Episodes 15 & 16: The Menagerie
Lt. Leslie barely appears in this 2 part episode. He makes a brief appearance on the bridge in Part 1, episode 15.
Well there he is above, on the far right, at the engineering station, in his red shirt.
No, wait. Here he is in one of the corridors  in his gold shirt!
This stock hallway footage of Leslie in his gold tunic, facing the camera, was reused in several episodes.
New Leslie sighting!
In a six second sequence starting at 37:25 of Part II, Leslie appears to be sitting at his engineering station and navigation simultaneously! More evidence that Leslie could be a clone!
Here is a look at top secret files on Captain Pike's Talos mission. How do I know the file is top secret? Well it says so right there on the front cover!
I think it's rather amusing how they keep referring to Spock as the "half-Vulcan Science Officer".  Oh and if this document actually makes sense to anyone, (3XY Phagrin Level??) please let me know which mind-altering substance you imbibed to make it happen.




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