Zork - The Undiscovered Underground

NOTE:   This game was never released commercially.   It was provided by Activision as a promotional freebie for their Zork: Grand Inquisitor graphic adventure game in 1997.

        VERSION   1
       16/970828  Y

          1. If you THROW any object (other than the lamp or sword), the room you are in will be plunged into darkness, despite the fact that an INVENTORY command may show that your lamp is still burning. As long as your lamp is lit, you will not be killed by a grue, despite the fact that you are told that it is pitch black.
          There are two ways to be able to see again. Either leave the room you are in (it will be normal when you return), or throw an object again (again, other than the lamp or sword, but you can throw the same object you threw before, since it will still be in your inventory). -- Ted McManus

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