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        11/860509  Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
       *12/860926  Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

          1. The Book of Hours is not reversed after passing through the Pergola in any version of the game. This could be considered more of a design flaw than an actual bug. (Or perhaps the book doesn't change because it represents time, which, unlike directions, cannot be reversed.)

          2. When you're on the paper bird above Nagasaki, and you hear the plane approaching, type LISTEN. You'll die, but the message will be the same as if you'd still been on the ground rather than flying on the paper bird.

          3. Saying ROADRUNNER, DROP ME results in "The roadrunner drops yourself at your feet." The room description then says "There's yourself here." Leaving the location and coming back does not change the situation. And strangely, referring to the dropped "yourself" is interpreted by the game as an attempt to interact with the roadrunner. The roadrunner will only drop "you" once -- trying it again causes the game to say "The roadrunner doesn't have that."

          4. Carrying the splinter into the bottom of the reservoir also reveals a small blooper. The room description talks about the lantern's beam, even if you are carrying the splinter instead of the lantern. Evidently the author never considered the possibility of someone going to the Trinity site without solving all the other puzzles first.

          5. Typing THANKS gives the reply "There's no need to thank the b ." -- Graeme Cree

          6. You can prevent the origami bird from being damaged in the pram ride by emptying the bag of crumbs and storing the bird there. Thus, you never need to give it to the little girl to refold it. This works in both releases. -- Allen Garvin

          7. No matter where you are in the game, the command FIND LONDON gives the response "You're already in London.". FIND NAGASAKI on the other hand works correctly, and gives the response "You'll have to do that yourself." if you are elsewhere. -- Zach Matley

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