Episode # 37: The Changeling
In this episode, Lt. Leslie finally gives us a different look for the 2nd season. I almost didn't see him at first, so trained is my eye to look for that familiar red tunic. But there he is in gold, at Chekov's position.
Too bad it wasn't permanent.
Leslie can navigate as well as Chekov, and as a bonus, doesn't shriek like a little girl when confronted with a scary omni-powerful  hunk of metal like Nomad.
When Scotty is zapped by the powerful machine named Nomad, McCoy pronounces him dead. Lt. Leslie is one of the first on the scene and he later helps carry the Chief Engineer's body down to sickbay. Perhaps Leslie was thinking to himself, "Hmmm, maybe I should switch back to the redshirt, there seems to be a position open in Engineering."
Lt. Leslie is known as one of the best floppers in Starfleet. No one can dive and take a tumble quite like him.
Best seen in live action, here the entire helm/navigation console comes loose as Leslie holds on for dear life.




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