Episode # 7: Charlie X
Leslie is in two scenes in this episode. We see him in a recreation room for the first time since his appearance in "Where No Man Has Gone Before". It's the scene where Uhura sings two songs, one about Mr. Spock, the other about Charlie X. It would seem she makes up the lyrics right there on the spot. Who knew Uhura was a master of Improv?
Leslie seems more animated than usual. He always seems so grim whenever we see him on the bridge. Perhaps the singing voice of Lt. Uhura has a euphoric effect an him. Or maybe it was more than just her voice, if you catch my drift.
This cat's having the time of his life!
Look at his face. Is he leering at Uhura or what?
This was how we are used to seeing Leslie...out of focus!
The episode ends with a whimper for Leslie. We barely make out half of his head in this bridge scene. The ignominy of it all!




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