Episode #38: The Apple
Lt. Leslie is back in red this episode, but he's still taking dives and still losing screen time to Lt. Kyle.
Kyle once again gets some lines to speak, while our Leslie is relegated to the back of the bus, or is it the side of the saucer?
Leslie is on the ground repairing his station. A guy in a red jumpsuit is helping him out. I don't think it's a good sign if people in jumpsuits are helping you do your job. Perhaps that's why he isn't advancing.
When in doubt, go into dive mode. Leslie can't fake it forever. He doesn't know how to fix the console. This will distract his superiors and buy him time.
Yet another face plant into the hard, unforgiving floor. Mr. Leslie has worked hard to perfect his craft.
A leader of men?
Healer of the sick?
Groundbreaking scientist?
No to all. But unsupassed in the lost art of bridge diving.




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