Quarterstaff RPG

NOTE: This was a role-playing game purchased and rewritten by Infocom in 1988.

     VERSION           1 2 3
     2.0c (Macintosh)  Y Y Y
     2.0e (Macintosh)  Y Y Y

      1. You've tried to burn something and your machine crashed, right?   Or you walked into a particular location and your Mac froze up for an eternity?   You've had the privilege of encountering the dreaded BURN bug in QUARTERSTAFF.   To avoid the crash, NEVER burn anything that has a sub-menu (for instance, any creature carrying an item or any item that acts as a container).   Stick to burning torches and doors.   When you get to the Charred Room, don't linger there.   The room is so hot it will set your party on fire and, eventually, crash your machine.   So, go through in just one turn.   (The only item in the room is a BRONZE SEAL.   Once you get the BRONZE SEAL KEY, send one party member back to unlock it.   That will eliminate problems there).   Finally, on the second level of the dungeon, the region with areas A1 through A5, etc., contains land mines which will also set your party on fire.   If you stick to the D's and the 5's, you'll avoid the mines and the crashes. -- Quoted from The Status Line

      2. It's picky and obnoxious to mention it, but what the heck, it's an excuse for a screen capture. The colour graphic for both known versions of Quarterstaff describe the huge spider as a "Hige Spider". -- Graeme Cree

      3. In Quarterstaff, tapping on a wall with a secret room behind it will yield a hollow sound, while tapping on other walls gives a solid thud. So far, so good. However, if you tap on a wall that has a non-secret room behind it, you also get the solid thud. -- Graeme Cree

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