Infocom Links

  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Online Java version
  • Matthew Russotto's Java Z-Machine Zplet -- Play Minizork and The Infocom Samplers online
  • The Unofficial Infocom Homepage
  • Infocom Pictures from the Past
  • The Master Storytellers
  • Zork: The Caverns of Doom
  • The Rise and Fall of Infocom
  • The Infocom Walkthrough Archives
  • Encyclopedia Frobozzica
  • The Incomparable Text Adventures of Infocom
  • The Infocom WebRing
  • The Infocom Trivia Quiz
  • The Infocom Bugs List
  • The InfoNotes List

    Places to buy Infocom Games

  • Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe
  • Ebay Online Auctions
  • Lost Treasures of Infocom from CD-ROMs Online
  • Used Game Trading Zone

    Places to Download Games

  • Interactive Fiction Archive at GMD
  • Guide to the Interactive Fiction Archive
  • Snacky Pete's Text Adventure Archive

    Game Companies & Implementors Sites

  • Activision -- (Owners of the Infocom games)
  • Boffo Games -- (Steve Meretzky's current stomping grounds)
  • Douglas Adams' Homepage -- (Author of Hitchhiker's Guide and Bureaucracy (as if you didn't know))
  • Adventure Game Companies Past and Present
  • Activision's Zork Grand Inquisitor Site

    Online Magazines

  • XYZZY News
  • SPAG Magazine

    Colossal Cave Adventure Links

  • The Colossal Cave Adventure Page
  • Adventure on the Web
  • Java Version of Adventure
  • Don Wood's Home Page
  • Adventure: The narrative
  • Walt Bilofsky's Home Page

    Other I-F Links

  • PDD'S Adventure Page
  • The Mining Company's Interactive Fiction Guide
  • Interactive Fiction Dimension
  • John's Interactive Fiction Page
  • Interactive Fiction Page at CMU
  • Text Adventures on a Newton
  • What is Interactive Fiction?
  • Magnetic Scrolls Gallery

    Tools and Utilities

  • GUEMap Home Page
  • Frotz - An Infocom Interpreter
  • WinFrotz - Another Infocom Interpreter
  • USR Pilot PDA Z-Machine Interpreter
  • The Inform Homepage

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