Episode #40: The Deadly Years
Some of the crew age rapidly after exposure to radiation from a rogue comet. In the worst case scenario, I present to you a mummified Dr. McCoy.
Lt. Leslie appears to be laughing at Ensign Chekov. Why? Because he can, and who would blame him?
Lt. Leslie, Sulu, and Chekov, all seem to be checking out the attractive Yeoman Atkins. And really, who would blame them?
Lt. Leslie looks on as the incompetent paper pusher Commodore Stocker tries his best to gut the Enterprise in a battle with 10 Romulan Warbirds.
Leslie is probably thinking to himself, "Hey, you can blindfold me and beat me with a stick and I'd do a better job than this chump."
And really, who would blame him?
A new Lt Leslie sighting for this episode! During a conversation between an aging Kirk and Dr Janet Wallace, Leslie can be seen walking past them in a rather circuitous route.
He probably wears his wear his gold tunic when he is off duty, the better to impress the ladies




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