Episode 1- Where No Man Has Gone Before
The first appearance in Star Trek by Lt. Leslie was one that would come to signify his StarFleet career. In the very first scene, before the opening credits, Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock are playing 3-D chess. Directly in the background, having a 'conversation', is the aforementioned Mr. Leslie.
Can you see him? He's right behind Kirk's head. He was known for his stealth nature.
Not until Kirk and Spock get up to leave do we get confirmation that this is indeed the ubiquitious Mr. Leslie. This is one of the few times we see Leslie wearing a tan or gold colored tunic. This episode also features the only time he wore a blue tunic!
His One-Shot Blue Tunic
Later on in this episode, Lt. Commander Gary Mitchell has been corrupted when he acquires god-like powers, and is considered a danger to the ship and crew. Kirk and Spock try to reason with him somehow. Guess who is there to provide armed back-up? Why, Mr. Leslie!
This was a promising episode for Leslie, appearing in a key scene with the antagonist and given a dangerous weapon to hold.  To think what greatness could have sprung from this opportunity.  But alas, his role wouldn't really grow from here, and save for a few memorable but brief moments, he was destined for nothing more than galactic anonymity.




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