Episode # 18: The Squire of Gothos
He's an odd sort, isn't he?
Probable one of those 'artistic' types.
Fires that weapon with such glee.
O.K., enough about that fop Trelayne. This is a very versatile episode for Lt. Leslie. He mans 4 different stations, but the real kicker is that one of the 4 is the Captain's chair!
At his usual post, he seems to be bracing himself for a collision. He's done his share of swan dives because of Sulu's driving.
Here's Leslie at the Helm.
It seems clear to me that  that is Lt. Leslie at the transporter. I can't see his face, but I'm damn sure that's the back of his head.
What happens following this scene is an apparent continuity error. After Spock exits the transporter room, they cut immediately to a scene on the bridge, seen below.
Recognize that chap sitting in Kirk's chair? It's Lt. Leslie, he's made the big time! Now seeing as how we just left Leslie in the transporter room, either:
A: He beamed himself up to the bridge before Kirk got there.
B: Leslie is a clone and works in multiple sections of the Enterprise simultaneously.
C: The producers screwed up and hoped that some idiot wouldn't
notice their mistake more than 40 years later.




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