Episode #5: The Man Trap
Lt. Leslie makes just a few brief appearances in this episode. The first is in the opening teaser, right before we see Kirk materialize on planet M113 with McCoy and Darnell. It is the first time we see Leslie man the helm.
This isn't the typical bridge crew is it?
A bit later in the episode, Leslie is back at his regular post. This was a nice scene between Spock and Uhura. It was rare that we got to see any interplay between these 2 characters. This is where we found out that Vulcan had no moon.
At the close of the show, Leslie appears one last time, sitting at his station again.
A few seconds later we get to see the back of Leslie's shirt. Woohoo!
New!! Amazing Leslie Discovery!!
This scene was over-looked the first time around. Here is Lt. Leslie in sick bay attending to Mr. Spock after the Salt Vampire knocked him unconscious. This man's all-around talents are boundless!!




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