Episode # 20: The Alternative Factor
Some people feel that the 'alternative' in the title refers to the option to NOT watch this episode in the first place. It is generally regarded as the worst ep of the 1st season. However, this is like a goldstrike for Lt. Leslie fans, as he speaks the most lines of any episode so far, and gets to sit in the Captain's chair for the second time!
Lt Leslie gets to speak early in this episode, although it's hardly anything scintillating. One thing I notice is that when Leslie mans a station other than his engineering post, it's almost always the helm. I haven't yet seen him at navigation. Other than Sulu, he seems to be the officer who gets the most consistent time at the helm.
For the 2nd time in 3 episodes, Lt. Leslie gets to sit in the Captain's seat. And for the 2nd time in 3 episodes, he is there for about 2 seconds before Kirk bursts onto the bridge, forcing Leslie to scamper back to his post.
Towards the end of the episode, after Kirk and good Lazurus decide to trap bad Lazurus (don't ask) in a time portal for all eternity with good Lazurus, Kirk orders Leslie to arm phasers, so they can destroy Lazurus' time ship.
Here is the exchange.
In the second sound byte, Leslie lets Kirk know that phasers are standing by because Kirk has hesitated. Kirk realizes he is about to trap good Lazurus with a madman for all eternity. But it is actually Lt. Leslie who pulls the trigger, sending a phaser blast from the Enterprise down to the planet, destroying the time ship and saving the universe. (Ho Hum)
As the episode ends, we get one last word from our man Leslie, delivered with his usual flair for the dramatic. You can sense in his voice how he knows he just sentenced a man to a living hell until time itself comes to an end.

O.K. granted, it was really Kirk's idea, but hey I didn't hear Leslie protest.




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