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       *21/871214  Y Y Y
        26/880127  Y Y Y

          1. In all versions, it is possible to travel on foot through the darkened streets of London without the lamp if you know where you're going, and can arrange for a light to be there waiting for you. On the first turn (for example), typing GO NORTH will generate the response:
You start off into the fog, but think better of it when you realize you have no light to guide your way.

          However, try the following commands at the start of the game: BLOW WHISTLE. BLOW WHISTLE. DRIVER, GO TO YORK PLACE. NORTH.
          The driver will go to York Place without a passenger in the cab, and the game will let you walk there without the lamp on the next turn because there is a light at the destination (all cabs have lights, even though they aren't mentioned in the description). As a result, you can go anywhere in town without the lamp simply by sending the cab on ahead.
          You must have an accurate map, however. In the preceding example, you must type DRIVER, GO TO YORK PLACE, because DRIVER, GO NORTH will not work.
          Incidentally, speaking of light sources, there is one exterior location where it is never dark: outside Holmes residence, where there is a gas light, the only one in the game. Apparently Holmes' importance to the nation was so great that he was the first person in London to get one installed. -- Graeme Cree

          2. It's possible to get rid of Wiggins forever. At Threadneedle Street, first type WIGGINS, FOLLOW ME. Then, call a cab and enter it. When inside, type WIGGINS, STAY. Then exit the cab, and let it drive off with Wiggins inside. You'll see the cab (or A cab) again, but Wiggins is gone for good. Apparently, the cab drops him off somewhere outside of the game, then returns without him. You can only do this AFTER Holmes has been kidnapped, since Wiggins will not follow you anywhere before then. -- Chris D. Lang

        3. If you type THANKS or THANK HOLMES in Holmes Study before he learns about the jewel robbery you will be told "[There's nobody here to thank.]" -- Graeme Cree

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