Episode # 22: Return of the Archons
Mr Leslie is everywhere in this episode. From the moment the landing party beams down we see Lt. Leslie in his standard background position. Of every episode so far, this is the one that gets him by far the most face time. He doesn't get to speak, but he gets to wield a phaser for the first time since the pilot episode.
It's amazing how many pics I can find of him lurking throughout this episode. He's either standing over someone's shoulder, or peeking his head from around the corner.
Here we see Leslie sleeping in the top bunk. This is some of his best work. He stays out of trouble this way.
And he doen't seem to mind that his Captain is forced to sleep standing up. Leslie needs his sleep. He has a big day ahead of him in which the landing party will rely on him for key strategy in defeating Landru.
Here a man is killed by the robed dudes.  It doesn't take long for Leslie to whip out that phaser. It's not often we get to see our man Leslie armed. And he gets to fire it as well!
On the left here we see the back of Leslie's head. He uses his phaser to stun a few dozen local citizens. I knew this man had a mean streak.
Lt. Leslie awakens with a massive headache. Careful, no scenery chewing now!
Leslie caught lurking once again.




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