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          1. The wooden mast of the Royal Barge is responsible for multiple problems in this game. According to the hint book, you're supposed to need both hands free to take the beam, which means you have to put the torch in the knothole. However, if you remove the shim, then go back up to Center of Barge, you'll be able to TAKE BEAM no matter what you're holding. So you never have to put the torch in the knothole. -- New Zork Times

          2. THE BOOMERANG BEAM BUG:  The beam also has the power of teleportation. It will always return to Center of Barge whenever you do, making it harder to get rid of than the Thing Your Aunt Gave You in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
          Try leaving it any place you like, other than in the niches. You can even throw it into the Nile and let it float away. Or burn it with the torch. No matter. When you return to Center of Barge, it will instantly be moved there with you from wherever it was before.
          If you put the beam in the niches, and return to Center of Barge, the beam is in limbo, so to speak. It will not be visible to LOOK commands, but it will still have been teleported there. You will be able to EXAMINE it and (if you didn't break the plaster) TAKE it. After you TAKE it, it will be completely visible again. However, if you don't take it, and go back to the west end of Narrow Passageway, it will still (?) be there in the niches, despite the fact that you saw it in Center of Barge and left it there.
          If you put the beam in the niches, do break the plaster, return to Center of Barge, and TAKE the beam, you will fall into the pit of rats, just as if you had been standing on the beam in the Narrow Passageway at the time that you took it.
          If you return to Center of Barge with the beam in your possession, it will be teleported out of your inventory and onto the floor of the room!
          It is important to note that this bug will only work if you used the previous bug to take the beam without putting the torch in the knothole. Apparently lifting the beam up through the Hole in West End of Hold sets off some kind of flag in the program. If that flag is not set off, the program thinks the beam should be in Center of Barge and keeps transporting it back there every time you return. -- New Zork Times

          3. You can LIGHT THE TORCH WITH THE MATCH anywhere in the game, regardless of whether or not the torch is present.
          If you leave the torch on the Royal Barge, move somewhere else, and light it from a distance, the Barge will not be destroyed. But for that matter, the Barge also won't be destroyed if you drop the unlit Torch on the Barge and light it while you're in the same room. (This provides yet another unintended solution to the Mast puzzle). Only dropping the Torch while it's already lit will destroy the Barge. -- New Zork Times

          4. If you FILL THE SILVER CHALICE WITH WATER when it's already full, you get the contradictory response, "Okay. The silver chalice has been filled, but the silver chalice is now empty." (Sort of like "tea" and "no tea"?). This only works when there is not another full container present that you could have poured from.
          This does not work if the canteen is full. If the canteen is present and open, you will be told that the canteen is now empty, not the chalice. If the canteen is closed or absent or both, you will be told that the silver chalice is already full. This also works with the golden chalice. -- New Zork Times

          5. The container bug from Starcross and Zork I is also here, this time involving the knapsack and either the Cigarette Pack, the Silver Chalice, the Gold Chalice, the Matchbook, the Ancient Map, or the Pink Jar. If you first put the knapsack into one of these items, and then put that item in the knapsack, both will disappear.
          The Matchbook, Cigarette Pack, and Pink Jar, must be open for this to work with them. Although you can put the Knapsack into them while they're closed (!), you cannot then see the knapsack, in order to put the item into it. -- New Zork Times

          6. THE MAP BUG:  As with many games, there are some items in Infidel that have an initial description when you first see them, and a secondary description after you've picked them up. For example, the first time you see the Opal Cluster, the line description says "An opal cluster, glistening with the light of a thousand fires, lies on the floor." If you pick it up and then drop it again, the line description will say simply "There is an opal cluster here."
          If you put one of these items inside the ancient map, fold the map, and then unfold it again, you will get the (now completely inappropriate) initial description. For example:


Okay. The map has been folded.

The ancient map opens.
Tacked up to the inside of one of the tent flaps is a note.
          The last line should simply say "Unfolding the ancient map reveals a small spatula." (or whatever the item is).
          This bug works with the Cigarette Pack, the Shovel, the Matchbook, the Farewell Note, the Knapsack, the Bronze Torch, the Golden Cluster, the Diamond Cluster, the Ruby Cluster, the Emerald Cluster, the Opal Cluster, the Silver Chalice, and the Papyrus Scroll.
          This bug does not work with the Blackened Rock, Rope, Broken Lock, Sticker, Stone Cube, Jewelled Ring, Golden Chalice, Wooden Shim, Wooden Beam, or Small Spatula.
          It also does not work with the Pick Axe, Canteen, Crate, Navigation Box, Pink Jar, Broken Head, or Ancient Book, for the simple reason that these items won't fit inside the map.
          This bug works with closable items other than the map. For example, PUT THE KNAPSACK IN THE MATCHBOOK. CLOSE MATCHBOOK. OPEN MATCHBOOK., gives you the same effect. -- David J. Wildstrom

          7. In most locations in the uncharted desert, (after the plane has left), the command LOOK UP gets you the response "You see stones. What else?" (the response that you should only get while inside the pyramid. You can see this by beginning the game with the commands GET UP. S. E. E. E. E. E. Z. WAIT. -- Sean Huxter

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