Episode #29: Operation: Annihilate!
As much as it seems that Lt. Leslie was always there in the background doing the same thing over and over, he was actually given a wide variety of things to do. In this episode we have yet another Leslie first; he gets the Spock Nerve Pinch.
This is the third appearance of Lt. Leslie working in the transporter room. The first was in "The Galileo Seven", the 2nd was "The Squire of Gothos", but in both episodes we only saw the back of his head.
He appeared in the transporter room one other time, in "The Enemy Within". That was when he was beamed up from the planet's surface, frozen stiff. So 4 times total. Such minutiae.
Spock was infested by one of the creatures you see in the first picture. He was trying to beam down to the planet's surface in violation of Kirk's orders. Scotty and Leslie try to stop him. It doesn't go well for our Lt. Leslie.
Spock tries to force his way through the transporter and Leslie foolishly takes him on. No redshirt would ever be a match for Mr. Spock, who puts Leslie 'lights out' within seconds.
Scotty pulls a phaser on Spock to stop him. Kirk shows up a bit later to assess the situation. Leslie can be seen rubbing his shoulder. Guess that hurts a little.
This is the final episode of the 1st season, and Eddie Paskey, as Lt. Leslie, has managed to appear in 27 out of 29. Not bad.
He doesn't stay quite as busy in the 2nd season, as some other minor characters get more time (Lt. Kyle). Personally, I don't think anyone in Star Trek has ever been as versatile as Lt. Leslie.




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