary research on the net for some missing data, I soon discovered that part of it was already on the web, at a site known as Mark Weeks' World Chess Championship Page. This led me to put this page on the back burner for a long time, but I finally picked it up again, believing that I could present the data in a way that was more aesthetically pleasing to myself, at least. Besides, Weeks' page, excellent though it is, doesn't cover the US and Soviet championships, which I wanted chronicled on the web also. Nor does it have online playable world championship games which I wanted to present here via the equally excellent My Chess Viewer. Bottom line: I decided to go ahead and finish the page.

I should say here that the primary reason for limiting the national championship results to that of the US and USSR is due not to any elitism, but rather the difficulty of acquiring such information. If anybody wants to contribute a complete set of crosstables for any other nation's championship, I'd be only too happy to post them. I'll even change the name of the page to do so, despite the fact that a name like "Graeme Cree's World, US, USSR and Fredonian Chess Championship Page" might sound more than a bit odd.

One problem I've always had with chess crosstables on the web is that they're almost always presented with elaborate HTML tables. Very pretty, but virtually impossible to just cut and paste into another document. This is intended as a reference site. Anyone coming here should be able to grab data, and paste it into whatever they're working on, with no fuss. As a result, all of the tournament crosstables here are presented in ASCII form, easy to transfer. A word of warning though. You still need to use a monospaced font such as Courier New in order to preserve the proper formatting. Another thing to watch out for is that AOL, where I'm currently posting this page, adds banner ads to its pages by enclosing the entire page inside an HTML table. As a result, in any page that has a crosstable, the crosstable s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s the size of the table, making the word wrap for any notes below conform to the size of the crosstable rather than the size of the window. But if you you view these pages at 1024x768 resolution in a maximized window, there should be no problem.

This page is still under construction, as are all webpages, really, but we've got things shipshape enough to open up shop. Simply click one of the links below for the championship of your choice.

World Chess Championship History

US Chess Championship History

US Women's Chess Championship History

USSR Chess Championship History

World Tournament Championship History


Separated at Birth!, a startling look at the lineage of Caissa's Finest.

Under-Anthologized Games
A Collection of Games That Tickled My Fancy In One Way or Another


NOTE:   All World Championship games are available here for online viewing, but a few matches have had annotations added to them for extra interest. It should be warned, that, although I'm in the process of converting them all to algebraic notation, that process may not have been completed in all cases, and so some of the notes may be in (gasp!) Descriptive Notation! I trust that this isn't going to be a huge problem, and that anyone who might get anything out of a World Championship game will know how to read Descriptive. If not, it's a good thing to learn, as you'll need it to read just about any chess book written before 1980, anyway. A chess player who can't read Descriptive is like a motorist who can't drive a stick.

1889 Match, with notes by Steinitz

1910 Match, with notes from The Yearbook of Chess

1921 Match, with notes by Capablanca

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