Episode #4: The Enemy Within
The ever versatile Lt. Leslie continues to play small but important parts in these early Trek episodes. Here we are in just the 4th production episode and he's already wearing his 5th different uniform!
It doesn't take Leslie long to make his first appearance in "The Enemy Within". He appears just seconds into the opening shot as Kirk emerges from under some odd looking multi-colored canopy.
Paskey's work here is landmark! In the above scene, it really looks like he is going to do something with those white tubes. I bet there are some important topographical maps in there that he was going to analyze.
Here, Leslie looks on as Crewman Fisher is attended to after having fallen from a ledge. Is there anyone in Trek who can do that 'look of concern' better than Eddie Paskey as Lt. Leslie? Note how unobtrusive he is as the scene plays out. If I hadn't pointed him out you might not notice he was there. Just brilliant!
Later on in the episode, the Away Team is stranded on the cold planet surface when the transporter malfunctions. Leslie gets more face time as one of the stranded crewmen.  
The pic on the left shows where Sulu used a phaser to superheat the rocks. Leslie is on the far left.
This was a close one for Lt. Leslie. Had he been wearing his red tunic it might have spelled a premature end to his Starfleet career. As it happened, the transporter was fixed in the nick of time. Here we see Leslie's frozen body being rushed to sickbay. I like Paskey's minimalist approach to playing this scene. This is one time where an actor being called 'stiff' would be a good thing.




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