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        79/851122  Y Y Y Y

          1. THE BEER BUG: The command PUT [noun] ON COUNTER (in the post office or a bar) will be interpreted by the game as PUT BEER ON COUNTER. For example, if you type PUT KEY ON COUNTER (in the Post Office when you are not holding a beer), the response is "That's easy for you to say since you don't even have the mug of beer." -- Torbjorn Andersson

          2. Spending too many turns in Library Mode without exiting to Communications Mode, causes the game to crash and drop you to the DOS prompt. With Infocom's interpreter, there is no error message at all. With Frotz, you get "Fatal error: Stack overflow."
          When using Infocom's interpreter, the crash will occur after about 105 turns. With Frotz, it may take anywhere from 140 to 200 turns, but milage may vary from system to system.
          Apparently the stack is released upon leaving Library Mode, because if you time it so that you leave Library Mode just before the crash, the game will continue to operate normally. Since there are only a few messages to read in Library Mode, nobody should have any reason to stay there nearly long enough to cause a problem. -- Torbjorn Andersson

          3. In any version, if you stay in Simulation Mode long enough, you will find that the year does not advance, and the months keep going past December. The day after 12/31/2041 for example, is 13/1/2041. The 13th month has 31 days, but all succeeding months have 30.
          In addition, although Perelman explicitly tells you that the simulation takes place in real time, and that a minute in the sim equals a minute in the outside world, he never tries to reboot you or lose patience in any other way, no matter how many long you spend in Simulation Mode. -- Edan Harel
          NOTE:   Let's not be too hard on Infocom on this or the previous bug. It may behoove us to recall the words of the Zork 1 Invisiclues Book that the games must have some limitations, and that you can't (in Zork 1) expect to go to the nearest airport and fly to London to visit the British Museum. Although both of these bugs could be fixed, Infocom would most likely have regarded them as examples of stretching the game beyond its reasonable limitations. -- GC

          4. FUNNY RESPONSES:   These work in any version (in Simulation Mode):

You see nothing unusual about your head.

You hit your head against your head as you attempt this feat.
You must be holding your wallet in the first example for this to work. -- Steve McKinney

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