Episode #26: The Devil in the Dark
Kirk and Spock fire their phasers at the Horta, who resembles a very large sausage and pepperoni pizza.
This is a pretty decent Leslie episode. No lines, but he does get assaulted by pergium miners.
This is the first episode that Lt. Leslie plays the role of a typical redshirt. He is there as security, with phaser in hand. Most redshirts die within seconds of beaming down to a planet.
They get killed in all odd sorts of manner. It is not unusual for them to perish by stepping on an exploding rock, or to fall to their death in a bottomless chasm. In this episode, death by corrosive acid is the method of choice. Can Lt. Leslie survive?
Above, Leslie partakes in some risky redshirt behaivor. He's helping to hunt down the Horta, a creature than can tunnel through solid rock. Watch out, I don't want you to end up as burned flesh on the sole of some miner's boot.
Later, Leslie & Co are guarding the entrance to the Horta cave, to keep the miners from killing it.
Security Chief Giotto falls for the "Hey, Look, over there!" routine and gets thwacked over the head.
Watch as Lt. Leslie suffers a vicious assault. In the last frame, you can see him get his skull bashed by a big stick, even though he's already on the ground. They strike him 3 times! Leslie beats the odds and survives the episode!




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