VERSION   1 2 3
        54/890606  Y Y Y   (Amiga/Macintosh Version)
        63/890622  Y Y Y   (Apple ][ Version)
        74/890714  Y Y Y   (IBM Version)

          1. THE UBIQUITOUS IDIOT:  Although the idiot is in Town Square, you can fully interact with him (i.e. talk to him, trade with him), not only from the Churchyard, but also from Behind Gravestone. This works in all versions. -- Steven Marsh

          2. THE PAPIER-MACHE IDIOT:  On the first turn of the game (or any turn when the idiot is in sight, try this command (in any version):

The idiot is powerless to stop your attack, and you slay him mercilessly. Merlin appears before you and says sadly, "I see you have learned nothing, Arthur. I'm afraid my time with you has been wasted."

Merlin says sadly, "You have failed in your quest, Arthur. Dark days lie ahead for all England."
Sonafagun! What a wuss! But almost any "attack", however slight, will do the same thing; PUSH IDIOT, HIT IDIOT WITH DEAD MOUSE, SLAP IDIOT, et cetera. You can even kill him through the gate (i.e. from Churchyard, or Behind Gravestone)!
          At least TOUCH IDIOT won't kill him. Neither will LICK IDIOT, though the response, "You gnaw briefly on the idiot's leg, but quit when he begins to put salt and pepper on your arm." is more like what one would expect from BITE IDIOT. -- Steven Marsh

          3. In all versions, trying to TELL the Kraken about anything (i.e. TELL KRAKEN ABOUT ME) gives the response "You can't talk the giant kraken. You are an eel."
          Not only is the word "to" missing from the sentence, the statement is also incorrect. You can talk to the kraken with verbs other than TELL. For example:  ASK KRAKEN ABOUT ME, or KRAKEN, GO NORTHEAST. -- Alex Hoffer

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