Border Zone

        VERSION   1
       *9/871008  Y

          1. OFF IN HIS OWN LITTLE WORLD:  In Part 2, the owner of the hut can be most inattentive. Try this; leave your exploding pen on his front doorstep, set to go off at about 5 minutes after six, and then go to the north side of the house and watch. When the pen explodes, EXAMINE HUT will tell you "There's not much to tell; the entire wooden structure is now engulfed in flames, and the heat and smoke make it hard to get much closer."
          Does this disconcert our hero? Not a bit of it. If you keep waiting, you will soon seen him get up from his easy chair, and go to the back of the hut. He will then come back (still not noticing the fire), count the logs by his wood stove, and head out to the shed to get some more (to fuel the fire?). Only when he comes back from the shed will it dawn on him that his house is on fire, and you will be told "The man, carrying a pile of wood, walks into the clearing and seeing that his hut is on fire, runs off into the forest to the northeast." -- Dave Moderski

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