Episode #34: Amok Time
Spock's wife T'Pring causes a commotion.
Lt. Leslie does his usual thing in the two pictures below. Nothing to explain or get excited about. He's just there, like he always is.
The only thing that might make this episode different is this picture. Is that Lt. Leslie in the background? I've always looked for him doing 'background crosses' in the hallways of the Enterprise. I've never noticed him before but this could be a first. Possibly.
New Leslie Sighting!
I originally missed this Leslie sequence. First we see him walking in the hallway as Spock stumbles around looking for sickbay. Leslie is wearing his red tunic. Then a moment later he is in sickbay in his blue medical jumpsuit assisting McCoy. This is strong evidence that Leslie might be a clone!
The only other thing to mention is that the device Leslie was using in the last episode shows up in Spock's quarters. I don't know what it's exact function is, but it gets around.




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