Episode # 24: Space Seed
I like this episode for one particular reason. Leslie gets to break bread with Khan.  
Kirk considered him important enough to have him sit at the table with the rest of his top officers.
He could tell his grandkids he had dinner with a despotic dictator. Cool.
Early on, we see Leslie on the bridge. He's not at his usual station. He's standing near the turbo lifts, looking at the viewscreen. Like everyone else, he is curious about the centuries old ship the Enterprise has encountered. We will find out later that it is a sleeper ship called the Botany Bay. It carries some dangerous cargo.
The ship historian had the idea to have a dinner to welcome Khan into this new century. Lt. Leslie was one of the officers chosen to attend. He doesn't say anything, but hey who cares, it's like your first Thanksgiving when you no longer have to sit at the kid's table.
When Khan takes over the Enterprise, he cuts off the oxygen supply to the bridge. Here we see Leslie slumped over a railing.
No truth to the rumor that Leslie was already napping before Khan took this action.
When Kirk is tortured in a decompression chamber, the crew is forced to watch. Khan was hoping he could 'turn' one of the Enterprise crewmembers to help him run the ship. Leslie and co. just sit there with blank stares. Apparently watching your Captain's lungs explode is not nearly as traumatic as one would expect.
Leslie, with hand on knee, watches Uhura get the snot  slapped out of her by some genetically enhanced goon. Don't all come to her aid at once, guys.




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