Episode #3: Mudd's Women
This episode is a little unusual because the actor who plays Lt. Leslie, Eddie Paskey, plays a guy named Connors who shows up in sickbay with Dr. McCoy. Now is this supposed to be Lt Leslie? Did McCoy make a mistake? Is 'Connors' Lt. Leslie's first name. A bit of a stretch perhaps.
Early in the episode, we catch a glimpse of Leslie seated at his usual spot on the bridge. So far, so good. He's doing exactly as we would expect.

When Ruth Bonaventure shows up in sickbay to get "checked out" by Dr McCoy, a guy bearing an amazing resemblence to Lt. Leslie shows up. McCoy refers to him as 'Connors'. It would have been great if McCoy called him Connor. That sounds much more like a first name. But hey, that's life in this neck of the galaxy. As a side note, I love the way Connors checks out Ruth's ass on his way out. A houndog in the proud tradition of his Captain!




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