Episode #42: The Trouble with Tribbles
One of the first times we see Lt. Leslie in this famous episode, he's standing at the bar. I always suspected being a redshirt would drive a guy to drink.
Unfortunately, he doesn't sit down with Scotty to throw back some Scotch. That would have been cool.
I love the look Leslie throws Scott and Chekov. Note how he's pointing his finger at them. He probably winked and said, "Who loves ya baby!"
Obviously our boy is popular with his fellow crewmates. We should all be lucky enough to have his vivacious personality and dazzling smile.
A redshirt needs great intuition in order to stay alive. As Leslie passes Cyrano Jones on his way out the bar, notice the look he give Jones. Leslie smells trouble right away. That man Leslie has uncanny instincts doesn't he?
Kirk wasn't the only one who was dismissive of Nils Baris. Watch Leslie roll his eyes at the pompous paper pusher.
This was one of Lt. Leslie's most impressive performances to date. He guarded wheat, was the first on scene to break up the bar fight, rounded up Cyrano Jones for questioning, and (with a little help from a tribble) played a major role in exposing a Klingon spy. Lt Leslie, I think you need that drink now!




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