Episode #25: This Side of Paradise
This is the episode where Spock is happy and Lt. Leslie is mutinous.
He doesn't make a lot of appearances, but when he does, he's unforgettable.
We see him ever so briefly on Omicron Ceti III. He's collecting the colonists belongings. This is the first time we ever see Lt. Leslie 'on location'. He's been outdoors before, but those were studio created.
Later we see Leslie back on-board the Enterprise waiting in a transporter line so he can beam back down to Omicron Ceti III. He and the rest of the crew want to join the colonists in their 'paradise'. Captain Kirk confronts Leslie about his intentions.
The look on Leslie's face is priceless.  What comes out of his mouth is one for the ages. Just can't figure this guy out!     LISTEN!




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