VERSION   1
       *14/841005  Y

          1. It is possible to get to Veronica's office before her murder occurs. At the beginning of the game, you have to get to the office by going west 3 times, south 6 times, west twice, and then north twice. This will get you to the office at 9:13 P.M., where you will see the fairy mask, but not the description of Veronica's body. Although Veronica actually reaches the office at 9:11, two minutes earlier (which can be confirmed by playing the game using the ZIP or FROTZ interpreter with the -o switch active), her description doesn't turn up until 9:14. Typing LOOK the turn after you enter the office will cause time to pass, making it 9:14, and Veronica's body will suddenly appear out of nowhere. -- Paul David Doherty

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