RAY: Ah, there's good news today, friends.

BOB: Good news for you, folks, bad news for us.

RAY: We've done it again, and our loss is your gain.

BOB: You see, in anticipation of the Easter season, we laid in a large supply of chocolate rabbits.

RAY: These were the best chocolate rabbits money could buy.  Each one was genuine chocolate, all chocolate.

BOB: Each one had a purple ribbon tied around his or her neck.

RAY: Each one was edible, real edible.

BOB: But, through the carelessness of one of our alert uniformed attendants, these chocolate rabbits were stored next to the steampipes in our overstocked surplus warehouse.

RAY: So, we are now able to offer, at a ridiculously low price, exactly twenty gross of genuine, laughably edible, all chocolate wobblies.

BOB: These wobblies are not only appropriate for any season, but the kiddies will have great fun trying to guess what the wobblies are supposed to represent.

RAY: Some of you imaginative youngsters will recognize dinosaurs, wombats and anteaters.

BOB: Others will see pterodactyls, vultures and your mother-in-law.

RAY: But, friends, this is backed up by the Bob and Ray unconditional guarantee...not one of the kiddies will know these were once rabbits.

BOB: Any wobblie mistaken for a wabbit can be returned to the Bob and Ray overstocked surplus warehosue, where the full purchase price will be laughingly returned.

RAY: Never again do we expect to be able to make this amazing offer.

BOB: The warehouse engineers have already removed the steampipes, and with them, our alert uniformed attendant.

RAY: So be the first in your neighborhood to surprise your kiddies after Easter!  And remember, each of these edible, all chocolate wobblies has, somewhere in it...a real purple ribbon!

BOB: And that makes an extra surprise that really will give the little nippers a bang...Also pull out any loose teeth that they may have been trying to dislodge.

RAY: So write immediately to "Windfall", New York, New York.

BOB: And say, "we'll bite."

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