Leather Goddesses of Phobos

         VERSION   1 2 3
        50/860711  N Y Y
        59/860730  N Y Y
        59/861114  N Y Y
         4/880405  Y Y Y (Solid Gold Version)

          1. At any point in the game, you can examine or push the purple and orange buttons on the barge, even when you're not in the same place as the barge. For example:

You can't see any purple button.
The huge purple button reads: Go With The Flow.

This one is only present in the Solid Gold release (4/880405).

          2. This isn't exactly a bug, but is sort of an excessively long way to go to avoid having to add another feature to the game: The software refuses to let you take the portable circle into the mad scientist's house on Venus. He will ask you to "leaf your tube outsite,", claiming that he's allergic, and will make you drop it before dragging you inside, even if it is hidden inside something else, like the basket. -- John Payson

          3. THE BOBBIT BUG:  In all versions of Leather Goddesses of Phobos, it is possible to detach parts of your body by putting them on one of the black circles. However, unlike a similar bug in Hitchhiker's Guide, this one only works with your "naughty bits."
          You have three "naughty bits," all three of which are referred to as "naughty bits" by the game, and each of which can be placed on a circle separately. One represents the male genitalia, one the female genitalia, and the third represents the mammalian glands. You have the same three "naughty bits," regardless of whether or not you are playing the game as a male or a female! (If you really want to know all the synonyms the game uses for these, you can either use the infodump.exe utility to list the game's vocabulary, or look at the raw HTML file of this page, and look for a comment tag. I'm not mentioning them here as this list is staying G-string rated...Ack! G-rated!!).
          If you put a naughty bit on a circle, it will disappear just like any other item. For example:

You get all cross-eyed trying to follow the non-dimensional journey of your naughty bits into the black circle. When you get your eyeballs untangled again, your naughty bits is gone.
          Ouch! Just like any other item placed on the circle, it will be waiting for you at the other end when you teleport through the circle, and will be listed on the item line after the room description. For example after the room description it might say "You can see your naughty bits here.", or "You can see your naughty bits and a blanket here." If you put all three on the same circle and then teleport through, you will be told "You can see your naughty bits, your naughty bits and your naughty bits here."
          However, you will be unable to interact with said bit or bits for the rest of the game. Any attempt to do so (when they are in the same room with you) gives the standard reply "You don't need to refer to your naughty bits to complete LEATHER GODDESSES OF PHOBOS." A generic TAKE ALL command will not work either.
          Once you have left your naughty bits behind (no pun intended), you will be unable to interact with them for the rest of the game. If you try to EXAMINE BOSOM (for example) after leaving it behind, you will be told "You can't see any bosom here!" (rather than the generic message about not needing to refer to it).
          As mentioned, trying to do this with any other body part does not work, and gives you insulting messages (like "It's the looney bin for you!") if you try. After fixing a similar bug in the first release of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Infocom presumably was on the lookout for such things in the future, until a game came along with body parts not included in previous games. -- Scott Lindsay

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