VERSION   1 2
        68/850501  Y N
       *69/850920  N N
        23/880706  N Y (Solid Gold Version)

          1. THE GOLD BUG: In Version 68, you can take the gold coin back from Miss Voss after buying a movie ticket, enabling you to repeat the action and earn an infinite number of points. This version was included in the Macintosh version of LTOI2, but not the IBM version.

          2. THE CAT BUG:  Try the command FOLLOW CAT, from anywhere in the game, (except when you're in the tower with the black cat, or at the end when you have Chaos but haven't removed him from the display case.
          In Version 68 you get the response "But the black cat is nowhere to be seen!". In Version 69 you get the slightly less revealing response "You can't see any cat here!". But in the Solid Gold Version you get the buggy response "You can't reach inside the closed display case." even though the display case isn't there. -- Benjamin Anderson

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